Last Monday before Kickoff Thoughts‏

kickoff 2013

Been an interesting time since the end of the preseason. Lots of cuts. Some teams have been down right odd. Let’s take the team of Cleveland. They cut all their kickers. One hopes they realize it will be hard to go for just 2 point conversions so they need someone who can boot the rare extra point.

Cleveland Brown


How about the Seneca Wallace story? First Green Bay cuts every QB on their roster not named Aaron. They first dumped Harrell because Vince Young was their guy. Then they cut Vince Young. They had only rookie Coleman (sp?). They signed a kid to the practice squad and were going to go with Rodgers and pray for rain…then they cut their rookie.




turn to SF…SF decided to go with Colin Kaepernick and Seneca Wallace…they got rid of their third QB. Saturday Wallace went to Coach Harbaugh and said he was going to just retire so the Niners should release him. They did. This morning, not more than a couple of hours ago…the newly retired Seneca Wallace signs to back up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Hmmm. Collusion? Smells fishy…Me thinks Commissioner Dipweed Goodell better take a look at this odd string of transactions.

Goodell The Fool


For now I am done…Cannot express how excited I am for the start of the real season. Who will be for real? Ahhh Football Season!


Mr. N


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