MR N’s #NFL NFC East Preview‏

NFC East


NFL Preview 2014
Division: NFC East
Team: Dallas Cowboys
Coach: Jason Garrett (or also known as ‘the guy who must have naked pictures of Jerry Jones otherwise how has he not been fired already’)
QB: Tony Romo

Offensive outlook: This team should be able to score lots of points BUT Romo is older and coming off back surgery, DeMarco Murray is an injury waiting to happen and although Dez is a super star the remainder of the receivers are either old or unproven to the most part. Brandon Weeden doesn’t make me think this team is ready to have Romo out for any period of time.

Defensive outlook: The loss of Sean Lee gutted the heart and soul of the D. Not having Ware rushing will hurt too. A bit of a patchwork D that needs a lot of young guys to step up and the wiley vets to have another gear to call on. It could roll south fast if they don’t come together.

Schedule projection: This team has a brutal post bye schedule. My worst case for them is 4-12 and that could happen if they stumble in the division. Best case might be 8 but I see 6-10 and a new coach and QB in Dallas in 2015.


Division: NFC East
Team: New York Giants
Coach: Tom Coughlin
QB: Eli Manning

Offensive outlook: At first blush one has to think they can’t be as bad as last year. Eli can’t be picked off that much again, the line has to be stouter and they have a healthy RB option. I think they will likely be better and score more and only a small chance has Eli imploding and going down for the last time.

Defensive outlook: This is a work in progress. Their success is hinged on older vets having one more good year and I don’t care for that flavor of football soup. I think their secondary will be less scorched but they will be pushed around a lot.

Schedule projection: A tough schedule here too and a team that may not be able to deal with the tough games. There are many in a row that could strip this team of spirit and send them into a tailspin. 4-12 here isn’t out of the question. If they get a couple of lucky bounces I see them 6-10 too.


Division: NFC East
Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Coach: Chip Kelly
QB: Nick Foles

Offensive outlook: They have a hot young QB, superb RBs, depth at TE and a decent line but some questions as to the effectiveness of a denuded WR corps. They should still score often.

Defensive outlook: A more effective D then they get credit for, they have been building quietly and have a good pass rush and some up and coming secondary men.

Schedule projection: This schedule also is tough (they all play the powerful NFC West) but they may be the only team in the division that wins more than they lose and I think 9-7 gets them the division ‘sham-pionship’.


Division: NFC East
Team: Washington Redskins
Coach: Jay Gruden
QB: Robert Griffin III

Offensive outlook: A solid O with RGIII healthy and possibly solid if Cousins is leading them too. I think with DeSean and Peter Waiter and Morris and company they could be explosive.

Defensive outlook: I think the downfall here is that the D has a couple of playmakers and a bunch of non-entities. I think they will be in many shootouts and will be hard pressed to score more than this D lets in.

Schedule projection: Same deal here, tough schedule and they can win some but will lose more than they win. I think 7-9 and second place is the likely finish. They upset Philly in either and they could win the division but I doubt it.


NFC East projected:

Philadelphia 9-7
Washington 7-9
Dallas 6-10
New York Giants 6-10


Post-script: I sincerely believe that this division is so bad they don’t deserve a playoff slot for winning it and the playoff spot should just go to the 2nd best in the NFC West.

MR N the BEARS Fan


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