MR N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) -Total domination from first snap. Superb team and now they won’t face a challenge until outdoors in NYC for the Super Bowl.



2. Carolina Panthers (3) – Kind of cruised to an easy win, solid Offense – Caaaaaam really looking like a good pro QB who makes excellent decisions, great D and a great win.


3. New England Patriots (4) – Were in a tough battle for 60 and only their resilient offense was able to make up for what was a pretty horrible D to get them a win.


4. Denver Broncos (5) – D has more holes than swiss cheese but Manning scored enough to win the game. The D did amazingly make one key stop.


5. New Orleans Saints (2) – An indoor team out of it’s element and out in the elements was pummeled and pulverized up one side and down the other. This is reality for New Orleans…tough at home and utterly beatable on the road.


6. San Francisco 49ers (7) – Played a solid home game, great D and enough O and good special teams to get a nice win.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – Came off bye sluggish, had some gold turnovers early then took advantage of turnovers to pull out a nice win.


8. Arizona Cardinals (6) – Had so many gold turnovers that they had no real chance to win a game they could have.


9. Baltimore Ravens (12) – Played an ugly game but came out on the right side of a close game and got a win.


10. Indianapolis Colts (13) – Another poor start (this will doom them if they manage to crawl into the playoffs) and another nice comeback win.


11. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – The fact that they slid by with a 3 point win when they were on the receiving end of countless golden turnovers…hmmm. They are either not that good or as bad as I thought they were to be.


12. Dallas Cowboys (15) – Ugly start then Romo got it together a they pulled out a win…(it does not mean they are ELITE for Gawd’s sake)


13. Detroit Lions (16) – The Lions played their typical turnover filled, cheap shot filled game but rolled over a bad Pack.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (9) – Struggled mightily on Offense, D and Special Teams and in the end they were just that short of possible overtime game shot.


15. St. Louis Rams (10) – Got taken down by a fierce D. The Off never got on track. They simply got beat.


16. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Just the great bad Chief D. Their Offense now is all they have and from the last 2 losses that shows what that is worth to KC. They will be lucky to finish 9-7 this year.


17. Jacksonville Jaguars (19) – An amazing effort and with risk taking offense and decent playing D they got a fun win.


18. New York Giants (21) – Trailed and look porous on D and proved turnovers were gold…then a late surge and somehow they won a controversial finish.


19. Tennessee Titans (17) – The D played very well but in the end the Off just couldn’t get it done when they had the chance.


20. San Diego Chargers (18) – Offense never able to move the ball, played a mistake filled, gold turnover filled game that was in the end an ugly loss.


21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24) – Were battered (probably dusted in flour, dipped in eggwash and then rolled in seasoned panko) from start to finish and never had a chance.


22. Cleveland Browns (26) – Spectacular Offense couldn’t overcome bad plays by their Defense in a tough loss.


23. Minnesota Vikings (29) – Had a great rushing offense, kind of spotty D and ended up with a fairly lucky, meaningless home win.


24. Buffalo Bills (22) – Had every opportunity to win but proved again that turnovers are gold. Their Rookie QB threw a great pass to set up a late win but it was fumbled by the #1 WR then he threw a great pass to set up an OT win but it was fumbled by the #1 TE. They could teach Detroit ways to self defeat.


25. Chicago BEARS (20) – Gave a good effort but key errors on Offense, Def and Spec. teams cost them the win and probably their season.


26. Miami Dolphins (27) – Won a game going away and I wish they just would.


27. Green Bay Packers (23) – The Packer offense was completely moribund – for almost the whole game they managed only about 75 fricking yards??? Horrible.


28. New York Jets (25) – Geno Smith singlehandedly lost the game. He is beyond having rookie games. He is having horrible games and in NYC that can be killer for a young QB.


29. Oakland Raiders (28) – D played pretty well in the first half and they took a good lead but the team got tired and they lost.


30. Atlanta Falcons (32) – Played their typical poor game but had decent D and pulled out a meaningless win in a foreign country.


31. Washington Redskins (30) – Good game for 30 minutes, poor game for 30. RGIII good but again he doesn’t play D and neither does anyone on Washington.


32. Houston Texans (31) – Gave their all on offense but spotty and inconsistent D put them down for the count in a game they could have won.


There you have it! As always I love it when people take the time read my analysis. I love all thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements and will happily accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!

I send to hey out to all the great people reading this on my blog!




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