BREAKING NEWS: Trent Richardson Traded to the Colts

The Cleveland Browns…that team is the most embarrassing franchise in history. They won’t win a fricking thing for years and years. A team with no direction cannot be successful. Indy however, just got way better. I guess you can understand Cleveland’s thinking…what good is a franchise power back? I mean he’s a star…he can’t fit in Cleveland…they are picking up Willis McGahee…yeah there’s a star.


The Colts may now be the 2nd best team in the AFC. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are now dancing in the streets.


There is no explanation that Cleveland can shovel that will make this palatable to their fans or anyone with a brain. I suggest that the NFL take control of the Cleveland franchise. They obviously are not competent to operate a team. See who they are putting in for Weeden? Old Senator Hoyer. I have never seen a team do this before (aside from the odd Marlin’s baseball fire sale) and hope to never see it again.


What is that sound? Cleveland season ticket holders tearing up tickets.


Mr. N


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