#NFL thoughts this week‏


Well one thing keeps coming back and keeps getting my dander up…


College teams have Pro Days during this period…Monday was Louisville, Tuesday FSU, Wednesday UCF…there are 19 school pro days over this period of 4 weeks. And a week from today, what school’s pro day is scheduled? Johnny Manziel. Not TEXAS A&M. Manziel. It is common for players to have individual pro days after the school pro days end. NOT during them. What kind of self aggrandizing stunt is it to have your pro day in the middle of school pro days? Manziel is not a university and as such, no one should attend his freak show on March 27.


What kind of a person does this? I am starting to really lean towards accepting Barry Switzer’s definition of this kid.


One other odd thing this week. Teddy Bridgewater stunk out his pro day. A major reason was his choice to throw, for basically the first time, without a glove. Who gave him that advice? He threw like a bad Mark Sanchez and his draft status is taking a major dive. He has some rebuilding to do.




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