MR N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – They sit and rest on their bye looking down at the rest of the NFL. They can win out and have homefield advantage through the NFC which will give them the shot to play a very ugly Superbowl game in a horrible venue.



2. New Orleans Saints (3) – Battled tough for the whole game and the D managed to step up and they got a win.


3. Carolina Panthers (4) – Asleep on the road early. The Panther D woke up in the second half and Caaam made some plays and they ended up a with a great come from behind win.


4. New England Patriots (7) – Turnovers, which are gold, put the game seemingly out of reach after the first half. Then a second half explosion and one more golden turnover that went for New England got them a very exciting win.


5. Denver Broncos (2) – Superb 1st half by the D and O to take a BIG lead => then a total D failure as they fell behind and in a turnover filled game the last golden one killed them.


6. Arizona Cardinals (9) – Once again their amazing D combined with solid Offense and boom…they had a blowout win and are now a top team in the NFL.


7. San Francisco 49ers (12) – Traveled well, D looked solid and the offense was able to do enough for a win.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – normally teams on a bye can relax and get healthy. The Bengals now have to seriously worry about Pittsburgh who may be only a game behind them before they even take the field again.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers (19) – The Steeler D made the plays and got the turnovers and they got another nice win. Now if they can pull off another division win on Thanksgiving they will be practically in the wild card driver seat.


10. St. Louis Rams (11) – Jumped ahead early, blazing D speed, incredible rushing offense and great special teams. A great win and a team that is way more dangerous than their 4 win record.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Guess their D was only fresh for 9 games. They had no D and that meant their O couldn’t do enough to win the game.


12. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Good D early. They won the game easily but still don’t seem to be very good and now must win on Thanksgiving or their playoff chances will be in doubt.


13. Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Bowl circling continues, Their D was totally shredded and their offense couldn’t score. It was ugly and if their aren’t careful they may not only not win their division but may not make the playoffs.


14. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Arguably the best team in what is no longer arguable – the WORST division in the NFC. This kinda spotty team may just make the playoffs by beating up the crap in their own division.


15. Dallas Cowboys (18) – If their Defense played half as good as their offense then this team would be undefeated but mostly they are just lucky.


16. Detroit Lions (10) – Solid offense early but it is funny how self defeating this team is. Today it was something like 8 turnovers which were just 24k gold and down went this allegedly good team.


17. Tennessee Titans (20) – Battled hard for 4 quarters and Fitzpatrick showed real poise to lead them to a late victory.


18. San Diego Chargers (23) – Great offense, terrible Defense but in the end they did get a great road win.


19. Jacksonville Jaguars (26) – Defense actually found their way to the park and played very well today (for a change). They added a little effective MJD and got a nice win.


20. Chicago BEARS (13) – Came out asleep and then played D all day like the D never woke up. Fair offense but overall a terrible effort.


21. New York Giants (15) – They did battle the whole game but now, after much national acclaim, their season is basically kaput and Big Blue can think about 2014 (they are 4 wins, have 5 games left and it seems very likely Carolina and SF win at least 10 each and that means NYG can’t get a wild card)


22. Buffalo Bills (22) – The Bills are doing about as good as one can expect considering their injuries and such. They do get a reward in week 13 as they face the horrendous Falcons.


23. Green Bay Packers (17) – Tolzien to Flynn to obscure kind of not really success as their D helped then battle to …a tie??


24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28) – Good D early. Glennon and the D gutted out a great win and that’s 3 in a row!


25. New York Jets (21) – Two weeks ago they were in control of their playoff hopes and now with another poor Smith start and golden turnovers their season is beginning to circle the bowl.


26. Cleveland Browns (24) – The Browns were battered and their turnovers were gold and they are close to being done this year.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – Good start for a morally decrepit team. So happy to see this team of immoral scumbags lose an ugly game and at home too. Good on them.


28. Oakland Raiders (27) – Offense gave their all but in the end it was one single blown coverage by their D that cost them the game. Had they won they would have been leading for a wildcard…success for the Silver and Black is just THAT close.


29. Minnesota Vikings (31) – Superb running attack, a ponderous passing attack and a D that was on and off and that = a tie???


