MR N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (3) – Solid, classy, a good home win to end their year. Now it is two home wins and Super Bowl. If they can simply be the consistent team that played at home most of the year I doubt they can be beaten by anyone in the NFC now.



2. Carolina Panthers (2) – Seemed to come out flat, D then stiffened and Caaaaaaam was amazing with his control and play selection. They got it done and it was a good win and now they get a bye and are a tough match up to face in the Division round.


3.San Francisco 49ers (1) – Played an ok game, had great D and won it when it counted. Will be interesting to see if they can perform well in the playoffs on the road.


4. Denver Broncos (4) – Manning torched the opposition at will and then they coasted to an easy win. Now they get a week to gear up to see if they can make it to NYC.


5. New England Patriots (5) – Never in doubt. Now they have a bye and this team is sneaky good so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them in the AFC Championship game.


6. Indianapolis Colts (6) – A third solid game in a row. They may be ready to be a force in the playoffs. Their D seems to be on point and their O is hitting a stride again. Will be interesting to see how they fare against KC.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – A solid D performance that masked a turnover filled O performance. They won their division going away but doubts remain about the performance ability of Dalton in the playoffs and we will see how he fares next week.


8. San Diego Chargers (11) – A gusty OT win in a game in which they were nearly embarrassed by special teamers. They better try harder for 60 to be able to compete in the playoffs.


9. New Orleans Saints (12) – Superb offense gave them their playoff ticket. Now they have to try and win on the road in the playoffs. It will be a tough thing for this bi-polar team.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (9) – They got a win in a game which they played some of the worst O line and D I have ever witnessed. How this team rips some and gets ripped may be their undoing against New Orleans. They can be good or terrible but they are better than Dallas.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (10) – A team of backups nearly won a meaningless game for the team. It would be good if their starters played this hard next week when the playoffs start. This game could prove beneficial as now their backups feel ready to play in case someone goes down. Backup QB Chase Daniels may be the most valuable member of the team aside from Charles at RB.


12. Green Bay Packers (21) -Rodgers and Cobb were the difference in a close game. Their O scored just enough and their poor D was able to make one key stop. Can they channel their inner whatever to make them a danger in the playoffs? They might win one but I don’t see them surviving a game in Seattle or Carolina.


13. Arizona Cardinals (8) – D was flat early but the Off came together late to make it a game but in the end they are just a team that is THAT close to playoffs. They could win their division next year. They are that good.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) – Gave their all, veterans know how to perform late in the year when it is on the line. They did all they could to give themselves a shot at the playoffs. Good try. They need to get younger on D in a big way and they need to draft a new QB, Big Ben is Big Old and Battered. Need more help on O too. Rebuild time.


15. Baltimore Ravens (13) – When it came down to it, Flacco proved that turnovers are gold and he can throw picks with the worst of them. An ugly end to a pretty ugly year. They need WR help, and to try to build on what they have on hand…close but not elite by a long shot.


16. Tennessee Titans (22) – A solid performance that will hopefully put and end to the spurious talk that Munchak should be fired…he didn’t hurt Locker and that was what killed this team’s year. All they need to do now is get their QB healthy, draft solidly, add one or two players and they will be wild card at least next season.


17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – How ’bout ‘Dem Cowboys? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team in the NFC. So much fun to continue to watch Jerry Jones celebrate wildly during games he eventually loses. Smart owners celebrate after a win not after a first down. This team needs a QB, needs a RB who isn’t fragile or a fumbler, needs a WR who is a talent but not a mother beater. Their secondary is horrible. They are lucky Washington and NYG are in their division so they may yet finish 2nd again next year but out of the playoffs. Fire Garrett.


18. St. Louis Rams (15) – Shockingly undisciplined and mistake filled game. A good year of promise ends on a very sour note. They need to decide pretty quick if Bradford is their future or was he a flop. Do they give him zillions or draft a new one and kind of start fresh? They need help at WR too and another left tackle might help Bradford too.


19. Chicago BEARS (16) – Off did all it reasonably could to win the game but the D just isn’t good enough to be playoff capable. They face a ton of contract issues that could and likely will gut this team. They were good enough to be a serious playoff contender but the mass injuries destroyed their D. This may not even be a top 25 team with all the players they can’t re-sign.


