Week 2 Preseason Thursday Thoughts

An interesting night of preseason last night.  The Chicago Bears Offensive line may yet be their downfall but once again their D seems stout and takeaway happy as ever.
chicago san diego
Kevin Kolb is getting the start tonight for Buffalo. Kolb starting often does more to create opportunities for other quarterbacks on Kolb’s team than any other activity.
kevin kolb
Do you know who is smiling at the seemingly cementing of Mark Sanchez in the NYJ starting QB Role? New England, Miami and Buffalo.
afc east

Mr. N


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Preseason Thursday Thoughts

  1. I haven’t heard many overrating the Bears. I see them all or nothing. They have a schedule that is easier than GB and Minn which could be a factor but if their Offensive plays identically to the old Lovie offense then they will be third in their division. I always liked Lovie but I always liked Fisher in Tennessee too and Reid in Phllly. Sometimes teams just have to make a change.

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