MR N’s #NFL Week 7 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (2) – Played a kind of mistake filled under performing game but man that D is stellar.


2. Green Bay Packers (3) – Played another solid game despite being riddled with injuries on O and D. A great team effort.


3. Indianapolis Colts (8) – Played a solid game, took advantage of a creative defensive game plan and Andrew Luck showed how amazing a young QB he is to totally take over a game and win a game that was not as close as the final score. A brilliant win. They sit here because they have soundly beaten SEA, SF and DEN.


4. Seattle Seahawks (4) – The Hawks started slow on a short week but used the simple system of a hard run game and smothering D to get a nice road win and now they can get healthy on the mini-bye and that works well for a team with the week 12 bye.


5. San Francisco 49ers (5) – Kaepernick looked brilliant (finally…been a long time since he has!) and he led his team to a brilliant win.


6. New Orleans Saints (6) – On the bye…a team that seems to be capable of being a force in the NFC and battling for the right to shiver in NY in February. It will be all on them to do this…only they can stop themselves.


7. Denver Broncos (1) – Finally their D got exposed and it cost them a game. Champ Bailey does more harm playing for them then he does hurt. The secondary has holes and Peyton is still uncomfortable facing pressure. Now there is a gameplan to beat them.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (9) – Dalton to Green was a solid effort early. They were in a battle to the end and they pulled out a clutch win.


9. San Diego Chargers (10) – Steady early and it was an excellent road win with solid D and excellent running offense. The team is on a roll going into their bye.


10. New England Patriots (6) – Excellent team effort early. The Pats let the game get away from them and then a bad OT penalty ended their chance. Down they went.


11. Dallas Cowboys (13) – Sluggish start. Kind of went through the motions on Offense and used good D to win a game in the NFC Least.


12. Miami Dolphins (11) – Came out flat. They got their O working but their D was unable to make the key stops when they had to and an opportunity to come off their bye on the right note was lost.


13. Detroit Lions (12) – Stafford was just staring down his receiver so much early he is a pick six waiting to happen. They battled but the D couldn’t make the key stops and down they went again.


14. Buffalo Bills (19) – Excellent 1st half. Good D, efficient and gutsy running game. A key, late golden turnover gave them the late lead and a great Defensive stop gave them a nice win!


15. Carolina Panthers (23) – Terrific 1st Half production. Another great effort. That is 2 in a row. Well done.


16. Baltimore Ravens (15) – Were outplayed, out hustled and outdone by an older team who wanted it more. Harbaugh says they need to find a way to win these games…I say how about giving the ball to Ray Rice more than 15 stinking times in a key division game????


17. Washington Redskins (20) – RGIII on his game. The Skin D was shredded but RGIII drove his improving O to a great come from behind win.


18. Pittsburgh Steelers (24) – Played their best effort of the year with total heart and won a tough division game and it was a great win.


19. Chicago BEARS (14) – Cutler injury took away the excitement of early Special Team and D scoring. The BEARS O was as impressive as their injury riddled D was not.


20. New York Jets (27) – Geno Smith was more good than bad early. He did lead the Jets to an excellent come from behind win. A solid team win.


21. Tennessee Titans (16) – Bringing an 85% Locker back early didn’t actually help. They have the basis of a good team and they are going to get better. It may not be achievable to reach their potential this season now but look out in 2014 for the Titans.


22. Cleveland Browns (17) – Played alright but Weeden is his own worst enemy and he makes mistakes that just kill his team’s chances.


23. Atlanta Falcons (28) – Decent production from the Offense in the first half. The Falcons took a nice lead and then didn’t let their second half prevent defense prevent them from winning a game.


24. St. Louis Rams (20) – D battled on the road but the O was unable to overcome a stout Panther D.


25. Houston Texans (25) – Rookie Case Keenum was amazing in his NFL debut (Matt Schaub…the bus is now boarding and your seat on the one way out of town is waiting for you). Houston played a very good game on the road and only just lost.


26. Oakland Raiders (26) – on their bye. A team that has shown moments of offensive glory and rarer moments of good D. They are nearly ready to be competitive. Let’s see if the Silver and Black can build on this framework going forward.


27. Arizona Cardinals (18) – Gotta give them credit they managed to battle for 20 or 25 minutes but they just couldn’t match up for 60 against a demonstrably better team that overwhelmed them.


28. Philadelphia Eagles (21) – Foles looked bad and then got hurt. The Philly O was non existent while the D was just ok. A bad effort.


29. New York Giants (32) – Any other team would have beaten that team playing that way on Monday night. They won the game but NO they are not back and that is that.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Got pushed around early. Another fair effort but it appears they left their all on the field against Denver. Their limited O just couldn’t keep up with the workman like Chargers.


31. Minnesota Vikings (29) – Defense did all it could do but there was no OFF at all. I don’t believe any D can force a 3 and out 45 straight times. The O has to at least get field goals. They have 6 days to not embarrass themselves at home hosting GB in prime time. Good luck.


32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30) – Poor effort early. They brought it close late with good work by Glennon. He is looking like a real NFL QB and they seem to have made a good call to turn the franchise over to him now. The D? it sucks.


There you have it! As always I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I would also take cash…preferably tens and twenties!


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