20. New York Giants (24) – A sad sack Giant team that pulled out a win for the gipper and for their old coach. They must rebuild. They need a new QB to get ready behind a massively aged Eli and they need to inject talent to a horrible O line and need to add talent to the missing link of a secondary. Years away from playoffs.


21. Buffalo Bills (23) – In a veritable monsoon Buffalo tried but failed. They still need to build on their foundations and are likely 2 years away from contending but they are coming along.


22. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – They were a team that seemed to have started their offseason before they played their last game. Never in the game. They did play .500 in the last 8 and have some talent but desperately need a franchise QB, need talent who doesn’t use drugs at WR and need lots of help on D. Years away. If they draft Manziel they will be in a media circus of crappy QB play until 2020.


23. Minnesota Vikings (28) – A gutsy last game won in their old dome. This team needs a ton of help. There are a ton of franchise-like QBs coming available and the Vikes need to draft one. They need to get WR help, they need D help, they need O line help. Oh and can your head coach would be what I would do first thing Monday am. (written Sunday night Dec 29)


24. Detroit Lions (20) – Stafford played poorly and the D quit. The self defeaters self defeated themselves again. This team needs to can their head Thug, cut some problem players, draft character, get younger on O and try again. A team that can’t win with who they have because talent with lack of discipline/maturity is no talent at all.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Were never able to make a stop in the first half and were so far behind they could never come back. The D was destroyed and the team needs to start fresh next year. They are talented enough to even surprise some people next year. ((that they fired their coach now may set back any hope this team has for rapid improvement especially if the new guy wants his own QB))


26. New York Jets (26) – A great game by Geno Smith for a change that saved Sexy Rexy’s job and let the season end on a positive. A team that needs to cut #Buttfumble ASAP and start to move forward.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – FINALLY! This team of dysfunctional bully supporting, gang color wearing scumbags is put to rest. They have to cut management and players and work to bring some respect back to what used to be a classy organization. They should run Ireland out of town on a rail.


28. Atlanta Falcons (29) – I will give them credit for this, they have played great the last 2 weeks. It is a nice way to end a horribly disappointing season. They did everything but win. This is exemplary in how a team with a poor D that wins a lot will fare when facing a tougher schedule the next year. Atlanta needs to spend an offseason continuing to build a porous D and they need to get younger at WR and they need a new TE now and perhaps draft/sign a good backup QB…if Ryan gets hurt this team will go plop.


29. Cleveland Browns (27) – Never were in it, seemed like they were already starting their off season. The total team meltdown and anonymous bitch sessions post game are sad and that the organization is going to fire Chud who simply is guilty of being the face of botched organization decisions? An awful team can’t draft good players…that doesn’t happen and Cleveland is still YEARS away from contending.


30. Washington Redskins (30) – A monsoon ended any slim chance this bad team had of winning their last game. They need to gut the team and start again…not sure if anyone will be able to play on this team with Snyder treating RGIII better than the rest. Shanahan will be fired but who wants to coach there??? A team in super long term turmoil. Oh and this D is just horrid so draft D, draft D and then later DRAFT D.


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Were blown away from the moment the game started. The D never tried and the O didn’t offer much either until it didn’t matter. This team has some talent. It needs to add more and become more disciplined. It would be a huge mistake to tear this team down. They are on the way up.


32. Houston Texans (32) – JJ Watt and pray for rain…that is the menu for the Texans. This team is loaded…with Crap. Schaub should get a small parade on the way out of town. They need help at QB, WR, RB, TE, LB and DBs…I don’t see playoffs for this team again for at least 2 seasons.



There you have it! As always I enjoy people skimming over my analysis of the week that was and the teams that are! I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I would happily accept money…preferably tens and twenties!


Happy New Year to all my loyal blog followers and all my friends and family who get this weekly!


MR N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Carolina Panthers (3) – Showed heart and guts to pull out a miserable weather affected home win against an intense rival and may have just set themselves up to be home field advantage through the playoffs.


2. San Francisco 49ers (2) – Won a game with outstanding O for a change. A team on a roll as the playoffs approach.


3.Seattle Seahawks (1) – They can’t keep losing and expect to remain the top team. What the heck was that? They play like that in the playoffs and they will be one and done.