30. Washington Redskins (29) – A team that showed surprisingly no heart, poor techniques and poor coaching. It was shameful to watch a team go through the motions on MNF at home. Time for Shanahan to go.


31. Houston Texans (30) – What happens when a bad team has a must win? They don’t. It is embarrassing how bad a team this is and their season now is effectively over.


32. Atlanta Falcons (32) – Played hard for 60 but in the end their offense couldn’t get it done and now their season is over.


There you have it! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the Football, the family fun, the food and the shopping and then the Iron Bowl on Saturday which could be incredible if Auburn somehow pulls the upset! By the way as always I love it when people just look over my poll on their mobile device while doing whatever it is they are doing…I love it when people comment, agree, disagree or whatever! I will also happily take money…tens and twenties…gotta have ready cash for Black Friday!




MR N’s #NFL Week 11 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (2) – A terrific game played by all phases of the Seahawks…good OFF, DEF and Spec Teams. In control of the NFC going into their bye.


2. Denver Broncos (3) – Put up 27 points with Manning at 65%. The D even stepped up. A nice win.


3. New Orleans Saints (4) – Were really challenged, far more than I thought they would be, but were able to use better clock management and solid special teams to pull out a close win.


4. Carolina Panthers (5) – Good win but the frequent missed tackles may be telling and that is something that they can’t afford to do going forward against great teams in the NFL.


5. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – The inability of the KC D to get even one hit on an injured Peyton Manning, let alone a sack, tells you something about how good or not really good that D is.


6. Indianapolis Colts (8) – Mailed it in early, Luck then pulled out yet another amazing super come from behind win.


7. New England Patriots (6) – Gave their all and the offense did well against a tough D but in the end they just couldn’t get a win.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (14) – Blew away the Browns, it was never in doubt, they are slowly rising to the top in the AFC Central.


9. Arizona Cardinals (10) – That was the good Carson Palmer and he led superb O and they played decent D and that was a good win.


10. Detroit Lions (9) – Stafford had a super first half and then a quiet second half and the D couldn’t stop Big Ben.


11. St. Louis Rams (11) – The last part of this year will be telling for this team. Their D has been trending hot lately. I don’t believe they can keep it up but if they keep winning I will slowly start to believe.


12. San Francisco (7) – Played a tough game on the road and were in it until a critical special teams error cost them the game. Reminded me of a fumbled punt or two from recent days gone by.


13. Chicago BEARS (16) – McCown is so impressive but not as impressive as the BEARS D who is playing hard while held together with tape, baling wire and staples. Amazing win.


14. Philadelphia Eagles (22) – Just a solid win from the git-go. They had a huge lead and used Prevent D to let it be closer than it was but they got a nice win.


15. New York Giants (21) – Used solid Off and excellent special teams and good D to get another win.


16. Baltimore Ravens (12) – Used Ray Rice well but the D couldn’t stop a second team QB led BEARS O. Hunh.


17. Green Bay Packers (13) – Turnovers are gold and special teams errors with an inexperienced QB are cyanide.


18. Dallas Cowboys (18) – Still in the hunt for their division. They need to come off the bye with a win over the hard charging Giants to show they want to be taken for real this season.


19. Pittsburgh Steelers (23) – The old guys played their heart out and won a nice game at home.


20. Tennessee Titans (19) – Gave it their all, Offense was solid but the D just couldn’t make the stops.


21. New York Jets (20) – Turnovers are gold and Geno Smith had yet another one of his bad rookie games.


22. Buffalo Bills (25) – Their D was excellent and they used poor weather and fair offense to get a nice division win.


23. San Diego Chargers (15) – Didn’t try early and couldn’t get it done late. Their season is starting to fall apart.


24. Cleveland Browns (17) – The Browns D challenged but couldn’t make all the stops and their limited offense couldn’t keep up.


25. Miami Dolphins (26) – A team that should lose the rest of their games managed to win one but they still suck and deserve derision and shame.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – D totally flopped and couldn’t stop anyone. A terrible game.


27. Oakland Raiders (30) – Incredible performance by a rookie QB it took a long time to remember who he was (The guy who tried hard when Penn State was circling the bowl that year) and their D showed up and made stops. I never know when I will see Oakland’s D try.


