MR N’s #NFL Week 15 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – An amazing performance on the road by their D. This was a spectacular statement making win. Next time in New Jersey they will be battling for the Superbowl in awful weather.



2. San Francisco 49ers (5) – Toyed with Bucs and in end blew them away. Good game.


3. Carolina Panthers (6) – The Great Panther D appeared and the Offense was on point. A Super win.


4. Baltimore Ravens (9) – Simple living proof for every NFL coach…kick 3’s EVERY opportunity and you win. Gutsy win.


5. Denver Broncos (3) – Like other high speed O’s before them they were simply too tired to be effective on a short week and that meant their bad D had to cover for them…nuff said.


6. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Total offensive explosion led by an incendiary RB Charles. D ok and got lots of good turnovers but still has holes as they allowed a lot of points by Oakland.


7. Arizona Cardinals (8) – Had game in control late, played prevent D until it prevented them from winning the game in regulation. They snuck out a win in OT.


8. New England Patriots (2) – Had the lead, blew it, came back and took the lead, blew it. Got interfered with but there was no call…kismet. Oh and their D sucks.


9. Indianapolis Colts (14) – A pretty good win for a team that hadn’t won one in a decent fashion in weeks. Can they build on this as they ready for the postseason? They better hope so.


10. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – Came out flat, made key errors early, dug a huge hole and couldn’t recover. Had the chance to make a statement and show they are one of the top teams in the AFC and instead they laid an ugly nationally televised egg.


11. New Orleans Saints (4) – It keeps being said that this team is great. Not by me. Great? Fact is they suck on the road and their D is just poor.


12. Philadelphia Eagles (10) – The D was shredded and the vaunted offense couldn’t keep it up. Lucky for them Dallas sucks more and that Romo throws for the Cowboys while Foles toils for Philly.


13. Chicago BEARS (15) – Cutler started rough but the led the BEARS to a great offensive led road win. Nicely done. Tressman now looks like a genius.


14. San Diego Chargers (17) – With a great Division win they are back in the playoff hunt. Again if they were any where close to being consistent they would be in the Wild Card lead. Can they win next week?


15. Pittsburgh Steelers (19) – Amazing start, solid effort. They took a huge lead and coasted to a nice win. Too little too late for their season but nice for their fans to watch.


16. St. Louis Rams (20) – A feisty D performance that keep little Brees under pressure and they added some nice rush Offense. It was a gutsy conference win.


17. Jacksonville Jaguars (12) – The D couldn’t stop…The Bills? Yeesh. A poor effort all around.


18. Detroit Lions (13) – Self defeat finally comes home and may have just put them out of the playoffs. I said only Detroit could knock them out of the division and now they have basically done it. This time it was Stafford’s turnovers which were GOLD. Ugly loss.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) – Kept it close for 30 but couldn’t keep it up and got rolled over.


20. Dallas Cowboys (16) – Super offense, Horrible Defense and when it counted…the game was on the line…a chance to solidify a playoff chance…Tony Romo took the snap and…threw a game ending pick. Oh yeah, this guy is a HOFer lol. How ’bout D’em COWBOYS??? lol. Very typical Dez ‘The Mother Beater’ walked off the field early…the new class of the Cowboys on Nat’l TV.


21. Green Bay Packers (24) – Terrible D but one late pick by them sealed their improbable win. Solid offense albeit against a terrible D.


22. Cleveland Browns (21) – Tried hard but their D let them down and they lost another close one.


23. Minnesota Vikings (27) – An amazing performance by a team riddled with injuries. A great game but I still have no clue how they did it except I believe their opponents mailed it in.


24. Miami Dolphins (25) – Team of bullies won by the Refs letting them bully Pat receivers in the last 2 minutes. I hope they just lose out and go away.


25. Tennessee Titans (23) – Gave it their all, impressive offense but holes in their D. It was a good effort.


26. Buffalo Bills (28) – Managed to get a road win by reducing their usual self defeating mistakes. A good game.


27. New York Giants (22) – A team that paves their road to NFL losses with Golden Turnover bricks. Eli should consider walking off in to the sunset, he had a nice career. This is just very ugly.


28. Atlanta Falcons (30) – Got a win by the skin of their teeth and their D totally sucks.


29. Washington Redskins (31) – Cousins was solid as always, gutsy play and gutsy try for a win. Hey they had nothing to lose. It was a valiant effort.



30. New York Jets (26) – Geno likes Golden Turnovers, must be a New Jersey QB thing. Ugly game by them just like the Giants. Rough day for New Jersey football.


31. Oakland Raiders (29) – 7 Golden turnovers were actually the difference as they were able to put up over 30 points themselves. The turnovers allowed this to be a blowout 50 burger allowing loss.


32. Houston Texans (32) – Turnovers are gold, poor D is poison and this was another in a long string of ugly losses by the worst team in the NFL. And once again…this lineup IS NOT LOADED!


There you have it! As always I love it when someone just spends a minute skimming over my analysis! I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also gladly accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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