4. Denver Broncos (5) – Won a game in a walk. Blew away a bad team and set a record to boot that may stand for at least a season in the pinball league that passes for the NFL these days.


5. New England Patriots (8) – Completely destroyed a team they never destroy. With limited play makers. I can’t figure this team out. They could be the least talented Pat team since the one that won it’s first Superbowl over the Rams. Won’t be super surprised if this group of raggamuffins wins the big game in February of 2014 and they won’t be close to being the best team in the NFL if they do.


6. Indianapolis Colts (9) – Destroyed the Chiefs and I never expected that. That is 2 great games in a row and by definition they are peaking at the right time.


7.Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Won a spectacular win in blowout fashion and dominated when they had to. Can they do this in the playoffs?


8. Arizona Cardinals (7) – Won an incredible win on the road and are destined to likely be the BEST team in the NFL to not make the playoffs. It would be more fair if the Cards were given a spot over either the winner of the NFC North or East. At least Arizona would have a shot in the wild card round.


9. Philadelphia Eagles (12) – Won in incredibly dominating fashion and one wonders if they should have saved some of that for week 17’s battle?


10. Kansas City Chiefs (6) – Got totally schooled by the Colts and now you have to again seriously question if they are not just one and done come wild card weekend.


11. San Diego Chargers (14) – They need a lot of things to break right for them to make the playoffs. If they make it, they could be trouble for other teams though. They can be sneaky good.


12. New Orleans Saints (11) – Battled in a monsoon on the road and gave a good account of their D but in the end came up one stop short and lost a close one.


13. Baltimore Ravens (4) – That ugly loss makes it now unlikely they can make the playoffs but with D playing like that they don’t look like they deserve to.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (15) – They beat the Pack and for that I am grateful (being a BEARS Fan and all). A touch controversial ending but I am not surprised that it appears bungled officiating has reared it’s too often ugly head again this season.


15. St. Louis Rams (16) – Another great D performance and solid running game to win a game in convincing fashion.


16. Chicago BEARS (13) – Before the game starts two of their rivals lose and all they have to do is gut out a win at home and win the division. What do they do? Mail it in, play with no effort and get slaughtered to set up a must win in Green Bay for the division. Enjoy not playing football in January as they never win that game.


17. Dallas Cowboys (20) – They are lucky they were playing an almost historically bad defense to let them crawl away with a win. Now the ‘Boys are back in familiar win and in territory but Romo may not be there to lead them. With that D against Philly’s O, it may not matter who plays QB.


18. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) – Led most of the way and in the 4th quarter, couldn’t make the plays on D to win the game. They are a team searching for identity and need at least a QB amongst many other things.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Dominated by a strong D, never got going offensively and lost the game.


20. Detroit Lions (18) – Finally did it, they self defeated themselves out of the playoffs. Fire #HeadTHUG and try again…maybe give Stafford another $100 Million…the first $100 million didn’t take.


21.Green Bay Packers (21) – They lost the game but may yet win the division. I don’t know how the Pack fans will feel about this team making the playoffs and losing by 40 to a wild card team but that’s what awaits them if and when they beat Chicago next week.


22. Tennessee Titans (25) – Won a game with a late come from behind score. A team that I still think would have won their division easily if Jake Locker hadn’t gone down to injury. There is something good growing here in Tennessee.


23. Buffalo Bills (26) – A great D effort, Superb special teams, a great shutout win. Nicely done.


24. New York Giants (27) – Won a nice game in OT and did the league a favor by eliminated the king of Self Defeat. Good win.


25. Miami Dolphins (24) – Got shutout. No offense, no defense. Dominated and bullied but sadly through the silly tie breakers they still are favored to make the wild card. Can’t they just go away?


26. New York Jets (30) – Their best effort since the halcyon days of week 5 when they were in the wild card race.


27. Cleveland Browns (22) – Got whupped by the Jets???? OK so there are some serious problems still in Cleveland.


28. Minnesota Vikings (23) – If anyone has seen the Minnesota Vikings effort they showed in week 15 please call the Viking front office as it was sadly missing in week 16. What a crappy effort.


