Potential impact of DeSean Jackson in the NFC East‏

(I missed putting this out there last week…baseball started and I got caught up 🙂 )

desean jackson redskins

So DeSean is a Redskin now! Well immediately this makes the Skins so much better. RGIII will have a legit deep threat to use with his cannon arm. DeSean’s presence puts Garcon back into the #2 slot. Garcon was a mediocre top WR but he’s great as the 2. Having Jackson running routes will cause the linebackers to have to drift back off the line and that will open more holes for Alfred Morris and that is all he needs. Morris rips with 10 in the box, it will be interesting to see how he runs facing only 7.

Oh and remember how Washington has kinda bit it for a decade or so on punt returns? Well Jackson will fix that too and become a potential game breaker in that role.

This move diminishes Philadelphia talent wise in a way that will require major moves to fix. They have no one of note who can take over the #1 WR role. They either have to gamble in the draft, reach for a non-entity left over in free agency or just hope that Maclin or Cooper can take a MASSIVE step up.

I will say the circumstances surrounding DeSean’s release were muddled at best. At first it made no sense, then the whole ‘gang ties’ story angle came out and we all said ‘ah! Then the fact that he counted a $12.75 million cap hit against the Eagles…that really brought it into focus.

They cut him and saved over $5 million in cap space. It is kinda funny on a post script note to see that Jackson will count more against the Eagle cap this year than the Skins.



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