#NFL Thoughts After a Couple of Free Agent Days‏


Image courtesy of http://www.nfl.com


Hey all,


tons going on, here are a few thoughts…


Martin traded to SF may give him a real shot at a solid OL career now


Byrd signing with New Orleans gets him a ton of cash and gives NO better Safeties than one year ago BUT Byrd is not the superstar safety…he can make dynamic plays but as Buffalo’s regular allowing of 30 plus points a game often showed…he is inconsistent and often over commits either for the ball or a big hit and misses.


Buffalo signing Keith Rivers is an under appreciated excellent addition to the Bills D; Corey Graham signing gives Buffalo a very good CB too


Detroit needed a WR to play off Megatron and they signed Golden Tate. Now they just need a WR to play off Megatron :=>


Good for Josh McCown for turning his 4 games in Chicago last year into millions. I hope he mentors Glennon as Glennon grows into being a superb NFL QB.


Denver has tried to sign the world to make up for the ass kicking they received in the Super Bowl. I don’t think any of the Wares, Talibs etc will be the game changer. Funny thing I saw today was the rumor they were trying to sign concession staff and parking lot attendants from New England too. lol


that’s all, there is tons more going on…feel free to comment below and add your fave or your most hated free agent move! I want to thank all the new followers who are coming to my blog, I appreciate it!



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