MR N’s #NFL NFC West Preview‏

nfc west


NFL Preview 2014
Division: NFC West
Team: Seattle Seahawks
Coach: Pete Carroll
QB: Russell Wilson

Offensive outlook: The effectiveness of this O stems from the strength of the line and the mobility and ingenuity of their QB…Harvin healthy could be a ‘game changer’ for this team and Lynch is beastmode but he has had a lot of carries so at any time could suddenly disappear. They will score enough with their D.

Defensive outlook: Despite losing a few players due to the inevitable free agency the Legion of Boom is largely intact. The new ‘rules’ about illegal contact (the Seattle rule) will not hurt the Seahawks if indeed they are allowed to bump in the first 5 yards. The Hawks are the only team that successfully plays press coverage. They will shut down nearly everyone they face.

Schedule projection: If they simply roll with O and D they could be 16-0. People will be gunning for them and things happen so I think 13-3 is reasonable.

Division: NFC West
Team: San Franciso 49ers
Coach: Jim Harbaugh
QB: Colin Kaepernick

Offensive outlook: The 9ers are built to score points with depth at RB, a good group of receivers and a young talented QB. I believe this unit will be fine as the season goes on.

Defensive outlook: Unfortunately this team strength seems to be tied to Navarro Bowman and he’s gone at least the first 8 weeks. This unit looks like a shell of what it was and can’t seem to do anything and this is going to impact their ability to be successful this year.

Schedule projection: This team isn’t going to be what they were with the defensive issues but they have a push schedule and I think 10-6 is reasonable, they may win 11.

Division: NFC West
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Coach: Bruce Arians
QB: Carson Palmer

Offensive outlook: Carson isn’t getting younger and I think they still need depth at receiver and consistency at RB but their Line is greatly improved and that will make this unit much more effective.

Defensive outlook: Losing Darnell Dockett hurts. Adding Cromartie at DB helps. This team’s D is going to be a force. The secondary is going to rival the LOB. A powerful D.

Schedule projection: The schedule is tougher later so this team needs to roll in the early section. I think they could shock the world, win 11 and take the card. I am standing on that.

Division: NFC West
Team: St. Louis Rams
Coach: Jeff Fisher
QB: Sam Bradford

Offensive outlook: They haven’t fully decided if Bradford is the answer. He is only healthy about 50% of the time. They need him healthy, he needs receivers to catch the ball and the O line has to stand up for him and the running game. They could score lots but I somehow doubt they will.

Defensive outlook: A superb front 7, possibly the best in the league next to the Panthers. The secondary could be better. A tough D that can win a game or two itself.

Schedule projection: If things go great for them then 9-7 is possible. I believe this tough sked will give them 8-8 if they do well against bad teams.

AFC West projected:

Seattle Seahawks: 13-3
Arizona Cardinals: 11-5
San Francisco 49s: 10-6
St. Louis Rams : 8-8


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