MR N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – The only undefeated team on the bye. They are the best in the NFL but the caveat is they haven’t played anyone yet. They go to Denver. I say welcome to your first loss KC.


2. Seattle Seahawks (5) – Workmanlike first half. Dominant Run offense. Lynch proved again why he is THE BEAST. Awesome. A great win.


3. Denver Broncos (4) – Manning able to pick apart SD D for all the points they needed to win a nice division game on the road. The battering that Manning got could prove to be a long term concern.


4. New Orleans Saints (8) – Another home cruise. Dominated and it was never in doubt. Excellent win.


5. Carolina Panthers (9) – A super tough battle on the road. Best D in the NFL and had just enough O to get a great win. This team is for real.


6. New England Patriots (6) – Took their bye with a great record that doesn’t really reflect the quality of this team’s play. They, at this point, could finish 12-4 and have a first round bye and be roundly spanked one and done in the playoffs.


7. San Francisco 49ers (3) – Were battered in this fistfight of a game. Their D gave their all but in the end they lost to a better team.


8. Indianapolis Colts (2) – Blown out early. Blown out late. Mailed in one too many. Not even Indiana’s post office can help them with this mail. Their turnovers were gold and their reward? Play Thursday night.


9. Detroit Lions (12) – Offense not able to roll early. Played a mistake filled, undisciplined game but did just enough to win.


10. Arizona Cardinals (13) – Solid D but Palmer again was really Palmer like. Excellent D and decent O got them a tough win.


11. St. Louis Rams (19) – Blazing D and excellent Special Teams led the way. An All around great effort. A very impressive win.


12. Baltimore Ravens (20) – Started superbly, cruised with good D and then one player didn’t remember the decades old key #KnockItDown when dealing with Hail Mary’s. Lucky to win it in OT.


13. Green Bay Packers (7) – The loss of relatively talentless Seneca Wallace was bad. The Pack cannot win a game with a 3rd string QB and a secondary that can’t cover. What terrible pass defense.


14. Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Were never in it in the first half. Just overall a poor effort – damning in a division game – only amazing luck on a Hail Mary got them to a loss in OT.


15. San Diego Chargers (11) – Somehow their previously solid D was unable to stop Denver. The Offense was stifled and they just couldn’t get it done.


16. Chicago BEARS (14) – Fast 1st Quarter start. Cutler came back too soon and his lack of mobility hamstrung the Bears O. The not kicking a makeable FG in the first half turned out to be the difference. I thought that was Lovie Smith’s trick. 3 points should always be taken.


17. Cleveland Browns (17) – A team that continues to search for an identity on their bye. Campbell is biding time on this team that just seems to be going through the motions until they get to next year’s draft.


18. Dallas Cowboys (15) – Were never able to get passing offense going as injuries to their D only made it worse. An Ugly loss.


19. Tennessee Titans (16) – Slow start, the Locker injury (apparently season ending) is bad. Hasselback did drive them back into contention in the game but it just wasn’t good enough.


20. New York Jets (21) – Surprise team of the AFC if not the league. Who thought they would be this good on their bye? 8-8 is not out of the question and that may be enough to save former dead man walking Rex Ryan’s job.


21. New York Giants (26) – Turnovers were gold early and then they used golden turnovers to salt away a win.


22. Philadelphia Eagles (27) – Foles is amazing and runs the offense flawlessly. The Eagle D played just well enough to get them a nice win.


23. Pittsburgh Steelers (28) – Quietly efficient start. Able to get it done nicely on OFF and DEF. A good little win.


24. Jacksonville Jaguars (30) – Played good on OFF and DEF. Took advantage of turnovers to get a well earned first win. Well done!


25. Buffalo Bills (18) – Stumbled with Manuel in his return. It was too much to ask of a rookie to come off the shelf after a long period of time and lead his team to a victory.


26. Miami Dolphins (22) – A team that deserved to lose, did. The D made bad errors as did the O. Looked good on them.


27. Washington Redskins (26) – The Redskins rolled early, battering the Vikes QB with stout pass rush and using solid passing and running to take a big lead into the third quarter. Then, once again, the Skins D just collapsed and let Minny take a lead. It came down to the end and when it was on the line, RGIII couldn’t get it done.


28. Houston Texans (24) – D gave their all, Keenum is just solid at QB but in the end they were just ‘that’ close and not able to seal the deal. A hard luck team now.


29. Minnesota Vikings (31) – The Vikes showed their dislike of Thursday and their D was tired to start. Amazingly Ponder played well, until he got hurt, and AP was spot on and add solid FG kicking and the Vikes pulled out a surprising win.


30. Oakland Raiders (25) – D good early, D ok later, special teams good. O had some real issues. Played decently but did just enough to lose.


31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) – A good effort with solid D and an Offense that got just enough points to get them their first win! Well done. The loss of another starting RB for the year will hurt bad.


32. Atlanta Falcons (29) – Defense is porous, pitiful and other insulting p words. Poor D, added with no Off gives you a humbled, sad team. Congrats Atlanta…all the bad teams played well this week so you get to be last!


There you have it! As always I just really appreciate people reading this! I always love all thoughts, ideas, comments, arguments and agreements! I would also prefer cash…preferably tens and twenties!


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