MR N’s NFL Week 8 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – In control early, kinda mailed it in but even in not playing hard they played hard enough to win.


2. Green Bay Packers (2) – Machine like efficiency. Offense played as solid a game as they could. Rarely denied on 3rd downs. Scored at will.


3. Indianapolis Colts (3) – They are on their bye as good as they have been since late days of Manning in Indy. The loss of Wayne will sting. It will be interesting to see them come off the bye and see if the momentum continues.


4. San Francisco 49ers (5) – Crossed the ocean and kicked arse all over Merry ol’ England. Crikey it was a total butt whopping. Complete O dominance and D was superb. They are a team on a roll.


5. New Orleans Saints (6) – D showed holes but the O was amazing. Used superb O and ok D to win one going away.


6. Denver Broncos (7) – They started out very slow and looked poor with picks and poor play. The second half came and they blew the doors off Washington and looked every part of the great team they are supposed to be. Let’s see them do that for a full game.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – Wow. The offense just destroyed and the D was on point. The best Bengal game in years. Very well done.


8. Seattle Seahawks (4) – Mailed it in. Managed to win. If that is representative of the real Seattle Offensive line then this team has some real problems going forward.


9. San Diego Chargers (9) – You can count me as one of the mega shocked about how well they are playing. Rivers seems revitalized, the D is playing very well and they are getting special teams. Can they keep this up?


10. New England Patriots (10) – Completely out of sorts in first half. Completely in control in the 2nd half. Played half a great game and got a win.


11. Detroit Lions (13) – Someone should have told them turnovers are gold. Talk about lucky stars to turn it over a zillion times, be able to rip up a bad bad Cowboy D and then have a brilliant young QB steal a win. Amazing.


12. Carolina Panthers (15) – Well I am starting to slightly believe here. They are a comer. They are not great yet but they are good. Their D makes 3 out of every 4 stops it has to and their O can make 2 out of every 4 first downs. A great team could beat them but they are in position to whup on bad teams and there are a lot of them in the NFL. Will be interesting to see them play New Orleans.


13. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Sitting on their bye still seeking their identity. They have had a couple of good games and some stinkers. Who are these guys?


14. Buffalo Bills (14) – Battled early but back slid. Had to play mistake free ball to have any chance and couldn’t do it and were just blown away.


15. St. Louis (24) – D played superbly. Decent run game. Every time they had a chance to get ahead, their backup QB threw a golden pick. Turnovers are gold and they led to the loss.


16. Houston Texans (25) – A team on a bye who has found a young QB but is riddled with injury, poor coaching and poor defensive play. They will be lucky to win 3 more games this year.


17. Oakland Raiders (26) – A superb start to the game, scored all they needed to early and coasted to a nice home win.


18. Arizona Cardinals (27) – The Cards rode excellent running offense and super tough D to a surprising blow away win. Great effort.


19. Chicago BEARS (19) – Que the funeral march. They are done. No Grandpa McCown and Carson Palmer’s brother are not the answer at QB. The loss of Briggs sinks the D. Good luck in 2014.


20. Dallas Cowboys (11) – They rode turnovers to get a lead but slowly let Detroit battle back. Had the game won, self destructed and become only the second team to ever be on the receiving end of 4+ turnovers and still lose. Had they won, Dez Bryant’s punk Diva sideline whine would be funny. After that horrific loss that Bryant esque mother-beating crybaby show is a Halloween Horror show.


21. Tennessee Titans (21) – Another team on a bye who had such promise to only see it taken away by injury. Such is the life of the NFL. They can build for the future success of 2014.


22. Cleveland Browns (22) – Struggled at times against a solid D. They gave their all and almost pulled out a surprise win. Campbell shows he’s not done yet.


23. Miami Dolphins (12) – Dominant early, a great first half. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? Total plutonic reversal and a terrible second half and an ugly loss.


24. Washington Redskins (17) – They played a brilliant 30 minutes on the road. It is a shame they didn’t come out of the locker room for the second half. Maybe they drank the same stuff Miami drank during half time. Ugly finish.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers (18) – Got behind early with OLD D exposed badly. Offense scored a bit against prevent defense but not enough to win. They are just too old for prime time and buried 6 feet under in their division.


26. New York Giants (29) – Could only manage 3 points at a time, inability to score in redzone is a critical problem. The D played their best game. An ugly win.


27. New York Jets (20) – That loud thud is the Jets hitting the ground. Boy was that ugly and it was beyond any expectation of how bad the O and D were. Wow that stunk.


28. Atlanta Falcons (23) – Remember how they had to build on the momentum of the post bye win? They went to the desert and fell flat on their face and now they are circling a bowl in the NFC South. Terrible effort.


29. Philadelphia Eagles (28) – Struggled on O. Played solid on D when it counted. A team in complete turmoil that is looking worse than they have all year.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars (30) – Shockingly bad. This team is terrible again and seem to have no Defense at all again. Gone from trending better to sucking badly.


31. Minnesota Vikings (31) – They tried. They got some limited success with special teams and their D tried as hard as they could but got tired after 30 minutes almost entirely spent on the field. Was close after 30, were blown away. The final score didn’t represent how much of a blow out this was.


32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) – Are their any doubters as to why this team is 32? They have a horrible offensive line that so limits their great rookie QB it is a wonder they score any points. The D has players but operates in a mystifying D scheme that Dead-man-Walking Schiano is married to. It may be that they can cover, they just can’t cover playing that defense. A team that is beyond circling the bowl…they are in the septic tank now.


There you have it, as always I love to receive every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also happily accept Cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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