MR N’s #NFL AFC South Preseason Preview‏



NFL Preview 2014
Division: AFC South
Team: Indianapolis Colts
Coach: Chuck Pagano
QB: Andrew Luck

Offensive outlook: Luck can lead this team to many victories, if he gets any sort of effort out of Richardson this offensive could be special.

Defensive outlook: The Colts have quietly built a decent little D on this team and they can take the ball away with the best of them and when Mathis isn’t suspended they can pressure a QB. Good enough D for a team with this O, but they need to improve too.

Schedule projection: This schedule is laid out nicely for them. Without much effort they will cruise to a 13-3 record and should be battling for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Division: AFC South
Team: Houston Texans
Coach: Bill O’Brien
QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick????

Offensive outlook: In word, ugh. They might be better served with Case Keenum firing the ball. Fitzy is flashy but he’s 2 TD, 3 INT. The running game rests with an older and brittler Arian Foster and their only decent wideout is pushing AARP admission and doesn’t want to play there. They have no TE to speak of. Not many points here.

Defensive outlook: I was so confident that with Watt and #1 pick Clowney as book end DE’s they would be an unstoppable pass rush. I see Houston is intending to put Clowney on outside linebacker (he he was a DE in college) and that makes me question why they drafted him if they aren’t going to use him opposite JJ Watt…Cushing is the Webster dictionary definition of injury prone. Their secondary is still weaker. They have to be better but they can’t win games for this team.

Schedule projection: I am staggered by how badly this team appears to be going into training camp. Unless a lot falls into place and their O makes an impact and their D is stalwart they could get another high pick because 4-12 isn’t out of the question. 6 wins would be amazing for this mess of a team.


Division: AFC South
Team: Tennessee Titans
Coach: Ken Whisenhunt
QB: Jake Locker or a cast of unknowns

Offensive outlook: I like Locker and if he could be healthy he could be a good QB. They have one time (long ago) prospect Charlie Whitehurst and ‘mr. I wanna drive my draft stock so low it hits bottom’ Mettenberger (He adds to his highly questionable behaviour file by being out at a Nashville bar on a Saturday night and getting punched in the face…he should be living like a monk after all the crap he has pulled off). If Locker can’t start with this group, he can’t start. A HUGE amount resides on Bishop Sankey being a rookie force at RB and they have little or no receiving talent.

Defensive outlook: A powerful D from front 7 through the DBs. This is a D that can keep the score low and give Tennessee a chance to steal a few.

Schedule projection: A schedule that isn’t that hard for this team and 7-9 is likely but 6-10 could happen. I don’t see 8-8 in the cards.


Division: AFC South
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Coach: Gus Bradley
QB: Blake Bortles (Chad Henne if they are crazy)

Offensive outlook: Bortles is the once in a decade franchise QB so they would be smart to give him the reigns and let him go. They are expecting a lot from Toby Gerhart who is stepping out from behind AP’s shadow in Minnesota. They have a foursome of young talented wideouts ((now, yet again one of them is getting suspended and that will hurt this O))and a vet TE. The line has some strength. Not as bad a team as one would think and they could score points as they come together.

Defensive outlook: A much better front 7 than secondary. They are a solid run stopping team but until the secondary improves they will be beatable by the pass. A work in progress.

Schedule projection: Going to be an uphill battle for this young team and they will have growing pains with this schedule. If they stumble 3-13 is possible. I see them outperforming Houston and 5-11 is likely. Winning 6 would be huge for them.


AFC South projected:

Indianapolis Colts 13-3
Tennessee Titans 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11
Houston Texans 4-12


There you have it, no preview next week as I will be off on vacation.  AFC West to come first week in August!

MR N the BEARS Fan


MR N’s #NFL AFC North Preview ‏ 2014

AFC North


NFL Preview 2014
Division: AFC North

Team: Baltimore Ravens
Coach: John Harbaugh
QB: Joe Flacco

Offensive outlook: The Ravens have issues at RB that stem more from Rice and Pierce’s inability to generate offense than simply Rice about to be suspended (for hopefully a good, long time). Flacco can be terrific when his line protects him and suck when it doesn’t. They also hope an aged Steve Smith will open up Torrie Smith for long passes. Pitta is a star TE and they have tried to solidify the O line but I don’t see this team generating much offense.

