MR N’s #NFL NFC North Preview‏

NFC north

NFL Preview 2014

Division: NFC North
Team: Chicago Bears
Coach: Jim Trestman
QB: Jay Cutler

Offensive outlook: This is an offense set to explode. Cutler has a myriad of weapons with in my view the best WR pair in football, Forte and a great young rookie RB and solid TE and a vastly improved line. They will put up points like Trestman did in the CFL.

Defensive outlook: The D has improved with free agency pickups and draft picks. They have a strong pass rush, solid LB with depth and an improving secondary. They will get better as the season goes on.

Schedule projection: The schedule isn’t too hard and this team can outscore most. I see the high bar being an incredible 13-3. I think they will be no worse than 11-5.

Division: NFC North
Team: Detroit Lions
Coach: Jim Caldwell
QB: Matthew Stafford

Offensive outlook: Stafford can toss the rock with the best of them and he has Megatron. They have issues at RB but have improved TE. It remains to be seen if Golden Tate is a worthy #2 WR. They will do alright but expect mistakes.

Defensive outlook: Others really like this D, I don’t. I see continued lack of control, discipline and poor LB and secondary play expected. They will not do well.

Schedule projection: If they excel against their own division they might win 8 but I see a 6-10 year for the Lions.

Division: NFC North
Team: Green Bay Packers
Coach: Mike McCarthy
QB: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive outlook: Rodgers is amazing, Lacy is coming on as a great RB, they have solid WR (Rodgers makes almost anyone look good at receiving) but their line must be improved to keep Rodgers healthy. They will score but sometimes they will stumble.

Defensive outlook: The Packers D is a lot of reputation and they need a big year from vets and they need immediate help from youngsters in the poor secondary. I think they will be a bit better but still beatable more often than they want.

Schedule projection: If they do amazing and the D and O click they could win 10. I think they will win 9 and lose 7 and watch the playoffs on TV.

Division: NFC North
Team: Minnesota Vikings
Coach: Mike Zimmer
QB: Teddy Bridgewater/Matt Cassel

Offensive outlook: If they start Bridgewater right away they will have issues but gain great experience. If Cassel is the QB they will have issues and circle the bowl. AP is their only weapon and that doesn’t win many games in an outdoor stadium.

Defensive outlook: The Vikings are hoping the big draft picks of the last few years are ready to roll. Hunter Smith is a star at Safety but the Vikes are lacking much star power now and will be pushed around.

Schedule projection: This could be a long year for Vikings Fans. I think it could be 3-13 without much effort. They probably start 0-5 for sure. I will be kind and suggest 4-12.

NFC North projected:

Chicago Bears 11-5
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Detroit Lions 6-10
Minnesota Vikings 4-12

Next up the NFC South!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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