MR N’s #NFL Draft Wrap Up Thoughts‏

afc east


I was going to do a long, thoughtful analysis of the last 4 rounds. There were a lot of solid picks made including a great lineman to Minnesota and QB Fales to my own BEARS. I was going to just let the Michael Sam thing slide. I don’t care if he is married to a Martian and lives in a rodeo barn…I only care that he seems to run a slow 40, not have a great jump and can’t bench much. His production came against lesser teams in the SEC. All that being said, he has a shot to earn a spot in St. Louis and that is all everyone in life deserves is a shot. What gets me is the reactions to the draft from a team that should have learned to have it’s players keep their collective mouths shut. The Stupidity of the Dolphins franchise seems to know no bounds. First the convicted murderer supporting, bully supporting, gang supporting Mike Pouncey tweeted out a super stupid tweet about the pick of J. Jones on how the Fin O line can’t wait for the ‘gifts’ Jones will get them. Then yesterday 2nd year Dolphin Dom Jones said the draft pick of Sam was “OMG” “Horrible”. Everyone is allowed their opinion but if you are associated with the nuclear disaster that is the Dolphin team atmosphere discretion is the better part of everything.




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