MR N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Carolina Panthers (3) – Showed heart and guts to pull out a miserable weather affected home win against an intense rival and may have just set themselves up to be home field advantage through the playoffs.


2. San Francisco 49ers (2) – Won a game with outstanding O for a change. A team on a roll as the playoffs approach.


3.Seattle Seahawks (1) – They can’t keep losing and expect to remain the top team. What the heck was that? They play like that in the playoffs and they will be one and done.


4. Denver Broncos (5) – Won a game in a walk. Blew away a bad team and set a record to boot that may stand for at least a season in the pinball league that passes for the NFL these days.


5. New England Patriots (8) – Completely destroyed a team they never destroy. With limited play makers. I can’t figure this team out. They could be the least talented Pat team since the one that won it’s first Superbowl over the Rams. Won’t be super surprised if this group of raggamuffins wins the big game in February of 2014 and they won’t be close to being the best team in the NFL if they do.


6. Indianapolis Colts (9) – Destroyed the Chiefs and I never expected that. That is 2 great games in a row and by definition they are peaking at the right time.


7.Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Won a spectacular win in blowout fashion and dominated when they had to. Can they do this in the playoffs?


8. Arizona Cardinals (7) – Won an incredible win on the road and are destined to likely be the BEST team in the NFL to not make the playoffs. It would be more fair if the Cards were given a spot over either the winner of the NFC North or East. At least Arizona would have a shot in the wild card round.


9. Philadelphia Eagles (12) – Won in incredibly dominating fashion and one wonders if they should have saved some of that for week 17’s battle?


10. Kansas City Chiefs (6) – Got totally schooled by the Colts and now you have to again seriously question if they are not just one and done come wild card weekend.


11. San Diego Chargers (14) – They need a lot of things to break right for them to make the playoffs. If they make it, they could be trouble for other teams though. They can be sneaky good.


12. New Orleans Saints (11) – Battled in a monsoon on the road and gave a good account of their D but in the end came up one stop short and lost a close one.


13. Baltimore Ravens (4) – That ugly loss makes it now unlikely they can make the playoffs but with D playing like that they don’t look like they deserve to.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (15) – They beat the Pack and for that I am grateful (being a BEARS Fan and all). A touch controversial ending but I am not surprised that it appears bungled officiating has reared it’s too often ugly head again this season.


15. St. Louis Rams (16) – Another great D performance and solid running game to win a game in convincing fashion.


16. Chicago BEARS (13) – Before the game starts two of their rivals lose and all they have to do is gut out a win at home and win the division. What do they do? Mail it in, play with no effort and get slaughtered to set up a must win in Green Bay for the division. Enjoy not playing football in January as they never win that game.


17. Dallas Cowboys (20) – They are lucky they were playing an almost historically bad defense to let them crawl away with a win. Now the ‘Boys are back in familiar win and in territory but Romo may not be there to lead them. With that D against Philly’s O, it may not matter who plays QB.


18. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) – Led most of the way and in the 4th quarter, couldn’t make the plays on D to win the game. They are a team searching for identity and need at least a QB amongst many other things.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Dominated by a strong D, never got going offensively and lost the game.


20. Detroit Lions (18) – Finally did it, they self defeated themselves out of the playoffs. Fire #HeadTHUG and try again…maybe give Stafford another $100 Million…the first $100 million didn’t take.


21.Green Bay Packers (21) – They lost the game but may yet win the division. I don’t know how the Pack fans will feel about this team making the playoffs and losing by 40 to a wild card team but that’s what awaits them if and when they beat Chicago next week.


22. Tennessee Titans (25) – Won a game with a late come from behind score. A team that I still think would have won their division easily if Jake Locker hadn’t gone down to injury. There is something good growing here in Tennessee.


23. Buffalo Bills (26) – A great D effort, Superb special teams, a great shutout win. Nicely done.


24. New York Giants (27) – Won a nice game in OT and did the league a favor by eliminated the king of Self Defeat. Good win.


25. Miami Dolphins (24) – Got shutout. No offense, no defense. Dominated and bullied but sadly through the silly tie breakers they still are favored to make the wild card. Can’t they just go away?


26. New York Jets (30) – Their best effort since the halcyon days of week 5 when they were in the wild card race.


27. Cleveland Browns (22) – Got whupped by the Jets???? OK so there are some serious problems still in Cleveland.


28. Minnesota Vikings (23) – If anyone has seen the Minnesota Vikings effort they showed in week 15 please call the Viking front office as it was sadly missing in week 16. What a crappy effort.


29. Atlanta Falcons (28) – Gave their all but lost a tough one. Been a bad year and they need to fix a lot of issues on D.


30. Washington Redskins (29) – Played a tough game and nearly won but in the end their bad D couldn’t make the stop. Who’da thunk that?


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Poor old Silver and Black. They are falling apart and although the rumors are starting to buzz, canning their Head Coach would be a mistake. As would drafting another QB. They have 2 potential franchise QBs on their roster already.


32. Houston Texans (32) – They sucked, they got blown away, they have one more game left then they can draft a franchise QB.


There you have it, as always I am thrilled to have such a loyal following of amazing football fans on my blog and I love having people just look over my analysis. I love every comment, thought, argument or agreement! I will also take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


Merry Christmas!




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