It’s a week after SuperBowl and all through the #NFL…‏


It’s been just over 7 days since Seattle became the best and there have been several things happening in the NFL. There was a nice parade in Seattle, Peyton went and played Pro-Am golf in Cali…Chicago’s mayor thinks his town should host the draft (good idea) and the Super Bowl (bad idea). Football dodged a huge bullet with the 43 degree NYC/NJ early Feb Sunday. You try your luck playing the SuperBowl in Soldier Field and you will know cold, snow, cold, snow, snow, snow and cold.


There has been an attempt to reclaim the rep of Incognito (not going to happen here until they can explain away his attack on the golf course volunteer – that is what defines this scumbag), a football player came out and here’s hoping that will just go on past the world quickly the way having the first black QB did.


The focus now is turning to ‘what should the Texans do with #1’? Do they go QB or Clowney? Can they afford to trade the pick? The salary limits on picks make trading the high ones much easier now. If they take Clowney they could get a Bortles or such with the first pick of round 2. If they go Manziel they can’t get Clowney in round 2. Will be fun to watch.


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