Saturday Preseason Week 3 Football Thought‏

Just one main takeaway from the Week 3 preseason games.  This is the crucible test for the teams.  They use this week as the dress rehearsal for opening day so they play their starters a long time.  We saw from many of the teams they suffered injuries to key personnel while doing this.

sanchez injury

It will be interesting to see what the concussion to Kolb, Shoulder injury to Sanchise (theButtFumble), the broken leg to ARIZ Cooper amongst the others…do to the various teams heading towards the regular season.

injury report

All teams in the NFL get hit with injuries to key players as a rule. The good ones are able to deal with them either with the ‘next man up’ working for them or that their system is so well developed it is just the matter of putting another cog in to make it work.

next man up

This is why Football is such fun to watch.

I’m out.

Mr. N


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