MR N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (3) – Solid, classy, a good home win to end their year. Now it is two home wins and Super Bowl. If they can simply be the consistent team that played at home most of the year I doubt they can be beaten by anyone in the NFC now.



2. Carolina Panthers (2) – Seemed to come out flat, D then stiffened and Caaaaaaam was amazing with his control and play selection. They got it done and it was a good win and now they get a bye and are a tough match up to face in the Division round.


3.San Francisco 49ers (1) – Played an ok game, had great D and won it when it counted. Will be interesting to see if they can perform well in the playoffs on the road.


4. Denver Broncos (4) – Manning torched the opposition at will and then they coasted to an easy win. Now they get a week to gear up to see if they can make it to NYC.


5. New England Patriots (5) – Never in doubt. Now they have a bye and this team is sneaky good so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them in the AFC Championship game.


6. Indianapolis Colts (6) – A third solid game in a row. They may be ready to be a force in the playoffs. Their D seems to be on point and their O is hitting a stride again. Will be interesting to see how they fare against KC.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – A solid D performance that masked a turnover filled O performance. They won their division going away but doubts remain about the performance ability of Dalton in the playoffs and we will see how he fares next week.


8. San Diego Chargers (11) – A gusty OT win in a game in which they were nearly embarrassed by special teamers. They better try harder for 60 to be able to compete in the playoffs.


9. New Orleans Saints (12) – Superb offense gave them their playoff ticket. Now they have to try and win on the road in the playoffs. It will be a tough thing for this bi-polar team.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (9) – They got a win in a game which they played some of the worst O line and D I have ever witnessed. How this team rips some and gets ripped may be their undoing against New Orleans. They can be good or terrible but they are better than Dallas.


11. Kansas City Chiefs (10) – A team of backups nearly won a meaningless game for the team. It would be good if their starters played this hard next week when the playoffs start. This game could prove beneficial as now their backups feel ready to play in case someone goes down. Backup QB Chase Daniels may be the most valuable member of the team aside from Charles at RB.


12. Green Bay Packers (21) -Rodgers and Cobb were the difference in a close game. Their O scored just enough and their poor D was able to make one key stop. Can they channel their inner whatever to make them a danger in the playoffs? They might win one but I don’t see them surviving a game in Seattle or Carolina.


13. Arizona Cardinals (8) – D was flat early but the Off came together late to make it a game but in the end they are just a team that is THAT close to playoffs. They could win their division next year. They are that good.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) – Gave their all, veterans know how to perform late in the year when it is on the line. They did all they could to give themselves a shot at the playoffs. Good try. They need to get younger on D in a big way and they need to draft a new QB, Big Ben is Big Old and Battered. Need more help on O too. Rebuild time.


15. Baltimore Ravens (13) – When it came down to it, Flacco proved that turnovers are gold and he can throw picks with the worst of them. An ugly end to a pretty ugly year. They need WR help, and to try to build on what they have on hand…close but not elite by a long shot.


16. Tennessee Titans (22) – A solid performance that will hopefully put and end to the spurious talk that Munchak should be fired…he didn’t hurt Locker and that was what killed this team’s year. All they need to do now is get their QB healthy, draft solidly, add one or two players and they will be wild card at least next season.


17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – How ’bout ‘Dem Cowboys? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team in the NFC. So much fun to continue to watch Jerry Jones celebrate wildly during games he eventually loses. Smart owners celebrate after a win not after a first down. This team needs a QB, needs a RB who isn’t fragile or a fumbler, needs a WR who is a talent but not a mother beater. Their secondary is horrible. They are lucky Washington and NYG are in their division so they may yet finish 2nd again next year but out of the playoffs. Fire Garrett.


18. St. Louis Rams (15) – Shockingly undisciplined and mistake filled game. A good year of promise ends on a very sour note. They need to decide pretty quick if Bradford is their future or was he a flop. Do they give him zillions or draft a new one and kind of start fresh? They need help at WR too and another left tackle might help Bradford too.


