Random Quiet time thoughts on #NFL‏

We are in the period before the start of training camps as teams evaluate the results of mini camp. Did we learn much lately?

I have heard a lot out of Browns coach Mike Pettine and wonder what he is all about. He is making a lot of strong statements in support of his players and in attacks upon other teams. If he is simply trying to keep Cleveland in the league talking points then he can be called successful. The question is…is simply being noted as a guy who says stupid things all the time and won’t shut up good for your rep? His assailing of the Pats in regards to the Jets made Rex Ryan sound lucid, balanced and fair. His rant in regards to the Pats use of a Jets playbook had Rex Ryan defending Brady and Belichick – that shows how off base this guy is.

One other point. As a long suffering BEARS Fan I had to put up with Jerry Angelo’s horrendous time as GM of my BEARS. When he was finally, FINALLY, fired – a new day started in Chicago. What gets me is the constant checking of his opinion that comes from the Chicago media…Why would any fan of the BEARS Care what an incompetent former GM of the team thinks about the teams’ moves now?

I want training camps to open!

What do you think?



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