MR N’s #NFL Week 4 Power Poll

1. Denver Broncos (1) – Total offense domination. Great special teams too. First 50 burger ever. Amazing.


2. Seattle Seahawks (2) – Played a flat first half then turned it on, D stepped up and DangeRuss rocked. A great win. Amazing comeback. A team of talent with heart.


3. New Orleans Saints (3) – A solid win with their offense looking unstoppable. I truly need to see them bring this level of scoring ability and intensity on the road then they will be the no doubt NFC best. The question is palpable…how good would they be playing a playoff game…in Seattle?


4. Kansas City Chiefs (9) – Slow start, played good D, Good special teams and got enough O to put it away. A good win. Real tests start to pop up on their upcoming sked.


5. Indianapolis Colts (6) – A very nice win in what amounted to a full pad practice. Never in doubt. Solid win.


6. New England Patriots (7) – A very good game. Drops still there but better D and Better O line play made this their best game again…2 better in a row…are they back???


7. Miami Dolphins (5) – Showed some offense early. D was shorthanded and simply couldn’t stop the Saints. For now they appear not ready to play the big boys. I await their next test.


8. Green Bay Packers (8) – Sit in 8 on their bye. Are they this good or are they this bad or worse? It will be necessary to see if they come of the bye hungry and start on a roll. Another loss and the freefall will become Atlanta like.


9. San Francisco 49ers (14) – Defense played a much stronger game, despite missing ‘key’ parts. Team reacted very well to adversity, won a must win game in solid fashion. Let’s hold off on saying this team is back until they beat a team more capable than St. Louis.


10. San Diego Chargers (15) – Rivers and O brilliant, D started slow but in the end they made the stop for a Good win.


11. Tennessee Titans (17) – With Locker they are totally solid. His injury could be a severe blow to this franchise this year. Really solid D with good special teams. They are trending good.


12. Detroit Lions (18) – Took advantage of mass turnovers. Ran like crazy. An excellent division win.


13. Houston Texans (12) – Showed good life in the game but the D let them down and Schaub let them down. They looked like the preseason Texans for about 40 minutes and then that just faded away.


14. Chicago Bears (4) – Turnovers are GOLD. And now Cutler looks like he plays for Goldman Sachs. Terrible effort. They, in the end were in a position to win if not for the 17 direct points off the turnovers.


15. Cincinnati Bengals (10) – A team surprisingly bad led by a QB who seems bad and turnovers are…no surprise here…GOLD. Ugly loss.


16. Baltimore Ravens (11) – Turnovers are Gold. Flacco gave away the game. Not Rushing once most of the second half? What stupid play calling. Suggs end of game penalty? Classless. He is a hack and a thug and should be getting penalties wearing a Lions jersey. Classless and a well earned team loss.


17. Dallas Cowboys (13) – A fast start that was let down by poor D and turnovers. They lost and they just are not good.


18. Buffalo Bills (21) – Played their typical game and this time…The D made the stop!!!!!! Way to go Bills!!!!!


19. Arizona Cardinals (20) – Played pitifully for 3 quarters and then one turnover and one good drive and they won.


20. Cleveland Browns (26) – Hoyer playing pretty well. D played inspired. A team that was surprisingly good today. They need to do it again.


21. Atlanta Falcons (16) – Problems with O line, Matt Ryan is no longer ‘icy’. He got flustered and made bad decisions often. The D had many holes still. An Ugly home loss.


22. Washington Redskins (27) – Not brilliant but the D and O did just enough to win a road game.


23. Carolina Panthers (23) – on the bye…they sit and will try to see if they are the team that won 38-0 over a hapless Gmen or a team in turmoil…will be an interesting week 5.


24. Minnesota Vikings (28) – Cassel reasonably effective. AP brilliant, D took advantage of turnovers. An ugly, lucky win.


25. Oakland Raiders (24) – Having Matt Flynn at QB killed any chance of hope they had in what had been a winnable game.


26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) – Rookie Glennon played ok but his 2 turnovers killed the Bucs. He is a kid. Decent D but no real talent on the squad right now aside from just a couple of guys here and there.


27. St. Louis Rams (19) – No run game. Bradford wildly inconsistent…makes 3 bad throws, makes one superb one. D makes big mistakes. A team regressing that faces huge questions that will define the next 5 years for them. Is Bradford their franchise QB and do they extend him or is he a bust and do they go after a new QB in 2014? Is Tavon Austin a bust or do they need to wait a year on him? Is that O Line a bust and did they waste cash on Long and picks on the others? This is a team in crisis.


28. New York Jets (25) – Pitiful, dirty play, turnovers, bad mistakes, penalties. Ugly, bad, classless.


29. Pittsburgh Steelers (31) – The Old D was exposed internationally. Were able to score. Bell is a true RB. Turnovers are gold and down went Pittsburgh.


30. Philadelphia Eagles (29) – Gimmicky offense, no D and that equals a team that gets kicked around.


31. New York Giants (30) – Had one good long pass. Otherwise they got shelled in every phase of the game. Horrific.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32) – No chance. Gabbert came back and was way too Gabbert like. His turnovers are totally gold. The Jags defense is completely bad. The team is completely the worst.



There you have it! As always I love to see all thoughts, opinions, comments, arguments and agreements. I will happily take a job writing football with any major sports organization for 6 figures or I will just take cash, preferably tens and twenties!




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