MR N’s #NFL AFC South Preseason Preview‏



NFL Preview 2014
Division: AFC South
Team: Indianapolis Colts
Coach: Chuck Pagano
QB: Andrew Luck

Offensive outlook: Luck can lead this team to many victories, if he gets any sort of effort out of Richardson this offensive could be special.

Defensive outlook: The Colts have quietly built a decent little D on this team and they can take the ball away with the best of them and when Mathis isn’t suspended they can pressure a QB. Good enough D for a team with this O, but they need to improve too.

Schedule projection: This schedule is laid out nicely for them. Without much effort they will cruise to a 13-3 record and should be battling for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Division: AFC South
Team: Houston Texans
Coach: Bill O’Brien
QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick????

Offensive outlook: In word, ugh. They might be better served with Case Keenum firing the ball. Fitzy is flashy but he’s 2 TD, 3 INT. The running game rests with an older and brittler Arian Foster and their only decent wideout is pushing AARP admission and doesn’t want to play there. They have no TE to speak of. Not many points here.

Defensive outlook: I was so confident that with Watt and #1 pick Clowney as book end DE’s they would be an unstoppable pass rush. I see Houston is intending to put Clowney on outside linebacker (he he was a DE in college) and that makes me question why they drafted him if they aren’t going to use him opposite JJ Watt…Cushing is the Webster dictionary definition of injury prone. Their secondary is still weaker. They have to be better but they can’t win games for this team.

Schedule projection: I am staggered by how badly this team appears to be going into training camp. Unless a lot falls into place and their O makes an impact and their D is stalwart they could get another high pick because 4-12 isn’t out of the question. 6 wins would be amazing for this mess of a team.


Division: AFC South
Team: Tennessee Titans
Coach: Ken Whisenhunt
QB: Jake Locker or a cast of unknowns

Offensive outlook: I like Locker and if he could be healthy he could be a good QB. They have one time (long ago) prospect Charlie Whitehurst and ‘mr. I wanna drive my draft stock so low it hits bottom’ Mettenberger (He adds to his highly questionable behaviour file by being out at a Nashville bar on a Saturday night and getting punched in the face…he should be living like a monk after all the crap he has pulled off). If Locker can’t start with this group, he can’t start. A HUGE amount resides on Bishop Sankey being a rookie force at RB and they have little or no receiving talent.

Defensive outlook: A powerful D from front 7 through the DBs. This is a D that can keep the score low and give Tennessee a chance to steal a few.

Schedule projection: A schedule that isn’t that hard for this team and 7-9 is likely but 6-10 could happen. I don’t see 8-8 in the cards.


Division: AFC South
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Coach: Gus Bradley
QB: Blake Bortles (Chad Henne if they are crazy)

Offensive outlook: Bortles is the once in a decade franchise QB so they would be smart to give him the reigns and let him go. They are expecting a lot from Toby Gerhart who is stepping out from behind AP’s shadow in Minnesota. They have a foursome of young talented wideouts ((now, yet again one of them is getting suspended and that will hurt this O))and a vet TE. The line has some strength. Not as bad a team as one would think and they could score points as they come together.

Defensive outlook: A much better front 7 than secondary. They are a solid run stopping team but until the secondary improves they will be beatable by the pass. A work in progress.

Schedule projection: Going to be an uphill battle for this young team and they will have growing pains with this schedule. If they stumble 3-13 is possible. I see them outperforming Houston and 5-11 is likely. Winning 6 would be huge for them.


AFC South projected:

Indianapolis Colts 13-3
Tennessee Titans 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11
Houston Texans 4-12


There you have it, no preview next week as I will be off on vacation.  AFC West to come first week in August!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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