MR N’s #NFL NFC South Preview‏

NFC South 

NFL Preview 2014

Division: NFC South
Team: New Orleans Saints
Coach: Sean Payton
QB: Drew Brees

Offensive outlook: Brees, although getting older, can still make any receiver look deadly. He gets big help with young Brandin Cooks and has Super TE Graham but his WR are nothing special. It is time for Mark Ingram to be a solid RB (I have him in fantasy because he’s OVER due) and their O line is decent to solid. I think for one more year this will be the Saints O everyone recognizes.

Defensive outlook: The Saints D has a couple of great pass rushers but the secondary is not without issues. Their D isn’t quite what it was just a few years back but good enough to win lots of games for them.

Schedule projection: This is a pretty easy schedule and the Saints could be 13-3 as they have a pushover division and a bunch of easy games. Let’s just say somehow the Falcons win one so the Saints go 12-4.

Division: NFC South
Team: Carolina Panthers
Coach: Ron Rivera
QB: Cam Newton

Offensive outlook: Cam has to be healthy and that will give them one weapon. They have Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams at RB but sadly it’s not 2009. They have a draftee at WR and a lot of nothing anywhere else. If they can score 14 that will be an accomplishment each game.

Defensive outlook: The Panthers have arguably the best front 7 in football and with tackling machine Luke Kuechly they are a formidable group. Alas their secondary is not very good and they need to stop the run and disrupt the pass because most attempted passes will be completed against them. Lucky for them their D can win some games for them.

Schedule projection: I think the schedule starts out very tough and gets easy post bye but they then it could be too late. I think 6-10 is likely but they could win 8 or win 5.

Division: NFC South
Team: Atlanta Falcons
Coach: Mike Smith
QB: Matt Ryan

Offensive outlook: Ryan is a decent QB who has many old weapons and his best weapon (Julio Jones) is coming off major injury that could linger. I don’t see much production out of Steven Jackson and he will likely be surpassed by Quizz. Roddy White is very well paid for what he has done as he is getting way old. Their best TE retired and their line is weak in spots. They may not score much.

Defensive outlook: The D is counting on older players bouncing back and they are more hopeful than counting on any sort of capable play from the secondary. This team could allow a lot of points too if it doesn’t have career years out of people.

Schedule projection: This could be a bookend 6-10 team in the division. They just aren’t good enough to win against their schedule. If it all somehow works they could win 9 but they could also collapse again and win 4.

Division: NFC South
Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Coach: Lovie Smith
QB: Josh McCown/Mike Glennon

Offensive outlook: They brought in McCown for no reason I can understand and they expect to have much more running production with a healthy return by both James and Martin. They have Vincent Jackson and Rookie Mike Evans and a decent line. I don’t know how productive McCown wil be i the long run (Glennon should be their franchise QB) but they have some weapons and can score some points.

Defensive outlook: Lovie is returning them to the Tampa 2 and this team’s D is their best asset. They have solid pass rushers, good linebackers and a secondary who can cover. They can keep it close for their O to have a shot.

Schedule projection: A schedule that will challenge them and we will see how they take playing a good team/bad team alternatively for much of the sked. I think 7-9 is likely. If they win a road division game they can be .500 and if they stumble out of conference on the road they could be 5-11.

AFC South projected:

New Orleans Saints 12-4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9
Atlanta Falcons 6-10
Carolina Panthers 6-10

MR N the BEARS Fan


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