MR N’s #NFL Draft Round 1‏

  1. Houston Texans – the selection of JaDeveon Clowney DE is a superb pick. He makes a tough Texan D insanely tough and you put him opposite JJ Watt and watch QBs they face just cringe. Tremendous A++ pick.
  2. St. Louis Rams – the selection of Greg Robinson T is a good pick. He will in theory provide the big body they need to help solidify a weak Offensive line. I probably would have gone Bloodline2 but we will just see if this big guy can hold up the pass rush from Zona, SF and Sea. B
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars – the selection of Blake Bortles QB is a surprising but excellent pick. Bortles will be a superb QB in the NFL. He may need to learn behind some sort of no account but he has the arm and talent to be a star in the NFL and I think a lot of teams just tore up their draft cards. A
  4. Cleveland Browns – have traded their pick to Buffalo – Buffalo Bills – the selection of Sammy Watkins WR is an interesting pick. He is by far the best WR available and this will make Buffalo better. It means a superb LT and LB are sliding and that makes teams below very happy. A good pick but a ton to give up to get him. I won’t know if it will be worth it until we see a year or two of him. A
  5. Oakland Raiders – the selection of Khalil Mack LB is a fantastic pick for Oakland. He is a force and will be making Oakland’s D a D that could actually pressure a QB like Rivers or Manning. The Raiders need a lot of help but he will certainly be the building block for the Silver and Black. A+
  6. Atlanta Falcons – the selection of Jake Matthews T is a great pick. He will give Atlanta the best LT they have had, I believe, since the 90’s. He is just going to make Matt Ryan an even more dangerous QB and will help a spotty effective Falcon running game. Bloodline2. A++
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – the selection of Mike Evans WR is a predictable pick as it seemed like TB had the hots for him. I am certainly not sure he is as good as people say for the simple reason he got a lot of stuff from crazy Manziel passes. He will need to show he can do it in the NFL. B
  8. Minnesota Vikings – have traded their pick to Cleveland – Cleveland Browns – the selection of Justin Gilbert CB is a super pick. This kid can give Cleveland 2 people who can play DB and that means they might be able to stop being ripped every time a QB drops back against them. Happiest guy is Joe Haden who stops being the lonely man on the hill. A very good pick and will be a day one starter and he could be a shutdown corner. A
  9. Minnesota Vikings – the selection of Anthony Barr LB is a gutsy pick for Minnesota but with the loss of the Rhinestone Cowboy they need a rushing defender and this kid will get better with time. In 2 years he could be the best linebacker in the NFL. A
  10. Detroit Lions – the selection of Eric Ebron TE is a solid pick for a Lion team that needs help. I hope he can be a better TE than the last few they have just drafted. They may have to cut someone because they had a lot of TE’s on the team already. Will be a skilled receiver, can he block? No one else does on TE in Detroit anyway. B
  11. Tennessee Titans – the selection of Taylor Lewan T is a very good pick. The Titans may just be smart enough to realize that Jake Locker is their franchise QB and now adding Lewan to the offseason freeagent of Mike Oher…wow, that good O line may just be great now. A
  12. The New York Giants – the selection of Odell Beckham jr WR is a good pick. The G men may have taken him to ensure he didn’t get to Philadelphia. He will give NYG a kick return game they have lacked for years. Eli is getting ancient but a new good WR can’t hurt his game. Good pick. B+
  13. St. Louis Rams – the selection of Aaron Donald DT is making a depth of riches on the D line insane. Now that pass rush can win even more games. He should make their line unstoppable. For a 2nd 1st round pick it is exceptional. B++
  14. Chicago Bears – the selection of Kyle Fuller DB is a great pick for Chicago. That was a huge need. The BEARS are old and oft beaten in the secondary and Fuller will be a huge upgrade and they might actually stop a Packer receiver from getting 37 on a 4th and 34. Good pick. A
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers – the selection of Ryan Shazier LB. Ok this is the first pick that is causing me to head scratch. There were 2 great Safeties and more than a few good DBs and they went LB. They have a secondary who are all members of AARP and this is nice but it doesn’t help their glaring holes. A miss. C-
  16. Dallas Cowboys – the selection of Zack Martin G. Hmmm. An offensive lineman to a team that needs a huge upgrade at all parts of the secondary. There are 2 Safeties falling who will be superb late first round picks. He will help protect Romo from sacks but he can’t help Romo from being Romo so this is no great pick. C+
  17. Baltimore Ravens – the selection of C.J. Mosely LB is a solid pick. They have not been able to replace Ray Lewis but this kid may finally do the job. He could quickly become a QB for the D and be the leader they have lacked. A nice pick for a team that seems to make only nice picks. B++
