MR N’s #NFL Week 2 Power Poll‏

1. Denver Broncos (1) – A balanced offense, solid with their rush, pass, special teams and with the D getting turnovers. Brilliant.


2. Seattle Seahawks (3) – The D is the story. They stand alone as the best in the NFL and that is the ultimate home field advantage. They need to get the O untracked and need to not let a sandwich game surprise them next week.


3. Green Bay Packers (6) – Rodgers nearly perfect in the first half. Never in doubt, completely destroyed the Skins.


4. Houston Texans (4) – Seemed to just go through the motions in the first half. A touch classless both on Offense and by the coach but they pulled out an ugly win.


5. New Orleans Saints (5) – Confounding. It was so much closer and in doubt then this sloppy game should have been. They won but it was a headscratcher.


6. Chicago BEARS (7) – Solid offense, but turnovers are gold and that put the Bears in a hole. The BEARS did show some amazing heart to pull out another dramatic come from behind win. The offensive line play is incredible and the best Chicago has had in more than a decade.


7. San Francisco 49ers (2) – Can’t be totally condemned for losing in their personal house of horror. They aren’t as bad as they look in Seattle but they better win every other game because if playoff road runs through Seattle it could be ugly for SF.


8. Miami Dolphins (10) – Really battled and were solid in the first half. The Dolphins got the offense going and showed some poise that South Florida hasn’t had in a while to win a nice game on the road.


9. Kansas City Chiefs (14) – Had early D issues and offensive struggles but a great effort late with excellent coaching got them a gutty solid performance and home win.


10. Atlanta Falcons (12) – Super 1st half, excellent on O & D. Took a huge lead and prevent defensed themselves into a one possession win.


11. Cincinnati Bengals (11) – This team need to find itself fast. Right now their QB looks overmatched and their vaunted D looks overrated.


12. Baltimore Ravens (13) – Struggled early on all areas except the D which looked good. An ugly win. A team that is not even half as good as most people think they are.


13. Indianapolis Colts (8) – Good O, holes all over in the D. The Colts D issues could be the undoing of what is a fun story in the NFL. They will not reach the success they want with a D like that. Also, using timeouts to freeze a kicker then have the kicker beat that team is lovely to watch. Freezing a kicker is something Lombardi or Halas would NEVER have done. #classless


14. New England Patriots (9) – A team that has an identity…a false one linked to past glory. That glory is a distant memory. Poor Offense, Spotty D…this is more like the Pats of 1992. This is a very BAD 2-0. The drops just look so unprofessional.


15. San Diego Chargers (19) – Really well played 1st half. A brilliant east coast road game win. A team that is playing much harder than they have for years – probably since the days of Marty ball.


16. Dallas Cowboys (15) – Romo and Dez were afire early. Funny though how people still talk about Dallas like it is 1993 and not 2013. They got beat. They are not good. It was said earlier today that KC ‘wasn’t in the same class as Dallas’. Right, Dallas lost to KC, they aren’t the same class. Dallas hasn’t been a great team since about 1996. When will this image disappear?


17. St. Louis Rams (16) – D punished early, O not able to get it going in first half. The D let the team fall into too deep a hole and the O tried but couldn’t climb out of it.


18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) – The defense played very well. The team did all it could to lose the game with innumerable penalties and in the end they lost.


19. Arizona Cardinals (27) – A very well played game. Overcame golden turnovers to show the heart of lions (pun intended) to grab a win.


20. Buffalo Bills (25) – Ok D early but no O. EJ Manuel is finally the franchise QB Buffalo has been searching for since Jim Kelly. He led the team on a brilliant final drive for the win. Outstanding!


21. Tennessee Titans (21) – Played a very tough first half. They scored a ton but mistakes on special teams really cost them a winnable game.


22. Detroit Lions (20) – Same old Lions. Offense scores in bunches, team gets penalties in bunches, team loses.


23. Oakland Raiders (28) – Pryor is great! Who knew the Raiders had their own version of a ‘RGIII’ spread QB? Super offense and the D is doing enough. A great win!


24. Minnesota Vikings (24) – Most of their scores came on defense or special teams. The Vikings had the game won and put away but turnovers, which are gold, and mistakes, penalties and mental errors cost them a victory and has put this team in a deep 0-2 hole.


25. Washington Redskins (18) – Got schooled in Lambeau right from the start. A team that has huge D issues that unless fixed will negate any and all offensive ability from RGIII and the Offense.


26. Philadelphia Eagles (26) – Offense was on fire again early. While it is great they can score the question is can their D stop anyone?


27. New York Giants (22) – The Giants are in terrible shape. No O line, poor rush, Eli throws picks all over the place, D shredded. Ugly.


28. Cleveland Browns (28) – Abysmal offense in the first half, D played decently. Half a team so far. Solid D but the Offense does nothing.


29. New York Jets (29) – Geno Smith plays with poise, more poise than I ever thought that young man had. His rookie mistakes eventually cost them a winnable game at a divisional foe but his young energy put them in position to win. He, Powell and Ivory are about the only offensive talent on this talent-poor team. They stand 1-1 and lost a close one to a QB’s 3 picks. Because this is Geno Smith’s team it shows promise and hope. If that was the record with #ButtFumble #BarretteWearing Sanchize then this team would be circling the bowl.


30. Pittsburgh Steelers (30) – Kept being called veterans all night on tv…that means old. Offense has no ability and the D has lost about every step a D can lose and still collect weekly paychecks. Bad.


31. Carolina Panthers (31) – Caaaaaam still not good. Good D early. The Panthers showed a distinct lack of heart to be winners. The D just couldn’t make the stop they needed to make, again.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32) – There was a hint of offensive life but not nearly enough. 2/3 of their points came against prevent defense.


Well there you have it, early, short and sweet! As always I appreciate all comments, thoughts, arguments and agreements…I also would enjoy cash or a job offer from ESPN…ok cash…10’s and 20’s please.



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