MR N’s #NFL Week 9 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. Kansas City (1) – They followed their recipe – a little O, Great D, Good Special teams. Now a bye before they bye bye to their undefeated season.


2. Indianapolis (3) – Mailed it in for well more than a half then had yet another amazing come from behind win led by Luck. Good teams win games when they play this bad.


3. San Francisco (4) – They were on the bye and have what is now a very good test coming out of it. We will see how the Niner’s fare facing a very physical Panther team.


4. Denver (6) – On a bye, they look better than the teams that played and looked bad this week. They have a nice divisional tussle to test their mettle coming out of the bye.


5. Seattle (8) – Mailed it in, in almost every way. Once more, good teams win games they play this badly in and they did.


6. New England (10) – An excellent offensive performance versus a rotten defense. If the Pats played Pittsburgh 4 straight games in the AFC playoffs they would be in the Super Bowl in NYC. They won’t and they won’t be.


7. Green Bay (2) – The loss of Rodgers could be the death knell for the Pack. If he is out 3 weeks they may fall to 5-6 and then they must win out to have a shot at a 10-6 wildcard. Yet another team decimated by a key QB injury this season.


8. New Orleans (5) – Brees was battered pillar to post and that helped create his turnovers which were pure gold. Strong pressure on the QB puts the breaks on New Orleans O and is the key to stopping the Saints.


9. Carolina (12) – Awesome D, good O. Caaaaaam was efficient. I am beyond eager to see what looks like a for real Panther team travel to the Bay area to face the 49ers.


10. Cincinnati (7) – So it has been done with mirrors. All teams hate playing Thursday night but real teams win these games. They looked pathetic.


11. San Diego (9) – Went east, lost an hour’s sleep but tried very hard. They lost a close game but had many chances to win it.


12. Detroit (11) – On the bye…we will see if the upstart Lions are for real when then face key division rival Chicago in Chicago.


13. Arizona (18) – Took the bye and took advantage of a whole lot of teams sucking to move up. They aren’t this good but man alive the teams that played in week 9 were THAT bad.


14. Chicago BEARS (19) – McCown has been a godsend for Chicago using guile and sharp passes to keep the BEARS O rolling without Cutler. The D still needs a lot of work but a win in the division is a good win.


15. Dallas (20) – Dallas showed a lot of heart to pull out a late win. It was overall just an OK effort.


16. Tennessee (21) – Battled the whole way in a real slugfest. Used a brilliant rushing attack to win a nice game.


17. Cleveland (22) – Campbell is all the Browns needed…who knew? Bet a ton of teams wish they had signed him as a backup in the offseason…They coupled solid Vet QB play with good D and they rolled to a nice win.


18. Buffalo (14) – Did all they could but for a team that isn’t very deep at any position, turnovers are 24k gold. It was a good try.


19. St. Louis (15) – A really good effort. A better QB would have won this game for them.


20. Baltimore (13) – Joe Flacco, weighed down by his overflowing wallet in his back pocket, was never able to get good footwork for decent throws and the Ravens just suffer from the lack of any sort of O.


21. NY Jets (27) – The Jets D are as good as they have ever been under Sexy Rexy’s reign. A sound game.


22. Miami (23) – Superb D, solid run game. A bi-polar team that was on it’s meds and passed a televised psych exam. Now that the entire locker room has imploded and it appears there is no leadership either by player, coach or gm this is going to get uglier and uglier. Oh, if Incognito isn’t banned forever from the NFL, then there is something wrong.


23. Washington (24) – The Skins played better D, for once, and used good Off to pull out a nice win.


24. Houston (16) – Gave their all. The offense is finally firing on all cylinders with Keenum. He is a revelation for the Texans. The D was great but the special teams actually lost them this game.


25. Oakland (17) – Sometimes Oakland’s D really stinks and this time they REALLY STUNK.


26. NY Giants (26) – Big Blue on the bye, now can they try to piece together a bit of momentum after it? We will see.


27. Philadelphia (29) – The Eagle O exploded and Foles was amazing. A superb win.


28. Pittsburgh (25) – Same story, oldest D ever totally exposed. Big Ben tries but he can’t keep up with what his D allows.


29. Atlanta (28) – Mistake filled and turnovers are gold. The spiral down continues.


30. Jacksonville (30) – They took a bye and could use some health and a bit of luck. Not many positives for this team now except there are less games left for them to lose coming up.


31. Minnesota (31) – D gave it’s all AGAIN. AP was great. Ponder wasn’t bad. A fair try on all fronts.


32. Tampa Bay (32) – Played hard, played with heart, Glennon is great. Schiano is a punk. They may and likely will get their first win at the rudderless Fins.



There you have it, as always I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement. I love people just reading it quietly! I would also love cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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