28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) – Glennon continues to shine as arguably the best rookie QB this year. Solid Rush OFF led to them blowing out the Falcons and then they Prevent D’d all the way to victory.


29. Washington Redskins (27) – RGIII can’t make the throws anymore and their D still can’t make the stops. A bad team.


30. Houston Texans (28) – Somehow their lately good play by the D was non-existent. Using Matt Schaub as a replacement to try to spark the Offense to victory is like booking your grandma a vacation in Somalia so she can have a safe trip in the sun.


31. Minnesota Vikings (29) – Used AP but sadly used Ponder too. The D got whipped and it was just a poor effort.


32. Atlanta Falcons (32) – If they had any defense they would be better since now they don’t have any at all.


There you have it, as always I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement. if you just skim over it I consider it a victory! I will also gladly accept cash…preferably tens and twenties!



MR N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – The only undefeated team on the bye. They are the best in the NFL but the caveat is they haven’t played anyone yet. They go to Denver. I say welcome to your first loss KC.


2. Seattle Seahawks (5) – Workmanlike first half. Dominant Run offense. Lynch proved again why he is THE BEAST. Awesome. A great win.


3. Denver Broncos (4) – Manning able to pick apart SD D for all the points they needed to win a nice division game on the road. The battering that Manning got could prove to be a long term concern.


4. New Orleans Saints (8) – Another home cruise. Dominated and it was never in doubt. Excellent win.


5. Carolina Panthers (9) – A super tough battle on the road. Best D in the NFL and had just enough O to get a great win. This team is for real.


6. New England Patriots (6) – Took their bye with a great record that doesn’t really reflect the quality of this team’s play. They, at this point, could finish 12-4 and have a first round bye and be roundly spanked one and done in the playoffs.


7. San Francisco 49ers (3) – Were battered in this fistfight of a game. Their D gave their all but in the end they lost to a better team.


8. Indianapolis Colts (2) – Blown out early. Blown out late. Mailed in one too many. Not even Indiana’s post office can help them with this mail. Their turnovers were gold and their reward? Play Thursday night.


9. Detroit Lions (12) – Offense not able to roll early. Played a mistake filled, undisciplined game but did just enough to win.


10. Arizona Cardinals (13) – Solid D but Palmer again was really Palmer like. Excellent D and decent O got them a tough win.


11. St. Louis Rams (19) – Blazing D and excellent Special Teams led the way. An All around great effort. A very impressive win.


12. Baltimore Ravens (20) – Started superbly, cruised with good D and then one player didn’t remember the decades old key #KnockItDown when dealing with Hail Mary’s. Lucky to win it in OT.


13. Green Bay Packers (7) – The loss of relatively talentless Seneca Wallace was bad. The Pack cannot win a game with a 3rd string QB and a secondary that can’t cover. What terrible pass defense.


14. Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Were never in it in the first half. Just overall a poor effort – damning in a division game – only amazing luck on a Hail Mary got them to a loss in OT.


15. San Diego Chargers (11) – Somehow their previously solid D was unable to stop Denver. The Offense was stifled and they just couldn’t get it done.


16. Chicago BEARS (14) – Fast 1st Quarter start. Cutler came back too soon and his lack of mobility hamstrung the Bears O. The not kicking a makeable FG in the first half turned out to be the difference. I thought that was Lovie Smith’s trick. 3 points should always be taken.


17. Cleveland Browns (17) – A team that continues to search for an identity on their bye. Campbell is biding time on this team that just seems to be going through the motions until they get to next year’s draft.


18. Dallas Cowboys (15) – Were never able to get passing offense going as injuries to their D only made it worse. An Ugly loss.


19. Tennessee Titans (16) – Slow start, the Locker injury (apparently season ending) is bad. Hasselback did drive them back into contention in the game but it just wasn’t good enough.


20. New York Jets (21) – Surprise team of the AFC if not the league. Who thought they would be this good on their bye? 8-8 is not out of the question and that may be enough to save former dead man walking Rex Ryan’s job.