29. Atlanta Falcons (28) – Gave their all but lost a tough one. Been a bad year and they need to fix a lot of issues on D.


30. Washington Redskins (29) – Played a tough game and nearly won but in the end their bad D couldn’t make the stop. Who’da thunk that?


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Poor old Silver and Black. They are falling apart and although the rumors are starting to buzz, canning their Head Coach would be a mistake. As would drafting another QB. They have 2 potential franchise QBs on their roster already.


32. Houston Texans (32) – They sucked, they got blown away, they have one more game left then they can draft a franchise QB.


There you have it, as always I am thrilled to have such a loyal following of amazing football fans on my blog and I love having people just look over my analysis. I love every comment, thought, argument or agreement! I will also take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


Merry Christmas!



MR N’s #NFL Week 15 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – An amazing performance on the road by their D. This was a spectacular statement making win. Next time in New Jersey they will be battling for the Superbowl in awful weather.



2. San Francisco 49ers (5) – Toyed with Bucs and in end blew them away. Good game.


3. Carolina Panthers (6) – The Great Panther D appeared and the Offense was on point. A Super win.


4. Baltimore Ravens (9) – Simple living proof for every NFL coach…kick 3’s EVERY opportunity and you win. Gutsy win.


5. Denver Broncos (3) – Like other high speed O’s before them they were simply too tired to be effective on a short week and that meant their bad D had to cover for them…nuff said.


6. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Total offensive explosion led by an incendiary RB Charles. D ok and got lots of good turnovers but still has holes as they allowed a lot of points by Oakland.


7. Arizona Cardinals (8) – Had game in control late, played prevent D until it prevented them from winning the game in regulation. They snuck out a win in OT.


8. New England Patriots (2) – Had the lead, blew it, came back and took the lead, blew it. Got interfered with but there was no call…kismet. Oh and their D sucks.


9. Indianapolis Colts (14) – A pretty good win for a team that hadn’t won one in a decent fashion in weeks. Can they build on this as they ready for the postseason? They better hope so.


10. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – Came out flat, made key errors early, dug a huge hole and couldn’t recover. Had the chance to make a statement and show they are one of the top teams in the AFC and instead they laid an ugly nationally televised egg.


11. New Orleans Saints (4) – It keeps being said that this team is great. Not by me. Great? Fact is they suck on the road and their D is just poor.


12. Philadelphia Eagles (10) – The D was shredded and the vaunted offense couldn’t keep it up. Lucky for them Dallas sucks more and that Romo throws for the Cowboys while Foles toils for Philly.


13. Chicago BEARS (15) – Cutler started rough but the led the BEARS to a great offensive led road win. Nicely done. Tressman now looks like a genius.


14. San Diego Chargers (17) – With a great Division win they are back in the playoff hunt. Again if they were any where close to being consistent they would be in the Wild Card lead. Can they win next week?


15. Pittsburgh Steelers (19) – Amazing start, solid effort. They took a huge lead and coasted to a nice win. Too little too late for their season but nice for their fans to watch.


16. St. Louis Rams (20) – A feisty D performance that keep little Brees under pressure and they added some nice rush Offense. It was a gutsy conference win.


17. Jacksonville Jaguars (12) – The D couldn’t stop…The Bills? Yeesh. A poor effort all around.


18. Detroit Lions (13) – Self defeat finally comes home and may have just put them out of the playoffs. I said only Detroit could knock them out of the division and now they have basically done it. This time it was Stafford’s turnovers which were GOLD. Ugly loss.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) – Kept it close for 30 but couldn’t keep it up and got rolled over.


20. Dallas Cowboys (16) – Super offense, Horrible Defense and when it counted…the game was on the line…a chance to solidify a playoff chance…Tony Romo took the snap and…threw a game ending pick. Oh yeah, this guy is a HOFer lol. How ’bout D’em COWBOYS??? lol. Very typical Dez ‘The Mother Beater’ walked off the field early…the new class of the Cowboys on Nat’l TV.


21. Green Bay Packers (24) – Terrible D but one late pick by them sealed their improbable win. Solid offense albeit against a terrible D.


