Random Football Thoughts As Mini Mini Camps Roll On‏

Hey all,

well interesting things keep popping up on the radar…

Today, The Dallas Cowboy D took a HUGE hit with the season ending loss of LB Sean Lee. He is the Dallas Defensive QB and when he went down last year the D collapses. All their improvements will be hurt by the loss of this key player.

Earlier – Michael Vick said he can take the Jets to the Superbowl. I wonder if that is because he knows a guy who has a nice plane and can carry all the Jets to the stadium to watch 2 other teams play for the title?

Also today – Miami Thug Mike Pouncey says he has no apology for his part in the bullying scandal. Not surprised…he has never apologized for flashing gang signs and wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ t-shirt.

Lastly, RIP Malcolm Glazer. He had an unique style and like it or not he built the Bucs into world champs and was basically a common sense owner and will be missed.



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