Talking #NFL QB Movement‏

This week the thoughts turn back to what the NFL revolves around…who is under center. There is a lot of talk about which QB will be drafted by who…at the same time there are a lot of QBs moving about and have already moved.

Let’s start:

– Michael Vick to NYJ – well he might have been a game changer for the Jets 5 years ago. Now you have to wonder if he can stay healthy enough to start 3 games. Further you have to wonder if the signing of him is going to ruin any slim chance Geno Smith has at NFL success. If they start Smith and he struggles for one series, the fans will be screaming for Vick. If (and when) NY benches Smith for Vick that might be the move that destroys Smith’s fragile psyche forever.

– Mark (Buttfumble) Sanchise is available. The BEARS may sign him. If they do that will not help in the creation of a safety net behind Cutler. Chicago QB backup right now looks like it will be Jordan Palmer and Mark Sanchez – wow, BEARS Fans will have to hope Cutler starts all 16.

– SF got Blaine Gabbert. He probably at this point has a 1 in 10 shot at a decent NFL career as a backup and a 9 in 10 shot at being one of the biggest washouts this side of Ryan Leaf.

– Houston got Ryan Fitzpatrick. That is a smart move and now have a talented and mature vet who can help a young drafted QB grow and keep the franchise afloat as they move forward.

– Dallas got Brandon Weeden and now they won’t have to hold their breath WHEN Romo gets hurt.

– Schaub to Oak – personally I really liked the 2 QBs they had – Pryor and McGloin – more than I do Schaub. It is possible that Schaub wants to prove he isn’t Mr. pick six but I don’t know how much I would put on that possibility occuring

That is just some of my thoughts on the NFL’s fave position.  What are yours?  I’d love to hear from you.



#NFL thoughts this week‏


Well one thing keeps coming back and keeps getting my dander up…


College teams have Pro Days during this period…Monday was Louisville, Tuesday FSU, Wednesday UCF…there are 19 school pro days over this period of 4 weeks. And a week from today, what school’s pro day is scheduled? Johnny Manziel. Not TEXAS A&M. Manziel. It is common for players to have individual pro days after the school pro days end. NOT during them. What kind of self aggrandizing stunt is it to have your pro day in the middle of school pro days? Manziel is not a university and as such, no one should attend his freak show on March 27.


What kind of a person does this? I am starting to really lean towards accepting Barry Switzer’s definition of this kid.


One other odd thing this week. Teddy Bridgewater stunk out his pro day. A major reason was his choice to throw, for basically the first time, without a glove. Who gave him that advice? He threw like a bad Mark Sanchez and his draft status is taking a major dive. He has some rebuilding to do.



#NFL Thoughts After a Couple of Free Agent Days‏


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Hey all,


tons going on, here are a few thoughts…


Martin traded to SF may give him a real shot at a solid OL career now


Byrd signing with New Orleans gets him a ton of cash and gives NO better Safeties than one year ago BUT Byrd is not the superstar safety…he can make dynamic plays but as Buffalo’s regular allowing of 30 plus points a game often showed…he is inconsistent and often over commits either for the ball or a big hit and misses.


Buffalo signing Keith Rivers is an under appreciated excellent addition to the Bills D; Corey Graham signing gives Buffalo a very good CB too


Detroit needed a WR to play off Megatron and they signed Golden Tate. Now they just need a WR to play off Megatron :=>


Good for Josh McCown for turning his 4 games in Chicago last year into millions. I hope he mentors Glennon as Glennon grows into being a superb NFL QB.


Denver has tried to sign the world to make up for the ass kicking they received in the Super Bowl. I don’t think any of the Wares, Talibs etc will be the game changer. Funny thing I saw today was the rumor they were trying to sign concession staff and parking lot attendants from New England too. lol


that’s all, there is tons more going on…feel free to comment below and add your fave or your most hated free agent move! I want to thank all the new followers who are coming to my blog, I appreciate it!


March Weekly #NFL Thoughts: March 6th

Interesting week with some roster moves going on along with pro days. Vick is no longer an Eagle. Can he still start in the NFL? He may have one year left as a starter but I think that is an even money proposition. Can’t see him being a happy vet backup to a kid anywhere. He would agitate for a starting spot.


The dumbest thing I saw recently was the Texas A&M pro day. There the 3 top A&M prospects, including Manziel, didn’t take part in their pro day. They are doing their own ‘private’ pro day 3 weeks from now. So now you are too good to take part in the combine AND your team’s pro day…you get to pick your own time? Anyone see what Coach Switzer said about Manziel? “He’s a selfish —–”




Have a great week!