22. Cleveland Browns (21) – Tried hard but their D let them down and they lost another close one.


23. Minnesota Vikings (27) – An amazing performance by a team riddled with injuries. A great game but I still have no clue how they did it except I believe their opponents mailed it in.


24. Miami Dolphins (25) – Team of bullies won by the Refs letting them bully Pat receivers in the last 2 minutes. I hope they just lose out and go away.


25. Tennessee Titans (23) – Gave it their all, impressive offense but holes in their D. It was a good effort.


26. Buffalo Bills (28) – Managed to get a road win by reducing their usual self defeating mistakes. A good game.


27. New York Giants (22) – A team that paves their road to NFL losses with Golden Turnover bricks. Eli should consider walking off in to the sunset, he had a nice career. This is just very ugly.


28. Atlanta Falcons (30) – Got a win by the skin of their teeth and their D totally sucks.


29. Washington Redskins (31) – Cousins was solid as always, gutsy play and gutsy try for a win. Hey they had nothing to lose. It was a valiant effort.



30. New York Jets (26) – Geno likes Golden Turnovers, must be a New Jersey QB thing. Ugly game by them just like the Giants. Rough day for New Jersey football.


31. Oakland Raiders (29) – 7 Golden turnovers were actually the difference as they were able to put up over 30 points themselves. The turnovers allowed this to be a blowout 50 burger allowing loss.


32. Houston Texans (32) – Turnovers are gold, poor D is poison and this was another in a long string of ugly losses by the worst team in the NFL. And once again…this lineup IS NOT LOADED!


There you have it! As always I love it when someone just spends a minute skimming over my analysis! I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also gladly accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N’S #NFL Week 14 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – Played a tough game but ONE D lapse against Frank Gore cost them the game. They don’t do that at home and should be ashamed that they do that on the road.


2. New England Patriots (3) – Stifled early despite Brady reffing the game in the first quarter. (Does Tom get an extra pay packet being able to tell officials to pick up a flag thrown on his intentional grounding?). They were simply beaten by a better Cleveland team right up until the point when the officials gave NE a victory. No New England didn’t earn one.


3. Denver Broncos (4) – Started slow but then the Offense exploded and it was a 50 burger laugh-er. The D is still spotty.


4. New Orleans Saints (5) – Another Schizo team that plays great at home. Good win for them and I give them credit. I don’t think in the grand scheme this will mean a hill of beans as they will have to play on the road to make the Super Bowl and despite the laughable claim said yesterday on the NFLNetwork (‘The Saints won’t be afraid to go to Seattle in the NFC Championship Game’), if they aren’t home through NFC playoffs then they will be eliminated.


5. San Francisco 49ers (6) – A good effort on D and when it counted they made the plays on offense they had to and won the game.


6. Carolina Panthers (2) – Now the questions have to be asked…are they for real? It is one thing for the offense to stumble a bit playing in front of an imposing, loud road crowd. It is entirely another for the D to fail to live up to it’s alleged abilities. For this D to get shredded makes you go hmmmm. An odd game for the Panther D to take off. Now we have to see what they do next week and in the rematch in 2 weeks.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – Played a great game and jumped to a big lead and stayed ahead with pretty effective prevent defense (which is rarely if ever seen – effective prevent D that doesn’t prevent a team from winning).


8. Arizona Cardinals (8) – Dominated with exceptional D from start to finish. Good win and they are still ‘alive’ in the playoffs but it’s a long road for them.


9. Baltimore Ravens (9) – In a blizzard but battled and somehow pulled out a win.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (11) – Won a game in a blizzard. Really put up some amazing offense in what was ludicrous playing conditions.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (16) – Simply blew away a team that didn’t seem to be trying. A win going away.


12. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) – Another solid win. Superb start, roared out to a great lead and held on for a victory. Have won 4 of last 5 and are a team that is better than it appeared when it started 0-8. They need to build on their defense and THEY need a franchise QB.


13. Detroit Lions (13) – Showed Buffalo that Detroit is the KING of self defeating. This was Self Defeat at its best! Penalties and fumbled snaps. They are trying their best to miss the playoffs.


14. Indianapolis Colts (10) – Got buried early again and couldn’t come back against a good team. Since they backed into the playoffs this game-plan will not get them a win in the playoffs.