21. New York Giants (26) – Turnovers were gold early and then they used golden turnovers to salt away a win.


22. Philadelphia Eagles (27) – Foles is amazing and runs the offense flawlessly. The Eagle D played just well enough to get them a nice win.


23. Pittsburgh Steelers (28) – Quietly efficient start. Able to get it done nicely on OFF and DEF. A good little win.


24. Jacksonville Jaguars (30) – Played good on OFF and DEF. Took advantage of turnovers to get a well earned first win. Well done!


25. Buffalo Bills (18) – Stumbled with Manuel in his return. It was too much to ask of a rookie to come off the shelf after a long period of time and lead his team to a victory.


26. Miami Dolphins (22) – A team that deserved to lose, did. The D made bad errors as did the O. Looked good on them.


27. Washington Redskins (26) – The Redskins rolled early, battering the Vikes QB with stout pass rush and using solid passing and running to take a big lead into the third quarter. Then, once again, the Skins D just collapsed and let Minny take a lead. It came down to the end and when it was on the line, RGIII couldn’t get it done.


28. Houston Texans (24) – D gave their all, Keenum is just solid at QB but in the end they were just ‘that’ close and not able to seal the deal. A hard luck team now.


29. Minnesota Vikings (31) – The Vikes showed their dislike of Thursday and their D was tired to start. Amazingly Ponder played well, until he got hurt, and AP was spot on and add solid FG kicking and the Vikes pulled out a surprising win.


30. Oakland Raiders (25) – D good early, D ok later, special teams good. O had some real issues. Played decently but did just enough to lose.


31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) – A good effort with solid D and an Offense that got just enough points to get them their first win! Well done. The loss of another starting RB for the year will hurt bad.


32. Atlanta Falcons (29) – Defense is porous, pitiful and other insulting p words. Poor D, added with no Off gives you a humbled, sad team. Congrats Atlanta…all the bad teams played well this week so you get to be last!


There you have it! As always I just really appreciate people reading this! I always love all thoughts, ideas, comments, arguments and agreements! I would also prefer cash…preferably tens and twenties!

MR N’s #NFL Week 9 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. Kansas City (1) – They followed their recipe – a little O, Great D, Good Special teams. Now a bye before they bye bye to their undefeated season.


2. Indianapolis (3) – Mailed it in for well more than a half then had yet another amazing come from behind win led by Luck. Good teams win games when they play this bad.


3. San Francisco (4) – They were on the bye and have what is now a very good test coming out of it. We will see how the Niner’s fare facing a very physical Panther team.


4. Denver (6) – On a bye, they look better than the teams that played and looked bad this week. They have a nice divisional tussle to test their mettle coming out of the bye.


5. Seattle (8) – Mailed it in, in almost every way. Once more, good teams win games they play this badly in and they did.


6. New England (10) – An excellent offensive performance versus a rotten defense. If the Pats played Pittsburgh 4 straight games in the AFC playoffs they would be in the Super Bowl in NYC. They won’t and they won’t be.


7. Green Bay (2) – The loss of Rodgers could be the death knell for the Pack. If he is out 3 weeks they may fall to 5-6 and then they must win out to have a shot at a 10-6 wildcard. Yet another team decimated by a key QB injury this season.


8. New Orleans (5) – Brees was battered pillar to post and that helped create his turnovers which were pure gold. Strong pressure on the QB puts the breaks on New Orleans O and is the key to stopping the Saints.


9. Carolina (12) – Awesome D, good O. Caaaaaam was efficient. I am beyond eager to see what looks like a for real Panther team travel to the Bay area to face the 49ers.


10. Cincinnati (7) – So it has been done with mirrors. All teams hate playing Thursday night but real teams win these games. They looked pathetic.


11. San Diego (9) – Went east, lost an hour’s sleep but tried very hard. They lost a close game but had many chances to win it.


12. Detroit (11) – On the bye…we will see if the upstart Lions are for real when then face key division rival Chicago in Chicago.


13. Arizona (18) – Took the bye and took advantage of a whole lot of teams sucking to move up. They aren’t this good but man alive the teams that played in week 9 were THAT bad.