Defensive outlook: The D line is centered on a rapidly aging Ngata, the Linebackers are in better shape, their defensive backs need to take a step up. Not the D that won a SuperBowl just 2 years ago.

Schedule projection: I think they project to a 7-9, it’s a pretty tough middle 8 games for this team. Whatever gains they get from their bye they lose by going to New Orleans. If they win 9 it will be a great year for them and if they stumble on the road in their division they might only win 6.


Division: AFC North

Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Coach: Marvin Lewis
QB: Andy Dalton

Offensive outlook: Dalton and Green and company can put up enough points to win the majority of their games. They have consistency issues and really need Bernard and Hill to be mega productive on the ground. They tend to do nothing in the playoffs and that they need to work on.

Defensive outlook: Superbly solid front 7 that helps mask an aging secondary. They need their older guys to have one more decent year and they need their youth to jump in and make a difference right away or this solid D will be beatable if an O line holds off the Bengal pass rush.

Schedule projection: Another challenging schedule but if they get it going then 10-6 looks likely, outside shot at 11 and if they stumble they may only win 9.

Division: AFC North
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Coach: Mike Tomlin
QB: Ben Roethlisberger

Offensive outlook: This is still Big Ben’s team but he isn’t getting any younger. Their running game needs to have Bell step up and their wide outs need to be a touch more consistent and their TE game needs to be more productive. Some experts point to the 26+ points averaged late last year but I say look at who they played. Not an offense that scares anyone.

Defensive outlook: The Steelers are building a stronger front 7 but they are still relying on their MUCH aged DBs for coverage and I think that will be the death of this team’s ability to have success on D.

Schedule projection: Their second half schedule is brutal. They ‘could’ jump out to a 5-2 record but I think 4-3 is more likely and that is followed by possibly losing all 5 after the bye. If they start fast they may win 8, if they start slow and stumble to their bye then 6-10 is possible.


Division: AFC North

Team: Cleveland Browns
Coach: Mike Pettine
QB: Brian Hoyer

Offensive outlook: Hoyer will likely win the job but will find it hard going with no legit WR to toss the rock to and a run game based on hoping an oft injured back up rb can start and can carry the rock 300 times. I don’t see many points here and would not be surprised to see Manziel by week 7.

Defensive outlook: They added a strong CB to work with Haden and their linebackers are great, the front 3 need to be more of a force. They will play a lot better than last year but will be on the field a lot thanks to no real offense and that will wear them down.

Schedule projection: I think this team is going to have another very high draft pick no matter who is under center. It would not surprise me to see them 2-14 but they could excel and win 5.


AFC North projected:
Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
Baltimore Ravens 7-9
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-9
Cleveland Browns 2-14


That is just my opinion! AFC South to follow in next couple of days!

What are you thoughts? I’d love to hear from you!

MR N the BEARS Fan

**AFC East Preseason Preview‏**

afc east


NFL Preview 2014
Team: New England Patriots
Coach: Bill Belichick
QB: Tom Brady

Offensive outlook:

Brady is older, Gronk is recovering. The RB scheme is together for one more year, the young WRs have a full year with Brady now. The O line is decent. If Brady gets hurt it may be messy. If all healthy they should be productive but not in 2007 terms.

Defensive outlook:

Chandler Jones has become a premier pass rusher and that paired with the effective play of Rob Ninkovich gives the Pat front 7 some punch. The free agent addition of Revis and Browner could make their DBs actually effective. Should be stronger D this year.

Schedule projection:

They have a tougher first 8 games so don’t be surprised to see them close to .500 but they should roll the last half and I believe 11-5/12-4 is reasonable for the ol’ Pats

Team: New York Jets
Coach: Rex Ryan
QB: Geno Vick/Michael Smith J

Offensive outlook:

Vick ostensibly has stated that Smith is the starter but we all know it’s likely Vick will start at least until he’s carried off on a back board about week 6. CJ2K is an upgrade to the running game. Decker adds a better set of hands to WR and they improved the TE area. The Jets O has no place to go but up but the QB situation may still drag them down until Geno either gets it or gets replaced by Tajh Boyd.
Defensive outlook:

The D is better than one thinks and have several up and comers and they could be a very solid D if Milliner can take a step up at corner. The fact is they often spend too much time on the field trying to make up for the offensive issues. That may continue.

