Once More Manziel Thoughts With Feeling…‏

Manziel Bieber


Hey again!

I had lots to talk about but this Manziel thing in Cleveland is a train wreck I can’t turn away from. He has been criticized repeatedly by Hall of Famers, analysts etc for his public behavior. He has been notably supported by his Coach. All was as it was until recently when his owner, Haslett stated unequivocally that Manziel had to ‘tone it down’ and get off the social media, it was just too much. Then Cleveland has now started extension talks with Brian Hoyer for a big money 2 year deal. If that is signed then Manziel gets to sit on the sideline til about 2017. What has Manziel done? He’s out partying with Beiber and getting selfies sent out all over…I think his owner is going to plotz and I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

Turns out Jimmy Graham is a NO Tight End. I thought he was. Heck his twitter handle says he is.

Very bad news out of Buffalo with the season ending loss of Kiki Alonso. That will really, really hurt their D.

As always I welcome any thoughts!



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