15. Chicago BEARS (25) – Inspired by the retirement of Ditka’s number the BEARS D showed up some and the BEARS O roared (Marshall and Jeffrey are the best WR combo since the days of Harrison/Wayne) and they whupped dem sad sack Cowboys. The prize for keeping winning and making the playoffs? Host Caro or SF in Wild Card wk 1…eek.


16. Dallas Cowboys (12) – After watching this laughable excuse for a team get it’s butt whupped (How ’bout Dem Cowboys???) it is hard to believe they still around .500 – they are the NFL’s Girl on the Hill – When they are good they are great and when they are bad they are awful.


17. San Diego Chargers (20) – Blew the doors off with great offense and good D. Too bad they are so inconsistent or they might be able to be a factor in the playoffs.


18. Tampa Buccaneers (21) – Excellent D and decent rush O and good pass O and they got a solid win at home.


19. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) -May have killed their season by failing to make the plays when they needed to.


20. St. Louis Rams (15) – Got totally manhandled, Clemens is almost lucky to have survived this mauling. They were never in it.


21. Cleveland Browns (22|) – Superb D, Campbell showed great poise and Josh Gordon may be the BEST WR in the NFL. Some call it an exciting finish and some are closer by calling it controversial. I call it crap. My view is Cleveland won and only the refs took away their victory with one bad call and a worse missed call.


22. New York Giants (18) – Never showed up. Picks are Eli’s fave type of gold. The offense was out of synch and the D was poor. An ugly game.


23. Tennessee Titans (19) – A good start on the road but Golden turnovers and D lapses and they were blown away in the end.


24. Green Bay Packers (27) – Managed to pull out a late come from behind win to keep their ever so very very very very very very very very slim playoff dreams alive.


25. Miami Dolphins (26) – Managed to play ok D and got enough points to win a road game.


26. New York Jets (28) – Somehow the Schizo Jets pulled a good game out of their a–(ok hat) and they dominated. No one can predict which Jet team appears.


27. Minnesota Vikings (23) – An ugly game played in ugly weather by an ugly team with ugly Defense.


28. Buffalo Bills (24) – EJ Manuel tossed 4 Golden picks and they were never in this game.


29. Oakland Raiders (29) – The Bad Raider D appeared and you add questionable coaching decisions and gosh…the Raiders lost! They were never really in it.


30. Atlanta Falcons (30) – Were in the game and led late but let it slip away. Not much to say except that but for some other really rotten teams this squad would be last in my power poll.


31. Washington Redskins (31) – An early aside is the report that owner Daniel Snyder has been treating RGIII as a better than the rest of the team with Snyder’s car and driver picking up RGIII’s fiancee when she’s out and about and everyone on Washington has seen this…kinda explains how the D doesn’t seem to try and the receivers drop lots thru lack of concentration…I guess the Skins don’t feel like they are on the same team as RGIII and that is all on Snyder who takes the cake for the Idiot owner of the year if not last decade and a half. As for today’s game…The team played like they didn’t care and were soundly spanked.


32. Houston Texans (32) – It is rare for a team to represent their season in it’s entirety in one sixty minute game but lo and behold Houston did it. They were steamrolled early, they showed a little heart to come back and make it closer and in the end Matt Schaub (what he was doing in the game I do not understand) threw a pick and got sacked and they lost. 11 losses in a row. Some say this team is ‘loaded’ and ‘that close’…They have some hope with Keenum but alas it appears they will draft a new franchise QB thus tossing him. Arian Foster is brittle and that’s not good for a feature back. Ben Tate is woefully inconsistent. Andre Johnson first took snaps next to Moses. DeAndre Hopkins is a bust as a young WR. TE Daniels is brittle and his backup is inconsistent. Their secondary is porous and after Watt comes a 32 year old and Cushing who is also injury prone and one more drug failure from a year suspension. Loaded??


There you have it! As always I love to just have people read my thoughts! I love every thought back, comment, agreement or argument! I will gladly accept cash…preferably tens and twenties! (that is what Sally wants from Santa!)


MR N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) -Total domination from first snap. Superb team and now they won’t face a challenge until outdoors in NYC for the Super Bowl.



