MR N’S #NFL Week 14 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – Played a tough game but ONE D lapse against Frank Gore cost them the game. They don’t do that at home and should be ashamed that they do that on the road.


2. New England Patriots (3) – Stifled early despite Brady reffing the game in the first quarter. (Does Tom get an extra pay packet being able to tell officials to pick up a flag thrown on his intentional grounding?). They were simply beaten by a better Cleveland team right up until the point when the officials gave NE a victory. No New England didn’t earn one.


3. Denver Broncos (4) – Started slow but then the Offense exploded and it was a 50 burger laugh-er. The D is still spotty.


4. New Orleans Saints (5) – Another Schizo team that plays great at home. Good win for them and I give them credit. I don’t think in the grand scheme this will mean a hill of beans as they will have to play on the road to make the Super Bowl and despite the laughable claim said yesterday on the NFLNetwork (‘The Saints won’t be afraid to go to Seattle in the NFC Championship Game’), if they aren’t home through NFC playoffs then they will be eliminated.


5. San Francisco 49ers (6) – A good effort on D and when it counted they made the plays on offense they had to and won the game.


6. Carolina Panthers (2) – Now the questions have to be asked…are they for real? It is one thing for the offense to stumble a bit playing in front of an imposing, loud road crowd. It is entirely another for the D to fail to live up to it’s alleged abilities. For this D to get shredded makes you go hmmmm. An odd game for the Panther D to take off. Now we have to see what they do next week and in the rematch in 2 weeks.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – Played a great game and jumped to a big lead and stayed ahead with pretty effective prevent defense (which is rarely if ever seen – effective prevent D that doesn’t prevent a team from winning).


8. Arizona Cardinals (8) – Dominated with exceptional D from start to finish. Good win and they are still ‘alive’ in the playoffs but it’s a long road for them.


9. Baltimore Ravens (9) – In a blizzard but battled and somehow pulled out a win.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (11) – Won a game in a blizzard. Really put up some amazing offense in what was ludicrous playing conditions.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (16) – Simply blew away a team that didn’t seem to be trying. A win going away.


12. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) – Another solid win. Superb start, roared out to a great lead and held on for a victory. Have won 4 of last 5 and are a team that is better than it appeared when it started 0-8. They need to build on their defense and THEY need a franchise QB.


13. Detroit Lions (13) – Showed Buffalo that Detroit is the KING of self defeating. This was Self Defeat at its best! Penalties and fumbled snaps. They are trying their best to miss the playoffs.


14. Indianapolis Colts (10) – Got buried early again and couldn’t come back against a good team. Since they backed into the playoffs this game-plan will not get them a win in the playoffs.


15. Chicago BEARS (25) – Inspired by the retirement of Ditka’s number the BEARS D showed up some and the BEARS O roared (Marshall and Jeffrey are the best WR combo since the days of Harrison/Wayne) and they whupped dem sad sack Cowboys. The prize for keeping winning and making the playoffs? Host Caro or SF in Wild Card wk 1…eek.


16. Dallas Cowboys (12) – After watching this laughable excuse for a team get it’s butt whupped (How ’bout Dem Cowboys???) it is hard to believe they still around .500 – they are the NFL’s Girl on the Hill – When they are good they are great and when they are bad they are awful.


17. San Diego Chargers (20) – Blew the doors off with great offense and good D. Too bad they are so inconsistent or they might be able to be a factor in the playoffs.


18. Tampa Buccaneers (21) – Excellent D and decent rush O and good pass O and they got a solid win at home.


19. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) -May have killed their season by failing to make the plays when they needed to.


20. St. Louis Rams (15) – Got totally manhandled, Clemens is almost lucky to have survived this mauling. They were never in it.


21. Cleveland Browns (22|) – Superb D, Campbell showed great poise and Josh Gordon may be the BEST WR in the NFL. Some call it an exciting finish and some are closer by calling it controversial. I call it crap. My view is Cleveland won and only the refs took away their victory with one bad call and a worse missed call.


22. New York Giants (18) – Never showed up. Picks are Eli’s fave type of gold. The offense was out of synch and the D was poor. An ugly game.


23. Tennessee Titans (19) – A good start on the road but Golden turnovers and D lapses and they were blown away in the end.


24. Green Bay Packers (27) – Managed to pull out a late come from behind win to keep their ever so very very very very very very very very slim playoff dreams alive.


25. Miami Dolphins (26) – Managed to play ok D and got enough points to win a road game.


26. New York Jets (28) – Somehow the Schizo Jets pulled a good game out of their a–(ok hat) and they dominated. No one can predict which Jet team appears.


27. Minnesota Vikings (23) – An ugly game played in ugly weather by an ugly team with ugly Defense.


28. Buffalo Bills (24) – EJ Manuel tossed 4 Golden picks and they were never in this game.


29. Oakland Raiders (29) – The Bad Raider D appeared and you add questionable coaching decisions and gosh…the Raiders lost! They were never really in it.


30. Atlanta Falcons (30) – Were in the game and led late but let it slip away. Not much to say except that but for some other really rotten teams this squad would be last in my power poll.


31. Washington Redskins (31) – An early aside is the report that owner Daniel Snyder has been treating RGIII as a better than the rest of the team with Snyder’s car and driver picking up RGIII’s fiancee when she’s out and about and everyone on Washington has seen this…kinda explains how the D doesn’t seem to try and the receivers drop lots thru lack of concentration…I guess the Skins don’t feel like they are on the same team as RGIII and that is all on Snyder who takes the cake for the Idiot owner of the year if not last decade and a half. As for today’s game…The team played like they didn’t care and were soundly spanked.


32. Houston Texans (32) – It is rare for a team to represent their season in it’s entirety in one sixty minute game but lo and behold Houston did it. They were steamrolled early, they showed a little heart to come back and make it closer and in the end Matt Schaub (what he was doing in the game I do not understand) threw a pick and got sacked and they lost. 11 losses in a row. Some say this team is ‘loaded’ and ‘that close’…They have some hope with Keenum but alas it appears they will draft a new franchise QB thus tossing him. Arian Foster is brittle and that’s not good for a feature back. Ben Tate is woefully inconsistent. Andre Johnson first took snaps next to Moses. DeAndre Hopkins is a bust as a young WR. TE Daniels is brittle and his backup is inconsistent. Their secondary is porous and after Watt comes a 32 year old and Cushing who is also injury prone and one more drug failure from a year suspension. Loaded??


There you have it! As always I love to just have people read my thoughts! I love every thought back, comment, agreement or argument! I will gladly accept cash…preferably tens and twenties! (that is what Sally wants from Santa!)



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