Thoughts from Friday Night’s Preseason Games

My takeaway from a couple of preseason matches…

Philly/Carolina – Yes Philadelphia looked better than they did against the Pats and that’s good for them…however

takeaways…Vick still runs with abandon and as effective as he looks, that means Foles needs to keep his arm loose. It won’t be much beyond week 6 when Vick is carried off the field on a board. Head first dives leads to big hits – as Vick should have already learned.

vick sacked

The Panther D was just about as bad a preseason D as I have ever seen. The secondary looked like they have never covered a route, couldn’t make a cut, couldn’t run and look back for a ball

riley cooper catch

…I may have to seriously rethink the Panther spot in the next power poll if this continues.

The Panther O seems just as lost as last season. Cam was trying to sidearm balls THROUGH the upstretched arms of Eagle D linemen. Just a thought Cam, throwing at the shoulder of a D lineman rarely gets you a completion.


Oak/NO – again let me say the Saints D and O were on point and look all the world like a hungry team who is going to win 10 or more and win their division

– I know Oakland lost their LT for the year but can’t ANYONE on their team block?

flynn sack 1

Poor Matt Flynn was flayed alive by every Saint who just thought about rushing him.

flynn sack 2

The joke playing LT was more like a concierge – ‘would you like a straight run at Mr. Flynn or can we interest you in taking a faster angle? Here, just run past my left side…don’t worry the Left Guard is asleep’

flynn sack 3

Oakland wants to vie with Carolina for the most abominable team so far this preseason.


I’m out.


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