19. Chicago BEARS (16) – Off did all it reasonably could to win the game but the D just isn’t good enough to be playoff capable. They face a ton of contract issues that could and likely will gut this team. They were good enough to be a serious playoff contender but the mass injuries destroyed their D. This may not even be a top 25 team with all the players they can’t re-sign.


20. New York Giants (24) – A sad sack Giant team that pulled out a win for the gipper and for their old coach. They must rebuild. They need a new QB to get ready behind a massively aged Eli and they need to inject talent to a horrible O line and need to add talent to the missing link of a secondary. Years away from playoffs.


21. Buffalo Bills (23) – In a veritable monsoon Buffalo tried but failed. They still need to build on their foundations and are likely 2 years away from contending but they are coming along.


22. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – They were a team that seemed to have started their offseason before they played their last game. Never in the game. They did play .500 in the last 8 and have some talent but desperately need a franchise QB, need talent who doesn’t use drugs at WR and need lots of help on D. Years away. If they draft Manziel they will be in a media circus of crappy QB play until 2020.


23. Minnesota Vikings (28) – A gutsy last game won in their old dome. This team needs a ton of help. There are a ton of franchise-like QBs coming available and the Vikes need to draft one. They need to get WR help, they need D help, they need O line help. Oh and can your head coach would be what I would do first thing Monday am. (written Sunday night Dec 29)


24. Detroit Lions (20) – Stafford played poorly and the D quit. The self defeaters self defeated themselves again. This team needs to can their head Thug, cut some problem players, draft character, get younger on O and try again. A team that can’t win with who they have because talent with lack of discipline/maturity is no talent at all.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Were never able to make a stop in the first half and were so far behind they could never come back. The D was destroyed and the team needs to start fresh next year. They are talented enough to even surprise some people next year. ((that they fired their coach now may set back any hope this team has for rapid improvement especially if the new guy wants his own QB))


26. New York Jets (26) – A great game by Geno Smith for a change that saved Sexy Rexy’s job and let the season end on a positive. A team that needs to cut #Buttfumble ASAP and start to move forward.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – FINALLY! This team of dysfunctional bully supporting, gang color wearing scumbags is put to rest. They have to cut management and players and work to bring some respect back to what used to be a classy organization. They should run Ireland out of town on a rail.


28. Atlanta Falcons (29) – I will give them credit for this, they have played great the last 2 weeks. It is a nice way to end a horribly disappointing season. They did everything but win. This is exemplary in how a team with a poor D that wins a lot will fare when facing a tougher schedule the next year. Atlanta needs to spend an offseason continuing to build a porous D and they need to get younger at WR and they need a new TE now and perhaps draft/sign a good backup QB…if Ryan gets hurt this team will go plop.


29. Cleveland Browns (27) – Never were in it, seemed like they were already starting their off season. The total team meltdown and anonymous bitch sessions post game are sad and that the organization is going to fire Chud who simply is guilty of being the face of botched organization decisions? An awful team can’t draft good players…that doesn’t happen and Cleveland is still YEARS away from contending.


30. Washington Redskins (30) – A monsoon ended any slim chance this bad team had of winning their last game. They need to gut the team and start again…not sure if anyone will be able to play on this team with Snyder treating RGIII better than the rest. Shanahan will be fired but who wants to coach there??? A team in super long term turmoil. Oh and this D is just horrid so draft D, draft D and then later DRAFT D.


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Were blown away from the moment the game started. The D never tried and the O didn’t offer much either until it didn’t matter. This team has some talent. It needs to add more and become more disciplined. It would be a huge mistake to tear this team down. They are on the way up.


32. Houston Texans (32) – JJ Watt and pray for rain…that is the menu for the Texans. This team is loaded…with Crap. Schaub should get a small parade on the way out of town. They need help at QB, WR, RB, TE, LB and DBs…I don’t see playoffs for this team again for at least 2 seasons.



There you have it! As always I enjoy people skimming over my analysis of the week that was and the teams that are! I love every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I would happily accept money…preferably tens and twenties!


Happy New Year to all my loyal blog followers and all my friends and family who get this weekly!


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