Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin is hurt.  Does this end Seattle’s hopes this year? No!  With Harvin the Seahawks seemed to have taken a big step and were odds on to win their division and likely the best in the NFC.  Without Harvin they are like last year…good enough to make it a bare knuckle brawl with SF and who is better will be a thing decided on the field.

Friday Night Preseason Thoughts from the Week that was

I have learned some interesting things watching the NFL Network’s coverage of Training Camp.  It seems that the big bosses have decided to impose story lines ad nauseum on the hosts.  Without a doubt the Commissioner has stated that he wants the 18 game schedule and that means shorter training camp.  Now every night you get to hear…’training camp is too long’…’stars don’t need training camp’.  I shake my head.  No less of a pro bowler than Jeff Saturday oft remarked that without the 4 game preseason he never would have made the Colts in the first place.  If they go to 2 game preseason the teams can just cut the starting roster down to about 63 from 90.  They would have no time to determine if undrafted F/As were good enough to make a team.

A funny thing happened during Dallas Cowboy coverage.  Evidently with Jason Garrett no longer burdened with play calling during games he is free…to look into the other aspects of his team.  Now Garrett can look at the D and the Special teams.  The kind of thing that Head Coaches do.  Imagine, in Dallas, their Head Coach will now be involved with the WHOLE team.  Shocking.  Me thinks both Jimmy J and Coach Landry knew what was happening with their teams as a hole not just the offense.

It bears repeating…the Ravens are not going to…repeat.  They simply had lightning in a bottle last year the bottle is broken and all the losing of quality vets and stars won’t bring another Super Bowl title back in 2013.


Mr. N’s Final Power Polls for 2012

A look back at my thoughts on the 12 playoff teams of last year as their seasons ended, one week at a time.
After Super Bowl 2012
1. Baltimore Ravens (2)- Came out strong and calm and took a huge lead.  D Collapsed, then there was a late FG, a badly missed call that went in their favor and they win the Super Bowl!
2. San Francisco (1) – Terrible and undisciplined 1st half.  Strong out of the darkness, poor play calling and one missed call by the refs and down they went.  They didn’t play well enough in the first half to deserve the win.  The fault lays completely with their defense which was exposed again.  The Rep of the SF D is better than the D.
After Conference Championship Weekend 2012
3. Atlanta (3) – They showed their offensive flare in the first half and their defensive incompetence pretty much for the last 45 minutes.  They are bad, they were a terrible first seed and they are finally gone. 
4. New England (2) – Turnovers are gold.  An offense that can’t score at home in a Conference Championship game is Platinum.  They have had bad D all year and it showed it’s colours when it counted.  They didn’t deserve the SuperBowl and they didn’t get to it.
After Divisional Championship Weekend 2012
5. Seattle (2) – D was flat and played poorly.  Russ Wilson did all he could to win the game and the D did all it could to lose it.
6. Green Bay (3) – I said that if they played as poorly in the playoffs as they did in Week 17 they would go home.  They did and they are.
7. Denver (1) – D played horribly, turnovers are gold.  Undisciplined play, highly questionable decision to kneel with 31 secs left and 2 time outs in a tie game.  Ugly finish.  Went just as far with Tim Tebow at QB interestingly enough.
8. Houston (6) – Were in it for 30 minutes.  They were totally destroyed in the last 30.  They just can’t play with the big boys.
After Wild Card Weekend 2012
9. Washington (2) – Had a quick start then nothing.  D was exposed and they were overmatched, outplayed, outcoached.  Down the went.  A good season.  They need to upgrade on D and get some receivers and an O lineman or two.  That’s all!
10. Indianapolis (6) – Were steamrolled.  Luck couldn’t do it one more time.  A good year and a team that played beyond their means this season.  They will only get better.
11. Minnesota (8) – Webb being in didn’t help.  Neither did not tackling, not throwing, stopping the run game.  It was ugly and a sad way for the year to end.  They need to continue to build, this team has hope but some serious holes.
12. Cincinnati (10) – Never showed up.  Played scared.  Poor play calls, bad clock management.  Bye.  A team that struggles with itself more than it’s opponents and they need to figure that out.

Potential New Kentucky College Football Unis‏

Let me just say AAAAACK!  What is with the prevalence of grey as a color in uniforms?  Kentucky football has always had the beauty and tradition.  The Blue of their uniform just says KENTUCKY.  Having a grey uni with a blue swipe on the shoulder is just ugly.  Reminds me of the near universal road greys in baseball.  Grey is the color of uniforms designed by lazy people.  People who don’t like to wash the unis every day.

Training Camp Starts Tomorrow

Back to Football blue
It’s the Sunday afternoon before Football training camp!  The NFL kicks off the regular season in about 6 weeks!
There has been lots of talk about Baltimore’s chances of repeating.  This seems highly doubtful to me. (I will speak of that in great detail in my preseason power poll).  They had lightning in a bottle last year.  Unless they can get another Ray Lewis to inspire them with his retirement run it is unlikely this denuded of talent team has the ability to win it’s division let alone another Super Bowl.  Thoughts?