Schedule projection:

This is a pretty tough schedule for a team that isn’t the strongest one in the league. I think 6-10 would be a great year for them, 4-12 or 5-11 isn’t out of the question.


Team: Miami Dolphins
Coach: Joe Philbin
QB: Ryan Tannehill

Offensive outlook:

A team with some strengths like Wallace (overpaid and positioned as a #1), and adding Knowshon Moreno could help the running game if he can be healthy. They need a better pass catching TE and still need help at WR. The Line is patchwork and needs to grow together while Tannehill is woefully inconsistent.

Defensive outlook:

This D is coming together nicely. Brent Grimes is one of the best Corners, they have a solid pass rush and their front 7 is strong. They can hold other teams in check and they don’t require many points to get their team a win.

Schedule projection:

I think this team could surprise slightly if things break right. They could be 8-8 but they could also be 6-10. I seem them 2nd best in their division and they might sneak a 9th win if Tannehill improves.


Team: Buffalo Bills
Coach: Doug Marrone
QB: EJ Manuel

Offensive outlook:

A discussion point this summer wa is there another team with ‘triplets’ ala the Cowboys of the 90’s. Don’t laugh, I think Buffalo could be that team. It starts with large ifs but they have young Manuel who could grow quickly, they have CJ Spiller and they drafted Sammy Watkins. They added Mike Williams from TB to add to a young WR corps. Chandler is a decent TE. Manuel needs time to grow and may struggle still. A team that will be sharp and a tough play once or twice in 2014 but could challenge with a strong offense in 2015.

Defensive outlook:

The D was really coming along but suffered a huge blow with the season ending loss of Kiko Alonso. They have a good front 4 but a hole at linebacker. Their secondary is going to get better with experience. They could have been amazing, they will be good.

Schedule projection:

A pretty tough schedule that could get this team beaten to a point they lose their mojo. 4-12 is likely. A good year would be 6 wins and I think if they win 8 it would be equal to a Superbowl for this young team.


AFC East projected:

New England 11-5
Miami 8-8
NY Jets 6-10
Buffalo 4-12

AFC North is next up if not more than that! Would love to hear other’s thoughts about it, every view is valid, perhaps someone has inside scoop that the rest of us would like to know!

MR N the BEARS Fan

#NFL Reveals Top 100 Top 10 – My thoughts…

Well I have pretty much ignored the broadcast of this countdown…I never watched one second of it. I did look at the list as it streamed by on the bottom of a screen and I did google the top 10 this morning.


Picked by the players it shows that sometimes players have bias just like normal fans.


Peyton is #1, can’t fault that and Megatron #2 is legit. Tom Brady #3?? isn’t he being rewarded for his career’s work here? He won with a bad receiving corps for most of last year and was rarely dangerous…he gets kudos for success but #3? Not since perhaps 2007 has he been top 3 in my view.


AP was 4 – He’s arguably the best RB. I like LeSean McCoy at 5 – that makes Philly look even more stupid now that he wears the colors of the Skins. Brees 6, Sherman 7, JaMaal Charles 8 (really?), AJ Green 9 – ok now let’s be serious…if any of you had to pick the top THREE WRs today in the NFL…I believe we would all start with Calvin Johnson…but would any of you actually put Green in the top 3, let alone as #2? A head scratcher there. Jimmy Graham the Saints TEwrTE lol is 10.


What do my readers think of the top 10? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Once More Manziel Thoughts With Feeling…‏

Manziel Bieber


Hey again!

I had lots to talk about but this Manziel thing in Cleveland is a train wreck I can’t turn away from. He has been criticized repeatedly by Hall of Famers, analysts etc for his public behavior. He has been notably supported by his Coach. All was as it was until recently when his owner, Haslett stated unequivocally that Manziel had to ‘tone it down’ and get off the social media, it was just too much. Then Cleveland has now started extension talks with Brian Hoyer for a big money 2 year deal. If that is signed then Manziel gets to sit on the sideline til about 2017. What has Manziel done? He’s out partying with Beiber and getting selfies sent out all over…I think his owner is going to plotz and I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

Turns out Jimmy Graham is a NO Tight End. I thought he was. Heck his twitter handle says he is.

Very bad news out of Buffalo with the season ending loss of Kiki Alonso. That will really, really hurt their D.

As always I welcome any thoughts!