Interesting player in the draft: De’Anthony Thomas‏

Black Mamba


Saw another good ep of ‘Game Changers’ yesterday and it focused on RBs. They gave De’Anthony Thomas some love…he is known as ‘Black Mamba’ – thus named by Snoop Dogg (when he played youth football with Snoop as his coach). He is just a little fella – 5’9″ and 174lbs. He was a great offensive weapon at Oregon. The question is, will his small stature comprise the effectiveness of his skill set in the NFL? I believe it just might.

Currently Dexter McCluster plays for KC and he can make the odd amazing play but more often than not he is unable to get free from larger defenders to be a dangerous weapon.

In the past we can see the story of Henry ‘Gizmo’ Williams. A little guy (who Reggie White himself named ‘Gizmo’) who was the a great WR in the CFL and arguably the best kick returner ever in that game. He played 16 years in the CFL. He played about 8 games in the NFL and washed out. He was too small for the NFL.

I hope that Thomas is able to break free of the mold and make himself the first little guy in a very long time who can be a constant dangerous weapon for an NFL offense but it will be something to watch.

MR N 🙂


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