MR N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – They sit and rest on their bye looking down at the rest of the NFL. They can win out and have homefield advantage through the NFC which will give them the shot to play a very ugly Superbowl game in a horrible venue.



2. New Orleans Saints (3) – Battled tough for the whole game and the D managed to step up and they got a win.


3. Carolina Panthers (4) – Asleep on the road early. The Panther D woke up in the second half and Caaam made some plays and they ended up a with a great come from behind win.


4. New England Patriots (7) – Turnovers, which are gold, put the game seemingly out of reach after the first half. Then a second half explosion and one more golden turnover that went for New England got them a very exciting win.


5. Denver Broncos (2) – Superb 1st half by the D and O to take a BIG lead => then a total D failure as they fell behind and in a turnover filled game the last golden one killed them.


6. Arizona Cardinals (9) – Once again their amazing D combined with solid Offense and boom…they had a blowout win and are now a top team in the NFL.


7. San Francisco 49ers (12) – Traveled well, D looked solid and the offense was able to do enough for a win.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – normally teams on a bye can relax and get healthy. The Bengals now have to seriously worry about Pittsburgh who may be only a game behind them before they even take the field again.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers (19) – The Steeler D made the plays and got the turnovers and they got another nice win. Now if they can pull off another division win on Thanksgiving they will be practically in the wild card driver seat.


10. St. Louis Rams (11) – Jumped ahead early, blazing D speed, incredible rushing offense and great special teams. A great win and a team that is way more dangerous than their 4 win record.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Guess their D was only fresh for 9 games. They had no D and that meant their O couldn’t do enough to win the game.


12. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Good D early. They won the game easily but still don’t seem to be very good and now must win on Thanksgiving or their playoff chances will be in doubt.


13. Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Bowl circling continues, Their D was totally shredded and their offense couldn’t score. It was ugly and if their aren’t careful they may not only not win their division but may not make the playoffs.


14. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Arguably the best team in what is no longer arguable – the WORST division in the NFC. This kinda spotty team may just make the playoffs by beating up the crap in their own division.


15. Dallas Cowboys (18) – If their Defense played half as good as their offense then this team would be undefeated but mostly they are just lucky.


16. Detroit Lions (10) – Solid offense early but it is funny how self defeating this team is. Today it was something like 8 turnovers which were just 24k gold and down went this allegedly good team.


17. Tennessee Titans (20) – Battled hard for 4 quarters and Fitzpatrick showed real poise to lead them to a late victory.


18. San Diego Chargers (23) – Great offense, terrible Defense but in the end they did get a great road win.


19. Jacksonville Jaguars (26) – Defense actually found their way to the park and played very well today (for a change). They added a little effective MJD and got a nice win.


20. Chicago BEARS (13) – Came out asleep and then played D all day like the D never woke up. Fair offense but overall a terrible effort.


21. New York Giants (15) – They did battle the whole game but now, after much national acclaim, their season is basically kaput and Big Blue can think about 2014 (they are 4 wins, have 5 games left and it seems very likely Carolina and SF win at least 10 each and that means NYG can’t get a wild card)


22. Buffalo Bills (22) – The Bills are doing about as good as one can expect considering their injuries and such. They do get a reward in week 13 as they face the horrendous Falcons.


23. Green Bay Packers (17) – Tolzien to Flynn to obscure kind of not really success as their D helped then battle to …a tie??


24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28) – Good D early. Glennon and the D gutted out a great win and that’s 3 in a row!


25. New York Jets (21) – Two weeks ago they were in control of their playoff hopes and now with another poor Smith start and golden turnovers their season is beginning to circle the bowl.


26. Cleveland Browns (24) – The Browns were battered and their turnovers were gold and they are close to being done this year.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – Good start for a morally decrepit team. So happy to see this team of immoral scumbags lose an ugly game and at home too. Good on them.


28. Oakland Raiders (27) – Offense gave their all but in the end it was one single blown coverage by their D that cost them the game. Had they won they would have been leading for a wildcard…success for the Silver and Black is just THAT close.


29. Minnesota Vikings (31) – Superb running attack, a ponderous passing attack and a D that was on and off and that = a tie???


30. Washington Redskins (29) – A team that showed surprisingly no heart, poor techniques and poor coaching. It was shameful to watch a team go through the motions on MNF at home. Time for Shanahan to go.


31. Houston Texans (30) – What happens when a bad team has a must win? They don’t. It is embarrassing how bad a team this is and their season now is effectively over.


32. Atlanta Falcons (32) – Played hard for 60 but in the end their offense couldn’t get it done and now their season is over.


There you have it! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the Football, the family fun, the food and the shopping and then the Iron Bowl on Saturday which could be incredible if Auburn somehow pulls the upset! By the way as always I love it when people just look over my poll on their mobile device while doing whatever it is they are doing…I love it when people comment, agree, disagree or whatever! I will also happily take money…tens and twenties…gotta have ready cash for Black Friday!




3 thoughts on “MR N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll‏

  1. I like your thoughts here. Huge NFL fan myself and I just started my own blog! Check out my first blog about Robert Griffin. Im going to be blogging a lot more

    • Thanks for the comment! I have been a huge NFL fan going on 30 years and have been doing my powerpoll for about 5 years but this is my first time putting it out in the blog world. I am glad you enjoyed it. Oft times my honest appraisals rankle loyal fans but lol I try to tell the truth about teams, sometimes that can be painful! Happy Thanksgiving football today!

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