2. Carolina Panthers (3) – Kind of cruised to an easy win, solid Offense – Caaaaaam really looking like a good pro QB who makes excellent decisions, great D and a great win.


3. New England Patriots (4) – Were in a tough battle for 60 and only their resilient offense was able to make up for what was a pretty horrible D to get them a win.


4. Denver Broncos (5) – D has more holes than swiss cheese but Manning scored enough to win the game. The D did amazingly make one key stop.


5. New Orleans Saints (2) – An indoor team out of it’s element and out in the elements was pummeled and pulverized up one side and down the other. This is reality for New Orleans…tough at home and utterly beatable on the road.


6. San Francisco 49ers (7) – Played a solid home game, great D and enough O and good special teams to get a nice win.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – Came off bye sluggish, had some gold turnovers early then took advantage of turnovers to pull out a nice win.


8. Arizona Cardinals (6) – Had so many gold turnovers that they had no real chance to win a game they could have.


9. Baltimore Ravens (12) – Played an ugly game but came out on the right side of a close game and got a win.


10. Indianapolis Colts (13) – Another poor start (this will doom them if they manage to crawl into the playoffs) and another nice comeback win.


11. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – The fact that they slid by with a 3 point win when they were on the receiving end of countless golden turnovers…hmmm. They are either not that good or as bad as I thought they were to be.


12. Dallas Cowboys (15) – Ugly start then Romo got it together a they pulled out a win…(it does not mean they are ELITE for Gawd’s sake)


13. Detroit Lions (16) – The Lions played their typical turnover filled, cheap shot filled game but rolled over a bad Pack.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (9) – Struggled mightily on Offense, D and Special Teams and in the end they were just that short of possible overtime game shot.


15. St. Louis Rams (10) – Got taken down by a fierce D. The Off never got on track. They simply got beat.


16. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Just the great bad Chief D. Their Offense now is all they have and from the last 2 losses that shows what that is worth to KC. They will be lucky to finish 9-7 this year.


17. Jacksonville Jaguars (19) – An amazing effort and with risk taking offense and decent playing D they got a fun win.


18. New York Giants (21) – Trailed and look porous on D and proved turnovers were gold…then a late surge and somehow they won a controversial finish.


19. Tennessee Titans (17) – The D played very well but in the end the Off just couldn’t get it done when they had the chance.


20. San Diego Chargers (18) – Offense never able to move the ball, played a mistake filled, gold turnover filled game that was in the end an ugly loss.


21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24) – Were battered (probably dusted in flour, dipped in eggwash and then rolled in seasoned panko) from start to finish and never had a chance.


22. Cleveland Browns (26) – Spectacular Offense couldn’t overcome bad plays by their Defense in a tough loss.


23. Minnesota Vikings (29) – Had a great rushing offense, kind of spotty D and ended up with a fairly lucky, meaningless home win.


24. Buffalo Bills (22) – Had every opportunity to win but proved again that turnovers are gold. Their Rookie QB threw a great pass to set up a late win but it was fumbled by the #1 WR then he threw a great pass to set up an OT win but it was fumbled by the #1 TE. They could teach Detroit ways to self defeat.


25. Chicago BEARS (20) – Gave a good effort but key errors on Offense, Def and Spec. teams cost them the win and probably their season.


26. Miami Dolphins (27) – Won a game going away and I wish they just would.


27. Green Bay Packers (23) – The Packer offense was completely moribund – for almost the whole game they managed only about 75 fricking yards??? Horrible.


28. New York Jets (25) – Geno Smith singlehandedly lost the game. He is beyond having rookie games. He is having horrible games and in NYC that can be killer for a young QB.


29. Oakland Raiders (28) – D played pretty well in the first half and they took a good lead but the team got tired and they lost.


30. Atlanta Falcons (32) – Played their typical poor game but had decent D and pulled out a meaningless win in a foreign country.


31. Washington Redskins (30) – Good game for 30 minutes, poor game for 30. RGIII good but again he doesn’t play D and neither does anyone on Washington.


32. Houston Texans (31) – Gave their all on offense but spotty and inconsistent D put them down for the count in a game they could have won.


There you have it! As always I love it when people take the time read my analysis. I love all thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements and will happily accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!

I send to hey out to all the great people reading this on my blog!