MR N’s #NFL Week before SuperBowl Random Thoughts‏

superbowl 2014

We are about 7 days from the Super Bowl which will arguably match the Best D versus the Best O. If there was one QB who could find and exploit openings in the Seahawk D it is Peyton Manning. If there is one D that can harass Peyton Manning with pressure, even knocking him down, and get him off his game…it’s the Seahawk D. Weather will be key. Clear, no precip…expect Manning to eventually overcome any obstacle. Windy and it will be a ground game.


That brings up the next interesting point…


Denver’s top RB Knowshon Moreno is a scat back who can also catch coming out of the backfield. He will present issues for Seattle but not anything they aren’t built to deal with. Marshawn Lynch is a #Beast. He is hard to stop and is simply a north south plower. The Denver D is built around fast linebackers who are the answer to fast RB’s like RunDMC on Oakland. They are not built to stop a bruising back and that could be a huge factor if weather has an impact on this game.


If I had to pick the game right now I would think Denver 20-17 but that could change as we get closer to game time. Those are my thoughts as of now!




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