MR N’s #NFL Week 11 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (2) – A terrific game played by all phases of the Seahawks…good OFF, DEF and Spec Teams. In control of the NFC going into their bye.


2. Denver Broncos (3) – Put up 27 points with Manning at 65%. The D even stepped up. A nice win.


3. New Orleans Saints (4) – Were really challenged, far more than I thought they would be, but were able to use better clock management and solid special teams to pull out a close win.


4. Carolina Panthers (5) – Good win but the frequent missed tackles may be telling and that is something that they can’t afford to do going forward against great teams in the NFL.


5. Kansas City Chiefs (1) – The inability of the KC D to get even one hit on an injured Peyton Manning, let alone a sack, tells you something about how good or not really good that D is.


6. Indianapolis Colts (8) – Mailed it in early, Luck then pulled out yet another amazing super come from behind win.


7. New England Patriots (6) – Gave their all and the offense did well against a tough D but in the end they just couldn’t get a win.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (14) – Blew away the Browns, it was never in doubt, they are slowly rising to the top in the AFC Central.


9. Arizona Cardinals (10) – That was the good Carson Palmer and he led superb O and they played decent D and that was a good win.


10. Detroit Lions (9) – Stafford had a super first half and then a quiet second half and the D couldn’t stop Big Ben.


11. St. Louis Rams (11) – The last part of this year will be telling for this team. Their D has been trending hot lately. I don’t believe they can keep it up but if they keep winning I will slowly start to believe.


12. San Francisco (7) – Played a tough game on the road and were in it until a critical special teams error cost them the game. Reminded me of a fumbled punt or two from recent days gone by.


13. Chicago BEARS (16) – McCown is so impressive but not as impressive as the BEARS D who is playing hard while held together with tape, baling wire and staples. Amazing win.


14. Philadelphia Eagles (22) – Just a solid win from the git-go. They had a huge lead and used Prevent D to let it be closer than it was but they got a nice win.


15. New York Giants (21) – Used solid Off and excellent special teams and good D to get another win.


16. Baltimore Ravens (12) – Used Ray Rice well but the D couldn’t stop a second team QB led BEARS O. Hunh.


17. Green Bay Packers (13) – Turnovers are gold and special teams errors with an inexperienced QB are cyanide.


18. Dallas Cowboys (18) – Still in the hunt for their division. They need to come off the bye with a win over the hard charging Giants to show they want to be taken for real this season.


19. Pittsburgh Steelers (23) – The old guys played their heart out and won a nice game at home.


20. Tennessee Titans (19) – Gave it their all, Offense was solid but the D just couldn’t make the stops.


21. New York Jets (20) – Turnovers are gold and Geno Smith had yet another one of his bad rookie games.


22. Buffalo Bills (25) – Their D was excellent and they used poor weather and fair offense to get a nice division win.


23. San Diego Chargers (15) – Didn’t try early and couldn’t get it done late. Their season is starting to fall apart.


24. Cleveland Browns (17) – The Browns D challenged but couldn’t make all the stops and their limited offense couldn’t keep up.


25. Miami Dolphins (26) – A team that should lose the rest of their games managed to win one but they still suck and deserve derision and shame.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – D totally flopped and couldn’t stop anyone. A terrible game.


27. Oakland Raiders (30) – Incredible performance by a rookie QB it took a long time to remember who he was (The guy who tried hard when Penn State was circling the bowl that year) and their D showed up and made stops. I never know when I will see Oakland’s D try.


28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) – Glennon continues to shine as arguably the best rookie QB this year. Solid Rush OFF led to them blowing out the Falcons and then they Prevent D’d all the way to victory.


29. Washington Redskins (27) – RGIII can’t make the throws anymore and their D still can’t make the stops. A bad team.


30. Houston Texans (28) – Somehow their lately good play by the D was non-existent. Using Matt Schaub as a replacement to try to spark the Offense to victory is like booking your grandma a vacation in Somalia so she can have a safe trip in the sun.


31. Minnesota Vikings (29) – Used AP but sadly used Ponder too. The D got whipped and it was just a poor effort.


32. Atlanta Falcons (32) – If they had any defense they would be better since now they don’t have any at all.


There you have it, as always I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement. if you just skim over it I consider it a victory! I will also gladly accept cash…preferably tens and twenties!




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