MR N’s 2014 #NFL Pre-season Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings


Neal’s Preseason Power Poll

1. Seattle Seahawks: 13-3 – If they simply roll with O and D they could be 16-0. People will be gunning for them and things happen so I think 13-3 is reasonable.

2. Indianapolis Colts: 13-3 – This schedule is laid out nicely for them. Without much effort they will cruise to a 13-3 record and should be battling for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

3. Denver Broncos: 12-4 – Not a super hard schedule, I see them reaching 12-4 in not much effort. If the D clicks then maybe 14 or even 15 wins, a D stumble might be 10 but I still believe 12-4.

4. New Orleans Saints: 12-4 – This is a pretty easy schedule and the Saints could be 13-3 as they have a pushover division and a bunch of easy games. Let’s just say somehow the Falcons win one so the Saints go 12-4.

5. Chicago Bears: 11-5 – The schedule isn’t too hard and this team can outscore most. I see the high bar being an incredible 13-3. I think they will be no worse than 11-5.

6. Arizona Cardinals: 11-5 – The schedule is tougher later so this team needs to roll in the early section. I think they could shock the world, win 11 and take the card. I am standing on that.

7. New England Patriots: 11-5 – They have a tougher first 8 games so don’t be surprised to see them close to .500 but they should roll the last half and I believe 11-5/12-4 is reasonable for the ol’ Pats.

8. San Francisco 49ers: 10-6 – This team isn’t going to be what they were with the defensive issues but they have a push schedule and I think 10-6 is reasonable, they may win 11.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: 10-6 – Another challenging schedule but if they get it going then 10-6 looks likely, outside shot at 11 and if they stumble they may only win 9.

10. Green Bay Packers: 9-7 – If they do amazing and the D and O click they could win 10. I think they will win 9 and lose 7 and watch the playoffs on TV.

11. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-7 – This schedule also is tough (they all play the powerful NFC West) but they may be the only team in the division that wins more than they lose and I think 9-7 gets them the division ‘sham-pionship’.

12. Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7 – If they are lucky and can beat San Diego in San Diego they can be 9-7 but this is a tough schedule and I fear this team may crash back to earth so don’t be shocked at 7-9 or 6-10 if it starts to collapse early.

13. St. Louis Rams: 8-8 – If things go great for them then 9-7 is possible. I believe this tough sked will give them 8-8 if they do well against bad teams.

14. Miami Dolphins: 8-8 – I think this team could surprise slightly if things break right. They could be 8-8 but they could also be 6-10. I seem them 2nd best in their division and they might sneak a 9th win if Tannehill improves.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7-9 – A schedule that will challenge them and we will see how they take playing a good team/bad team alternatively for much of the sked. I think 7-9 is likely. If they win a road division game they can be .500 and if they stumble out of conference on the road they could be 5-11.

16. San Diego Chargers: 7-9 – This is a good news, bad news schedule. They start with 2 tough games and probably are 0-2 but then they take control and should be 7-3 one week after their bye! Unfortunately they have 6 more games and I can’t see them winning any of them so 7-9 is their year. It will not be McCoy’s fault if they lose the last 6 but I bet he still gets canned for it.

17. Baltimore Ravens: 7-9 – I think they project to a 7-9, it’s a pretty tough middle 8 games for this team. Whatever gains they get from their bye they lose by going to New Orleans. If they win 9 it will be a great year for them and if they stumble on the road in their division they might only win 6.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: 7-9 – Their second half schedule is brutal. They ‘could’ jump out to a 5-2 record but I think 4-3 is more likely and that is followed by possibly losing all 5 after the bye. If they start fast they may win 8, if they start slow and stumble to their bye then 6-10 is possible.

19. Washington Redskins: 7-9 – Same deal here, tough schedule and they can win some but will lose more than they win. I think 7-9 and second place is the likely finish. They upset Philly in either and they could win the division but I doubt it.

20. Tennessee Titans: 7-9 – A schedule that isn’t that hard for this team and 7-9 is likely but 6-10 could happen. I don’t see 8-8 in the cards.

21. Atlanta Falcons: 6-10 – This could be a bookend 6-10 team in the division. They just aren’t good enough to win against their schedule. If it all somehow works they could win 9 but they could also collapse again and win 4.

22. Carolina Panthers: 6-10 – I think the schedule starts out very tough and gets easy post bye but they then it could be too late. I think 6-10 is likely but they could win 8 or win 5.

23. Dallas Cowboys: 6-10 – This team has a brutal post bye schedule. My worst case for them is 4-12 and that could happen if they stumble in the division. Best case might be 8 but I see 6-10 and a new coach and QB in Dallas in 2015.

24. New York Giants: 6-10 – A tough schedule here too and a team that may not be able to deal with the tough games. There are many in a row that could strip this team of spirit and send them into a tailspin. 4-12 here isn’t out of the question. If they get a couple of lucky bounces I see them 6-10 too.

25. Detroit Lions: 6-10 – If they excel against their own division they might win 8 but I see a 6-10 year for the Lions.

26. NY Jets: 6-10 – This is a pretty tough schedule for a team that isn’t the strongest one in the league. I think 6-10 would be a great year for them, 4-12 or 5-11 isn’t out of the question.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-11 – Going to be an uphill battle for this young team and they will have growing pains with this schedule. If they stumble 3-13 is possible. I see them outperforming Houston and 5-11 is likely. Winning 6 would be huge for them.

28. Houston Texans: 4-12 – I am staggered by how badly this team appears to be going into training camp. Unless a lot falls into place and their O makes an impact and their D is stalwart they could get another high pick because 4-12 isn’t out of the question. 6 wins would be amazing for this mess of a team.

29. Minnesota Vikings: 4-12 – This could be a long year for Vikings Fans. I think it could be 3-13 without much effort. They probably start 0-5 for sure. I will be kind and suggest 4-12.

30. Buffalo Bills: 4-12 – A pretty tough schedule that could get this team beaten to a point they lose their mojo. 4-12 is likely. A good year would be 6 wins and I think if they win 8 it would be equal to a Superbowl for this young team.

31. Cleveland Browns: 2-14 – I think this team is going to have another very high draft pick no matter who is under center. It would not surprise me to see them 2-14 but they could excel and win 5.

32. Oakland Raiders: 2-14 – um, this is my definition of a brutal sked. There is an outside shot the Raiders could lose them all. They could maybe beat Cleveland on the road week 7 and Buffalo at home week 16 but that means 2-14. They have a section in the second half that goes: @Sea, Den, @SD, KC, @STL, SF, @KC. If they aren’t blown away in all 7 of those, consider that a victory. I will be kind and say 2-14.


There you have it! As always I welcome thoughts, comments, arguments, agreements…money…preferably tens and twenties!


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