MR N’s #NFL Week 1 Power Poll‏

manning week 1

1. Denver Broncos (2) – Early on Peyton was on his game but the Denver D seemed to have some coverage issues. Manning showed all the world why Denver is the best team in the NFL. Incredibly the score wasn’t representative of the total Ass kicking Denver gave the Ravens.


2. San Francisco 49ers (6) – Offense was off the charts! D made key stops. A solid win but the D has some issues. The replacement refs will hopefully get better acquainted with the rules of the NFL.


3. Seattle Seahawks (5) – Slow start on the road. They showed total heart to pull out a solid road win on the east coast when they didn’t have their best. A very well done job. Now they have a serious battle to test their mettle.


4. Houston Texans (7) – Slow start, Turnovers are GOLD. Solid late D, Offense pulled out a nice come from behind win.


5. New Orleans Saints (8) – Started game slow but then poured it on to end the first half. A really solid second half and the Saints were able to win a nice divisional contest to start their road back to the NFC South crown.

Staley vs Bloodline

6. Green Bay Packers (3) – Offense played hard but couldn’t do it in the end. The D was tough, a bit classless and in the end, beatable.


7. Chicago BEARS (13) – Cutler made bad throws in the first half but the BEARS still weren’t totally out of it. Cutler pulled it together in the second half. New Coach Trestman came out of the locker-room with a revitalized game plan and the D got it done and it was a terrific win!


8. Indianapolis Colts (11) – Luck was super efficient early. They seemed to be surprised by how hard the Raiders played them. Luck was excellent and lead them to a nice come from behind win.


9. New England Patriots (9) – Brady showed he could still get it done early. In the end it was UGLY but the heart of B&B showed they could still win the game even it was much uglier than they have usually won in the past 10 years or so. They very nearly lost to Buffalo and as such don’t get any credit for this win.


10. Miami Dolphins (14) – Played good D early but the Offense was spotty. Tannehill got it going and put up enough O to get them a nice little win.


11. Cincinnati Bengals (4) – Took advantage of opportunities to pull into a nice lead after the first half. Turnovers ARE GOLD and Dalton did both enough to win and just enough to lose the game. They need to rebound against a division rival in prime time.


12. Atlanta Falcons (10) – Good start but the D looked spotty. The Offense in the end couldn’t win the game against the Saints. It was all on Matt Ryan and his O to make the last drive and win. He proved again he can’t win the game he has to. It appears Atlanta is just not as good as some people (not me) think.


13. Baltimore Ravens (1) – In the first half the Ravens O seemed either better than expected or they were just facing a bad D. The team completely collapsed, the D got shredded. Flacco was overmatched. Poor Offensive game plan – Testeverde-like 62 pass attempts. If your team’s QB throws over 50 times there is a good chance your team just lost. Didn’t take long for this team to fall to about where I think they belong. The fall may yet continue.


14. Kansas City Chiefs (17) – Had their way against the lowly Jaguars. Total dominance. We have to wait and see them play an NFL team next week to see how good they really are. Not really a test to beat a bad high school team from Florida.


15. Dallas Cowboys (20) – Dallas D is playing well. They caused many of the turnovers with their excellent ball hungry play. Dallas should have blown the Giants away. The fact that they barely won this game raises questions about Dallas. How good are they?

Rams Bradford

16. St. Louis Rams (21) – Superb offense. The D has problems in coverage but they have explosive offense and a superb kicker. This team would dominate in the NFC East but will have to play all world to be better than 3rd in the BEST division in the NFL.


17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16) – Decent start but hard to judge how good they are against a bad Jets team. In the second half the Bucs just made mistake after mistake after MISTAKE and they blew a very winnable game.


18. Washington Redskins (12) – RGIII definitely needed training camp and may not be back to his game until week 5. (The NFL played no small part in his sluggish start thanks to that stupid knee brace debacle). Oops on Shanahan for keeping RGIII under wraps. The D looked really bad and that is puzzling. Oh oh.


19. San Diego Chargers (18) – An offense that did enough to give them a shot at winning the game but the D again couldn’t make the necessary stops to win it.


20. Detroit Lions (26) – Typical mistakes put them behind early. Solid rush, Good O that took advantage of turnovers and despite the usual classless play by some members of their D (Suh) they got a good win.


21. Tennessee Titans (25) – No QB at all, they were very lucky to lead at the half. Locker got it going later, the Rush attack used multiple backs and formations that baffled an aged opponent. A solid surprising effort. I want to see them play a team not nearing membership in AARP to see just how good they are.

Eli Manning

22. New York Giants (15) – You will hear me say this a lot this year because the truth will set us free…TURNOVERS are GOLD. 6 Turnovers are ludicrous. Wow that was a bad game. Are they this bad? I need to see them play again.


23. Minnesota Vikings (19) – AP and that’s it. Turnovers ARE GOLD. Ponder threw away the game (literally). AP can’t do it all by himself. The Vikings need to get it going.


24. Cleveland Browns (23) – Despite 3 picks early the Browns played hard. They were only in it for the first half. Will have to try harder on D to get more than just L’s.


25. Buffalo Bills (24) – 1 Turnover for a score was the only offense in the first half. EJ Manuel and the O played pretty well but once again, and this has happened so often the past few years, the D couldn’t make the stop necessary to win the game. Until they do they will just be the same old sorry ass Bills.


26. Philadelphia Eagles (32) – The high tempo offense worked as a surprise. What really surprised was how well the D played. Let’s see if the Eagles can do this again.


27. Arizona Cardinals (27) – A good front 7 effort but the secondary let them down. A very well played game but a close loss.

Oakland Pryor

28. Oakland Raiders (31) – Raiders started slow but Pryor was coming on early. It was in the end a really excellent effort. It appears Oakland finally has a Quarterback! There may yet be hope for the Silver and Black and I think that is a very good thing.


29. New York Jets (30) – Geno Smith was very Sanchez like early (minus the #ButtFumble and the girly barrette on his forehead). Smith had a fair game and thanks to TB he even got a win. Not well played and now they have prime-time against The Pats. Good luck.


30. Pittsburgh Steelers (22) – Seemed like a shell of the old Steelers. A complete failure. The D looked very, very OLD. The O looks talentless at both RB and WR. They have one horrendous test this week and it could be very ugly against Cincy.


31. Carolina Panthers (28) – Not able to do much at all on offensive. Caaaaaaaam played Baaaaaaaaaad. He really needs to get his head back in his game. The lack of O spoiled a terrific defensive effort. I can see locker room division if the D carries their end and the O does nothing.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars (29) – A team with no offensive talent. By far and AWAY the WORST team in the NFL. Gabbert is horrid and the D is a mystery or the punchline for a joke. You lose to this team you are really not trying.


There you have it, as always I appreciate all thoughts, comments, opinions, agreements, cash…preferably 10’s and 20’s!




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