#NFL Reveals Top 100 Top 10 – My thoughts…

Well I have pretty much ignored the broadcast of this countdown…I never watched one second of it. I did look at the list as it streamed by on the bottom of a screen and I did google the top 10 this morning.


Picked by the players it shows that sometimes players have bias just like normal fans.


Peyton is #1, can’t fault that and Megatron #2 is legit. Tom Brady #3?? isn’t he being rewarded for his career’s work here? He won with a bad receiving corps for most of last year and was rarely dangerous…he gets kudos for success but #3? Not since perhaps 2007 has he been top 3 in my view.


AP was 4 – He’s arguably the best RB. I like LeSean McCoy at 5 – that makes Philly look even more stupid now that he wears the colors of the Skins. Brees 6, Sherman 7, JaMaal Charles 8 (really?), AJ Green 9 – ok now let’s be serious…if any of you had to pick the top THREE WRs today in the NFL…I believe we would all start with Calvin Johnson…but would any of you actually put Green in the top 3, let alone as #2? A head scratcher there. Jimmy Graham the Saints TEwrTE lol is 10.


What do my readers think of the top 10? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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