MR N’s #NFL AFC WEST Preview‏

Division: AFC West
Team: Denver Broncos
Coach: John Fox
QB: Peyton Manning

Offensive outlook: What can you say about this team? They have Manning, a solid O line and at least 4 great receivers. They do need Ball to step up at RB to give them a running game. Even if they have to throw every down they are still going to rack up a ton of points.

Defensive outlook: After being embarrassed by their lack of D prowess the Broncs went heavy in free agency and landed DeMarcus Ware and Aqib Talib and goon of the week candidate TJ Ward. Adding this group to their existing roster should make them a better D. It is dicey to just add new pieces. When the Eagles did it with their DBs it took more than a year for the egos to gel. Will be interesting.

Schedule projection: Not a super hard schedule, I see them reaching 12-4 in not much effort. If the D clicks then maybe 14 or even 15 wins, a D stumble might be 10 but I still believe 12-4.

Division: AFC West
Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Coach: Andy Reid
QB: Alex Smith

Offensive outlook: The Chiefs managed to end the Charles camp hold out almost before it started so that bodes better for them. It is not a super offense. They have a decent QB, a great RB, one decent if aging WR and a lot of hope. They can score some but not enough to win most shootouts.

Defensive outlook: The Chief D is the strong suit of this team but, as last year showed, when they don’t show up the Chiefs lose badly. They have a strong front 7 and one of the better safeties in the game. They need more consistency from a solid unit to have it become a great one.

Schedule projection: If they are lucky and can beat San Diego in San Diego they can be 9-7 but this is a tough schedule and I fear this team may crash back to earth so don’t be shocked at 7-9 or 6-10 if it starts to collapse early.

Division: AFC West
Team: Oakland Raiders
Coach: Dennis Allen
QB: Matt Schaub/David Carr

Offensive outlook: I can’t sugar coat this. Schaub is a pick 6 away from complete meltdown and being finished in the NFL and it will happen. They have 2 RBs who are mega injury prone and the only hope can be that MJD and RUNDMC are healthy 8 games each and not the ones the other is. There appears to be no tight end at all, I can’t say the WRs make me or any DBs scared. This could be bad.

Defensive outlook: The D looks much stronger and Khalil Mack is a great pick. They have strong potential pass rush, older but talented DBs. I think this is a better D but I also see them getting wore out playing 40 or so minutes a game.

Schedule projection: um, this is my definition of a brutal sked. There is an outside shot the Raiders could lose them all. They could maybe beat Cleveland on the road week 7 and Buffalo at home week 16 but that means 2-14. They have a section in the second half that goes: @Sea, Den, @SD, KC, @STL, SF, @KC. If they aren’t blown away in all 7 of those, consider that a victory. I will be kind and say 2-14.

Division: AFC West
Team: San Diego Chargers
Coach: Mike McCoy
QB: Philip Rivers

Offensive outlook: A good little offense with lots of moving parts and they have a solid #2 in both RB and TE. This team will surprise people by how well they move the ball on the ground and in the air.

Defensive outlook: The Bolts are building a nice little D. They have always been comers and sometimes near elite and if the front 7 steps up this D could be very solid. Brandon Flowers is a great addition to starting corner.

Schedule projection: This is a good news, bad news schedule. They start with 2 tough games and probably are 0-2 but then they take control and should be 7-3 one week after their bye! Unfortunately they have 6 more games and I can’t see them winning any of them so 7-9 is their year. It will not be McCoy’s fault if they lose the last 6 but I bet he still gets canned for it.

AFC West projected:

Denver Broncos: 12-4
Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7
San Diego Chargers: 7-9
Oakland Raiders: 2-14

MR N the BEARS Fan


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