MR N’s NFL Week 3 Power Poll‏

1. Denver Broncos (1) – Workmanlike, Never in doubt, Manning led Offense was machine like but we did see there may be Left Tackle issues in the future and the D still can be beat…speedy linebackers and smallish D line only dominate certain specific Offenses like the Raiders.

2. Seattle Seahawks (2) – A very impressive effort against a crap team. They could have easily mailed it in but instead blew them away in an impressive fashion.

3. New Orleans Saints (5) – Brees led a good O. It was a really solid win by a very dangerous team.

4. Chicago BEARS (6) – The offense had trouble producing any passing yards. The D either got torched or got turnovers and lucky bounces played no small roll in a blowout win.

5. Miami Dolphins (8) – After a slow start the Fish D tightened and Tannehill drove to a late come from behind lead and they got a great win. Another big test to show how real they are comes in week 4.

6. Indianapolis Colts (13) – Really terrific play on OFF and and a surprisingly good DEF effort. A great win. After the steal deal of the century, this team has no where to go but up and is rapidly becoming Denver’s biggest competition for the AFC crown.

Trent Richardson TD

7. New England Patriots (14) – Brady got it done early. A solid win in what was their best total effort of the year!

8. Green Bay Packers (3) – Rodgers was uncharacteristically struggling early but had a lead. It is completely mind boggling how a team that is supposed to THAT good can get 4 turnovers, in a row, and still lose.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (9) – They are 3 and 0. But, I fear it is a hollow 3-0. The offense is stumbling and only productive against bad D’s. The D has holes and the coaching makes hard to follow calls. Lucky for the mass turnovers which they could barely turn into points. They looked terrible and won going away.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (11) – Turnovers are Gold. They were bad but somehow pulled out a win. Ugly play for most of the game but an impressive win.

11. Baltimore Ravens (12) – Special teams and D carried the team for the first half. Ray Lewis’ number retiring and his impassioned half time speech inspired the Off into the best drive of the year. There should be a spot for Lewis on the coaching staff. He has a mojo that rubs off on a team that’s not very good most of the time.

12. Houston Texans (4) – OFF out of sync early. The Offense was completely stifled by a stout Raven D and that was that. They need to figure out how to score points or they will be looking up at both Indy and Tennessee.

13. Dallas Cowboys (16) – Tore up a bad D early. A solid game by the OFF and DEF gave them a nice win.

14. San Francisco 49ers (7) – They were completely overwhelmed, beat down and humiliated. A Poor offensive showing, a badly beaten D. Serious questions now exist about the viability of this team this season.

15. San Diego Chargers (15) – Mistakes hurt them early. The Bolts battled but after a tough effort, second in a row on the road, they lost a close one.

SD Chargers

16. Atlanta Falcons (10) – Led early but their D blew the lead and once more Matt Ryan could NOT win a game that was in his hands to win.

17. Tennessee Titans (21) – They battled, they took advantage of luck and Locker led them to a superb come from behind win. Very well done.

18. Detroit Lions (22) – Mistakes, errors and bad judgement on D…same old Lions early. The Lions offense was able to do enough to overcome their D issues and get them a win.

19. St. Louis Rams (17) – A team whose D sucks. The O was down so quick they had to over commit to the pass and it was ugly. They have a chance to show what they’ve got in PrimeTime on Thursday night.

20. Arizona Cardinals (19) – Palmer leads a good OFF but the holes in the D were exploited and they couldn’t recover against a great Offense.

21. Buffalo Bills (20) – Were kept in the Game by NYJ penalties and mistakes. In the end Manuel couldn’t make the plays needed to give his team a shot. A rookie QB is allowed a game or two like this one.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) – No answer to the Patriot passing game. The D was ripped by the ground attack and tore up by Brady. The Offense was whacked by the Pat D. It is overdue time for a change at QB as Freeman slips off into obscurity.

tampa bay

23. Carolina Panthers (31) – Panthers played dominantly early, in the middle and late. The D looked perfect and the O was on point. It is very hard to figure just how good of a win this was as it may have just been that they played a really, really bad team.

24. Oakland Raiders (23) – Pryor showed that his talent is for real. There were a number of positives the Raiders can take from this loss. Denver’s team is built in a way to be Oakland’s kryptonite but that doesn’t mean this team isn’t on the right track finally.

25. New York Jets (29) – Often in control with a good D and some solid O. Geno Smith may have maturity issues and off the field issues but he throws the best deep ball in the AFC East. They nearly self destructed with penalties but they got a win.

26. Cleveland Browns (28) – Unbelievable how Hoyer played so well. Hoyer looked solid and Cleveland made good calls and got a nice win.

27. Washington Redskins (25) – RGIII good in the pocket early. The skins got the rush working. RGIII did all he could in the shape he currently is in but he cannot play D and evidently neither can his defense.

28. Minnesota Vikings (24) – Booed at home and deservedly so. Ok, it is official, they are circling the bowl…next time the game is on the line and you are inside the 5 yard line…here is a hint…RUN AP. Play calling was impossible to understand in 4th Q.

MN Vikings

29. Philadelphia Eagles (26) – A gimmicky team, in the end defined by it’s parts. Turnovers are gold and Mike Vick is Midas in a green shirt. Hard to figure if the D is any good as the KC offense looked really bad.

30. New York Giants (27) – Giants struggled badly on the road. This was the worst game played by them in decades. Horrible. Can’t throw, can’t run, can’t block, can’t tackle, can’t cover. Not a mirage, a bad team.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers (30) – The old group showed more ability on OFF than they had all year. Turnovers = Gold = Loss. Got thumped but played better than they have all year.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32) – That was their best effort yet but they have so little talent that it meant they would lose by well over 20 points. Other teams fighting for the last place spot so the Jags really have to suck again to lock down 32.

There you have it! As always I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements. Any opinion is valid and valued! As always I will also except Cash…a job offer from Fox Sports…ok cash…preferably 10’s and 20’s.


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