14. Chicago BEARS (19) – McCown has been a godsend for Chicago using guile and sharp passes to keep the BEARS O rolling without Cutler. The D still needs a lot of work but a win in the division is a good win.


15. Dallas (20) – Dallas showed a lot of heart to pull out a late win. It was overall just an OK effort.


16. Tennessee (21) – Battled the whole way in a real slugfest. Used a brilliant rushing attack to win a nice game.


17. Cleveland (22) – Campbell is all the Browns needed…who knew? Bet a ton of teams wish they had signed him as a backup in the offseason…They coupled solid Vet QB play with good D and they rolled to a nice win.


18. Buffalo (14) – Did all they could but for a team that isn’t very deep at any position, turnovers are 24k gold. It was a good try.


19. St. Louis (15) – A really good effort. A better QB would have won this game for them.


20. Baltimore (13) – Joe Flacco, weighed down by his overflowing wallet in his back pocket, was never able to get good footwork for decent throws and the Ravens just suffer from the lack of any sort of O.


21. NY Jets (27) – The Jets D are as good as they have ever been under Sexy Rexy’s reign. A sound game.


22. Miami (23) – Superb D, solid run game. A bi-polar team that was on it’s meds and passed a televised psych exam. Now that the entire locker room has imploded and it appears there is no leadership either by player, coach or gm this is going to get uglier and uglier. Oh, if Incognito isn’t banned forever from the NFL, then there is something wrong.


23. Washington (24) – The Skins played better D, for once, and used good Off to pull out a nice win.


24. Houston (16) – Gave their all. The offense is finally firing on all cylinders with Keenum. He is a revelation for the Texans. The D was great but the special teams actually lost them this game.


25. Oakland (17) – Sometimes Oakland’s D really stinks and this time they REALLY STUNK.


26. NY Giants (26) – Big Blue on the bye, now can they try to piece together a bit of momentum after it? We will see.


27. Philadelphia (29) – The Eagle O exploded and Foles was amazing. A superb win.


28. Pittsburgh (25) – Same story, oldest D ever totally exposed. Big Ben tries but he can’t keep up with what his D allows.


29. Atlanta (28) – Mistake filled and turnovers are gold. The spiral down continues.


30. Jacksonville (30) – They took a bye and could use some health and a bit of luck. Not many positives for this team now except there are less games left for them to lose coming up.


31. Minnesota (31) – D gave it’s all AGAIN. AP was great. Ponder wasn’t bad. A fair try on all fronts.


32. Tampa Bay (32) – Played hard, played with heart, Glennon is great. Schiano is a punk. They may and likely will get their first win at the rudderless Fins.



There you have it, as always I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement. I love people just reading it quietly! I would also love cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N’s NFL Week 8 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – In control early, kinda mailed it in but even in not playing hard they played hard enough to win.


2. Green Bay Packers (2) – Machine like efficiency. Offense played as solid a game as they could. Rarely denied on 3rd downs. Scored at will.


3. Indianapolis Colts (3) – They are on their bye as good as they have been since late days of Manning in Indy. The loss of Wayne will sting. It will be interesting to see them come off the bye and see if the momentum continues.


4. San Francisco 49ers (5) – Crossed the ocean and kicked arse all over Merry ol’ England. Crikey it was a total butt whopping. Complete O dominance and D was superb. They are a team on a roll.


5. New Orleans Saints (6) – D showed holes but the O was amazing. Used superb O and ok D to win one going away.


6. Denver Broncos (7) – They started out very slow and looked poor with picks and poor play. The second half came and they blew the doors off Washington and looked every part of the great team they are supposed to be. Let’s see them do that for a full game.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – Wow. The offense just destroyed and the D was on point. The best Bengal game in years. Very well done.


8. Seattle Seahawks (4) – Mailed it in. Managed to win. If that is representative of the real Seattle Offensive line then this team has some real problems going forward.


9. San Diego Chargers (9) – You can count me as one of the mega shocked about how well they are playing. Rivers seems revitalized, the D is playing very well and they are getting special teams. Can they keep this up?


10. New England Patriots (10) – Completely out of sorts in first half. Completely in control in the 2nd half. Played half a great game and got a win.


