MR N’s 2014 #NFL Post Combine Thoughts‏


Hey all,


Interesting weekend plus of metrics and such. Takeaways? There are a solid number of DBs, Safeties, LBs, OL and QBs available.


I have moved over to the view that Clowney is the top pick and should go make Andrew Luck scared in the AFC South. If Minnesota has Bortles fall to them then AP should be very, very happy. Overwhelmed by all the QB/DE talk this year is that there is a LT who may be better than all the LT’s drafted last year and this time he will quietly land with a team and watch out for Jake Matthews…there is a new bloodline coming. Whatever team lands Khalil Mack from Buffalo U will be extremely happy too.


My top by position:


QB – Blake Bortles

RB – Carlos Hyde

WR – Brandon Cooks

TE – Eric Ebron

OT – Jake Matthews

LB – Khalil Mack

DE – Jadeveon Clowney


Enjoy the next couple of months of pro days, paths to the draft and of course NFL Free Agency…




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