**AFC East Preseason Preview‏**

afc east


NFL Preview 2014
Team: New England Patriots
Coach: Bill Belichick
QB: Tom Brady

Offensive outlook:

Brady is older, Gronk is recovering. The RB scheme is together for one more year, the young WRs have a full year with Brady now. The O line is decent. If Brady gets hurt it may be messy. If all healthy they should be productive but not in 2007 terms.

Defensive outlook:

Chandler Jones has become a premier pass rusher and that paired with the effective play of Rob Ninkovich gives the Pat front 7 some punch. The free agent addition of Revis and Browner could make their DBs actually effective. Should be stronger D this year.

Schedule projection:

They have a tougher first 8 games so don’t be surprised to see them close to .500 but they should roll the last half and I believe 11-5/12-4 is reasonable for the ol’ Pats

Team: New York Jets
Coach: Rex Ryan
QB: Geno Vick/Michael Smith J

Offensive outlook:

Vick ostensibly has stated that Smith is the starter but we all know it’s likely Vick will start at least until he’s carried off on a back board about week 6. CJ2K is an upgrade to the running game. Decker adds a better set of hands to WR and they improved the TE area. The Jets O has no place to go but up but the QB situation may still drag them down until Geno either gets it or gets replaced by Tajh Boyd.
Defensive outlook:

The D is better than one thinks and have several up and comers and they could be a very solid D if Milliner can take a step up at corner. The fact is they often spend too much time on the field trying to make up for the offensive issues. That may continue.

Schedule projection:

This is a pretty tough schedule for a team that isn’t the strongest one in the league. I think 6-10 would be a great year for them, 4-12 or 5-11 isn’t out of the question.


Team: Miami Dolphins
Coach: Joe Philbin
QB: Ryan Tannehill

Offensive outlook:

A team with some strengths like Wallace (overpaid and positioned as a #1), and adding Knowshon Moreno could help the running game if he can be healthy. They need a better pass catching TE and still need help at WR. The Line is patchwork and needs to grow together while Tannehill is woefully inconsistent.

Defensive outlook:

This D is coming together nicely. Brent Grimes is one of the best Corners, they have a solid pass rush and their front 7 is strong. They can hold other teams in check and they don’t require many points to get their team a win.

Schedule projection:

I think this team could surprise slightly if things break right. They could be 8-8 but they could also be 6-10. I seem them 2nd best in their division and they might sneak a 9th win if Tannehill improves.


Team: Buffalo Bills
Coach: Doug Marrone
QB: EJ Manuel

Offensive outlook:

A discussion point this summer wa is there another team with ‘triplets’ ala the Cowboys of the 90’s. Don’t laugh, I think Buffalo could be that team. It starts with large ifs but they have young Manuel who could grow quickly, they have CJ Spiller and they drafted Sammy Watkins. They added Mike Williams from TB to add to a young WR corps. Chandler is a decent TE. Manuel needs time to grow and may struggle still. A team that will be sharp and a tough play once or twice in 2014 but could challenge with a strong offense in 2015.

Defensive outlook:

The D was really coming along but suffered a huge blow with the season ending loss of Kiko Alonso. They have a good front 4 but a hole at linebacker. Their secondary is going to get better with experience. They could have been amazing, they will be good.

Schedule projection:

A pretty tough schedule that could get this team beaten to a point they lose their mojo. 4-12 is likely. A good year would be 6 wins and I think if they win 8 it would be equal to a Superbowl for this young team.


AFC East projected:

New England 11-5
Miami 8-8
NY Jets 6-10
Buffalo 4-12

AFC North is next up if not more than that! Would love to hear other’s thoughts about it, every view is valid, perhaps someone has inside scoop that the rest of us would like to know!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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