11. Detroit Lions (13) – Someone should have told them turnovers are gold. Talk about lucky stars to turn it over a zillion times, be able to rip up a bad bad Cowboy D and then have a brilliant young QB steal a win. Amazing.


12. Carolina Panthers (15) – Well I am starting to slightly believe here. They are a comer. They are not great yet but they are good. Their D makes 3 out of every 4 stops it has to and their O can make 2 out of every 4 first downs. A great team could beat them but they are in position to whup on bad teams and there are a lot of them in the NFL. Will be interesting to see them play New Orleans.


13. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Sitting on their bye still seeking their identity. They have had a couple of good games and some stinkers. Who are these guys?


14. Buffalo Bills (14) – Battled early but back slid. Had to play mistake free ball to have any chance and couldn’t do it and were just blown away.


15. St. Louis (24) – D played superbly. Decent run game. Every time they had a chance to get ahead, their backup QB threw a golden pick. Turnovers are gold and they led to the loss.


16. Houston Texans (25) – A team on a bye who has found a young QB but is riddled with injury, poor coaching and poor defensive play. They will be lucky to win 3 more games this year.


17. Oakland Raiders (26) – A superb start to the game, scored all they needed to early and coasted to a nice home win.


18. Arizona Cardinals (27) – The Cards rode excellent running offense and super tough D to a surprising blow away win. Great effort.


19. Chicago BEARS (19) – Que the funeral march. They are done. No Grandpa McCown and Carson Palmer’s brother are not the answer at QB. The loss of Briggs sinks the D. Good luck in 2014.


20. Dallas Cowboys (11) – They rode turnovers to get a lead but slowly let Detroit battle back. Had the game won, self destructed and become only the second team to ever be on the receiving end of 4+ turnovers and still lose. Had they won, Dez Bryant’s punk Diva sideline whine would be funny. After that horrific loss that Bryant esque mother-beating crybaby show is a Halloween Horror show.


21. Tennessee Titans (21) – Another team on a bye who had such promise to only see it taken away by injury. Such is the life of the NFL. They can build for the future success of 2014.


22. Cleveland Browns (22) – Struggled at times against a solid D. They gave their all and almost pulled out a surprise win. Campbell shows he’s not done yet.


23. Miami Dolphins (12) – Dominant early, a great first half. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? Total plutonic reversal and a terrible second half and an ugly loss.


24. Washington Redskins (17) – They played a brilliant 30 minutes on the road. It is a shame they didn’t come out of the locker room for the second half. Maybe they drank the same stuff Miami drank during half time. Ugly finish.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers (18) – Got behind early with OLD D exposed badly. Offense scored a bit against prevent defense but not enough to win. They are just too old for prime time and buried 6 feet under in their division.


26. New York Giants (29) – Could only manage 3 points at a time, inability to score in redzone is a critical problem. The D played their best game. An ugly win.


27. New York Jets (20) – That loud thud is the Jets hitting the ground. Boy was that ugly and it was beyond any expectation of how bad the O and D were. Wow that stunk.


28. Atlanta Falcons (23) – Remember how they had to build on the momentum of the post bye win? They went to the desert and fell flat on their face and now they are circling a bowl in the NFC South. Terrible effort.


29. Philadelphia Eagles (28) – Struggled on O. Played solid on D when it counted. A team in complete turmoil that is looking worse than they have all year.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars (30) – Shockingly bad. This team is terrible again and seem to have no Defense at all again. Gone from trending better to sucking badly.


31. Minnesota Vikings (31) – They tried. They got some limited success with special teams and their D tried as hard as they could but got tired after 30 minutes almost entirely spent on the field. Was close after 30, were blown away. The final score didn’t represent how much of a blow out this was.


32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) – Are their any doubters as to why this team is 32? They have a horrible offensive line that so limits their great rookie QB it is a wonder they score any points. The D has players but operates in a mystifying D scheme that Dead-man-Walking Schiano is married to. It may be that they can cover, they just can’t cover playing that defense. A team that is beyond circling the bowl…they are in the septic tank now.


There you have it, as always I love to receive every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also happily accept Cash, preferably tens and twenties!