  18. New York Jets – the selection of Calvin Pryor S is a great pick. Pryor is going to give the Jets a solid run stopping tackler, he can cover, he can hit and he can HIT. The Jets needed help in the secondary and this kid is going to make them better. Very good pick especially for this stage of the first. A
  19. Miami Dolphins – the selection of Ja’Wuan James T is an interesting pick. Here’s hoping this kid is a tough 6’6” so he can survive the bullying atmosphere led by gang banger punk Pouncey. A team of ugliness and they just might be better but I need to see a lot of changes still to the atmosphere for me to cheer for them. C
  20. Arizona Cardinals – trade their pick to New Orleans – New Orleans Saints – the selection of Brandon Cooks WR is a very good pick and a solid reason to trade up. He is super fast, super route runner and a weapon in the kick return game. Brees will be able to make noise with this burner. Solid pick. They need DB help but they can try to just outscore people like usual. A
  21. Green Bay Packers – the selection of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix S is a great pick for GB. As a Bear fan it makes me sad that they picked up such a great D improvement this late in the first. They just got better and that is not good for the rest of the NFC North. A
  22. Philadelphia Eagles – trade their pick to Cleveland – Cleveland Browns – the selection of Johnny Manziel was exactly what I thought they would do. I can’t tell if this kid will be any good at all but Cleveland isn’t so this is a bit of a match made in Cleveland. They literally have nothing to lose and they can’t get much worse than they are so this pick is a worthy shot for a crappy team. Hell if I am them, I start him too. B
  23. Kansas City Chiefs – the selection of Dee Ford DE is an interesting pick but this might be a reach. Does KC need an edge rusher? They have strength at DE and depth there too. I think they needed to get someone like WR Lee not DE Dee. I call this Miss#2. C-
  24. Cincinnati Bengals – the selection of Darqueze Dennard CB is a fantastic pick for this late in the first. Will quickly become a starter in Cincy and make their strong D even stronger. Brilliant pick and they didn’t have to even trade up to get him. A+
  25. San Diego Chargers – the selection of Jason Verrett CB is a solid pick for a SD team desperate for secondary help. They had no one at Corner so this guy will nickel on day one and start by the bye if not sooner. Good pick! B++
  26. Philadelphia Eagles – the selection of Marcus Smith LB is my first who? Pick. The NFL invited something close to 300 college kids to NY and this kid wasn’t invited. Can he play it is asked and I ask it too. He will make them younger, he is a reach and I will reserve long term judgement but first blush is he is a reeeeeeeeeach. D
  27. Arizona Cardinals – the selection of Deone Bucannon S is an odd pick to me. There is one thing Arizona does well is cover in the defensive backfield. They were deep and adding another is good and all but heck they needed a hand on O line and could use a young QB. I don’t think this was either need or best available so I don’t know why they picked him. D-
  28. Carolina Panthers – the selection of Kelvin Benjamin WR meets a need. Carolina pretty much got rid of all of their WR that were on their roster. He is the BIG WR who needs to show he can transition to the NFL game. He could be a superstar in Carolina with Caaaaaam or he will be a Mike Williams Detroit first round bust. C
  29. New England Patriots – the selection of Dominique Easley DT is another classic NE pick. They tend to draft former high pick guys who get hurt and this works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. The Pats need youth on the D line, this guy could help but he has to get healthy and prove he isn’t brittle. We will see. C
  30. San Francisco 49ers – the selection of Jimmie Ward DB. I know it’s getting late for me here but it must be getting late for SF. It was all about making strides to stop Seattle’s dominance. Their answer? A little, brittle guy who may not be able to hold up in the tough NFC West. A reach by a team that talked a good draft and their draft in the first round is just a lot of talk. E
  31. Denver Broncos – the selection of Bradley Roby DB is a great pick for the 2nd last pick. He had off field issues but if he can be brought under control he will be a very good addition to a team that needs help on D. They have to stop having to outscore people 47-44. He will help. B
  32. Seattle Seahawks – trade their pick to Minnesota – Minnesota Vikings – the selection of Teddy Bridgewater is a fantastic pick for them. He immediately becomes the best QB on their team and if they feel like losing their season and starting Cassel that is fine but this kid is going to be the franchise QB they haven’t had since Culpepper. A+

Can’t wait for Round 2 and 3




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