Is Tom Brady Still a Top 5 Quarterback?


Hey all, mandatory mini camps opening and lots of talk going on…someone said this past weekend that ‘Tom Brady is still a top 5 QB’. That made me pause and think and I think that is something worth discussing. I am about to take a fun approach to creating my list of the top 32 QBs and I not only expect comments, I would love to have everyone give me their view on which QBs are the best right now. I am basing my analysis on the theory of ‘who do you want to QB for you if you have 1 game to win’

1st Round:

AFC East Tourny:

NYJ Geno Smith vs NE Tom Brady – has to be Brady, Geno is too young still, inconsistent and may have a persistent Vick issue at least until Vick is carried off the field in a body bag. = NE Brady to round 2 AFC East

MIA Tannehill vs Buff Manuel – going Tannehill in a close one, Manuel may yet be the better QB but he needs a full season. Tannehill isn’t great but he would do better in one game here. = MIA Tannehill to round 2 AFC East

AFC North Tourny:

CIN Dalton vs Clev Hoyer – gotta go Dalton, he isn’t great but he gets his team to the playoffs every year and lots of teams would like that. = CIN Dalton to round 2 AFC North

PITT Roethlisberger vs BALT Flacco – Flacco gets the edge, Big Ben is watching his ship sale on him and Flacco has the arm to win it if he gets it going = BALT Flacco to round 2 AFC North

AFC South Tourny:

Indy Luck vs Jacksonville Bortles – Luck. Enough said. = INDY Luck to round 2 AFC South

Hou Fitzpatrick vs Tenn Locker – I would give Locker the tiniest edge here as Fitz is the 2 TD, 3 INT guy and oft does just enough to lose = Tenn Locker to round 2 AFC South

AFC West Tourney:

Den Manning vs KC Smith – lol, Manning = Den Manning to round 2 AFC West

SD Rivers vs Oak Schaub – I will take vet Rivers over Pick sixer any day = SD Rivers to round 2 AFC West

====> Round 2 AFC

NE Brady vs MIA Tannehill = NE Brady
CIN Dalton vs BALT Flacco = BALT Flacco

Indy Luck vs Tenn Locker = IND Luck
Den Manning vs SD Rivers = Den Manning => without a doubt Brady is top 4 in the AFC at least

NE Brady vs BALT Flacco – I would take NE Brady
Indy Luck vs DEN Manning – Today I take Indy Luck, I know I know. 🙂 = now Brady top 2 in AFC

NE Brady vs Indy Luck – I would take Andy Luck of Indy.

NFC tourny round 1:

NFC East – Dallas Romo vs Washington RGIII – I will say RGIII as Romo is who can just lose games. = Washington RGIII to Round 2 NFC East

PHILLY Foles vs NYG Eli – Foles gets the nod over the should be retired granpa Eli = PHIL Foles to round 2 NFC East

NFC North – GB Rodgers vs Det Stafford – not as big as a blowout as one might think but GB Rodgers all the way = GB Rodgers to NFC North round 2

CHIC Cutler vs Minnesota Cassel or such – Cutler, he has the weapons = CHIC Cutler to NFC North Round 2

NFC South – TB McCown vs NO Brees – Brees. = NO Brees to NFC South round 2
ATL Ryan vs Caro Newton – tough one, both could win one but I will say Ryan as he wins the clutch more consistently so far = ATL Ryan to NFC South round 2

NFC West – ARIZ Palmer vs SEA Wilson – Wilson. not even close = SEA Wilson to NFC West round 2
SF Kaepernick vs STL Bradford – Kaepernick is a force = SF Kaepernick to NFC West round 2


WASH RGIII vs Phil Foles = Phil Foles
GB Rodgers vs CHIC Cutler = GB Rodgers

NO Brees vs ATL Ryan = NO Brees
SEA Wilson vs SF Kaepernick = SEA Wilson

GB Rodgers vs Phil Foles = GB Rodgers
NO Brees vs SEA Wilson = SEA Wilson

GB Rodgers vs Sea Wilson = GB Rodgers. Versus INDY Luck = I vote GB Rodgers

My top QBs are:

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Andrew Luck
3. Russell Wilson
4. Peyton Manning
5. Drew Brees
6. Colin Kaepernick
7. Jay Cutler
8. Tom Brady
9. Joe Flacco
10. Matt Ryan

Please let me hear your thoughts…there are many ways to consider this and I am sure there are QB fans who think I have dissed their guy! Let me have it!



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