Friday Night Preseason Thoughts from the Week that was

I have learned some interesting things watching the NFL Network’s coverage of Training Camp.  It seems that the big bosses have decided to impose story lines ad nauseum on the hosts.  Without a doubt the Commissioner has stated that he wants the 18 game schedule and that means shorter training camp.  Now every night you get to hear…’training camp is too long’…’stars don’t need training camp’.  I shake my head.  No less of a pro bowler than Jeff Saturday oft remarked that without the 4 game preseason he never would have made the Colts in the first place.  If they go to 2 game preseason the teams can just cut the starting roster down to about 63 from 90.  They would have no time to determine if undrafted F/As were good enough to make a team.

A funny thing happened during Dallas Cowboy coverage.  Evidently with Jason Garrett no longer burdened with play calling during games he is free…to look into the other aspects of his team.  Now Garrett can look at the D and the Special teams.  The kind of thing that Head Coaches do.  Imagine, in Dallas, their Head Coach will now be involved with the WHOLE team.  Shocking.  Me thinks both Jimmy J and Coach Landry knew what was happening with their teams as a hole not just the offense.

It bears repeating…the Ravens are not going to…repeat.  They simply had lightning in a bottle last year the bottle is broken and all the losing of quality vets and stars won’t bring another Super Bowl title back in 2013.



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