MR N’s #NFL Week 5 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (1) – Well the offense was fine but again the defense has extraordinary issues that need to be addressed. They better hope the return of their cheater in week 7 is the potion otherwise this huge red flag may bring them down pre-Superbowl again.


2. New Orleans Saints (3) – Workmanlike road win. Brees was able to make all his throws. A good D and a great win.


3. Kansas City Chiefs (4) – A great win. Won with solid O, Good special teams and Good D. Nice effort.


4. Indianapolis Colts (5) – A really good win. Solid Offense, effective Defense. A great effort by Luck.


5. Green Bay Packers (8) – Kicking game carried them early. Rodgers carried them late. Good D. Nice game. Their 2-2 record belies how good this team looks right now.


6. Seattle Seahawks (2) – Defense didn’t bring it on the road this time. DangeRuss Wilson gave his all with his arm and his legs but they fell a drive short.


7. San Francisco 49ers (9) – Solid Rush Off, Good kicking game and exceptional D gave them a blowout win. Looking ahead a very easy schedule over the next couple of months put them now in excellent position to return to the post season.


8. New England Patriots (6) – Stifled by a tough Bengal D, Offense never got going and one or two D misses put them behind. The late monsoon ended any chance for late game heroics.


9. Miami Dolphins (7) – The Defense couldn’t make the stops. Tannehill looked great but it was his turn to be hurt by drops. They need to reassess…the great start could all go away fast.


10. Cincinnati Bengals (15) – D carried them all game. Offense was only able to basically do one great pass play and a couple of good run plays and then they rode the terrible weather to the win.


11. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Better Offensive game plan, they used Ray Rice effectively and it was the difference. Solid D. A good game won on the road.


12. San Diego Chargers (10) – Turnovers are Gold. Rivers kept putting them in holes and their lack of rushing offense took away any chance they had to climb out of them.


13. Tennessee Titans (11) – Played a pretty good game. If Locker still there they probably would have won. Such is the vagaries of Football.


14. Detroit Lions (12) – Defense was taken apart, The Offense got battered by solid Packer D. Never had a chance, looked really poor.


15. Arizona Cardinals (19) – Can you win ugly and win by 16?? Evidently yes you can! They had a ton of turnovers, which are normally gold but instead they won going away.


16. Cleveland Browns (20) – The injury to Hoyer hurt but their special teams and D kept them going until Weeden could make a couple of good throws and they pulled out a win.


17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – Romo played out of his mind but his turnover was a golden pill that poisoned the Cowboy’s chances. The D basically sucks.


18. Houston Texans (13) – It has become a pre halloween horror show. They are at a crossroads. If they bench Schaub now they effectively end his career. Ugly loss. Can they win with him anymore?


19. Chicago Bears (14) – Needed bad weather and better D. They got neither. Never able to hold back the Saints and the O is good but not good enough to win a shootout with New Orleans. They also face the potential of their fast start all going away fast.


20. Buffalo Bills (18) – Bills were rolling with Manuel but the injury to him killed their shot. Poor special teams play highlighted another problem area for the very thin Bills.


21. Oakland Raiders (25) – Fast start…Pryor’s athleticism and an effective D with good kicking was all it took to give them a great home divisional win!


22. Washington Redskins (22) – A team that really needs an early bye. They have injuries to many that need to heal and they need to know how good RGIII can be…it will be illuminating to see them play in week 6.


23. New York Jets (28) – Geno Smith is showing maturity well beyond what I ever thought he would have by this point in his career. Excellent D and an Offense that didn’t quit. Good win.


24. Minnesota Vikings (24) – Return from Merry ol’ England with a win under their belts and probably some bangers and mash. Will the bye help them build on that momentum? I fear that this is a team at the cross roads.


25. St. Louis Rams (27) – Pretty good Offense. Defense got pushed around some but made key stops. Ok win.


26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – On the bye, looking to move forward with a rookie QB, a dysfunctional Head Coach and an under performing RB and D front 7. Um, good luck.


27. Philadelphia Eagles (30) – A tougher game early for them. When Foles came in for the the injured Vick the Eagles were finally able to win the game going away.


28. Atlanta Falcons (21) – Got pushed around in the first half, rallied for a late lead but this time, it was the D that just couldn’t make the stop so now they are a team that can’t count on their QB or their D to win a game. And at home too.


29. Pittsburgh Steelers (29) – They return from overseas and will come off the bye sadly just 2 weeks older than they were when they started. A team that is facing a long, hard rest of the season.


30. Carolina Panthers (23) – The Panther offense is the bane of this team’s existence and will be the end of their coach’s time in Carolina. The D has moments but also got beat when it had to make stops. Inconsistent D isn’t what useless O needs.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars (32) – Showed a little Offensive life for the first time today. Solid running by MJD and Blackmon returned from suspension with the showing of a #1 receiver. The completely crappy D let them down but it was an improvement.


32. New York Giants (31) – Another 1 or 2 good plays today on Off and a good play or 2 by the D but in the end same old story. Turnovers were gold, the Defense got ripped and they lost ugly. They are now the worst team in the NFL.


There you have it! as always I love to see any thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements. All opinions are valid and loved! I will also happily accept cash…preferably 10’s and 20’s…



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