MR N’S #NFL Week 2 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (2) – Denver makes it look easy to start. Funny tho the Bronco D looks really beatable and the Chief O is pushing them around as they march over the field. Manning is getting it done but it isn’t pretty so far. The Broncos managed to hold onto a lead in what has become a tough division battle. Denver’s D is looking inconsistent, poorly disciplined and not very good. This makes me question how good the vaunted D is (and I started them in fantasy). They managed to get a very ugly win. Yay?

2. Arizona Cardinals (3) – Leading early with effective play from the solid D and a vet back up QB. The Cardinals D must take a long look at itself since it has now allowed Eli Manning to drive twice for TDs. That is not good for a D that is supposed to be explosive. Can the Cardinal D hold a late lead is the question. The answer is yes, the Cards get another come from behind win and with a backup QB and on the road on the East coast is pretty impressive.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (5) – Cincy would have scored an opening drive TD if Dalton could make a pass in the clutch. Dalton at least can hand the ball off effectively. Ugly but a first half lead. Cincy is simply dominating the Falcon O with good D and now starting to make the game a laugher. The Bengal D is for real and makes life easier for Dalton to be effective. Terrific win at home. The Bengals look for real.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (6) – The Eagles took a page out of the Colts playbook for the second week in a row and totally stunk out the first half. The Eagles D has issues that need to be addressed if they wish to play with the big boys in the NFL but their O is legit. Sproles is the little engine that does and the Eagles roared back to a nice win on the road and are off to a nice start this year.

5. Chicago BEARS (12) – The BEARS played a pretty terrible first half, the O line couldn’t block the D line couldn’t tackle and the secondary was exposed. Suddenly in the second half Cutler was on fire, the O was explosive, the D was all over the field and young Fuller was a ball hawking machine. An incredible win that they never should have won and now their season is back on track.

6. New England Patriots (13) – Pats have admirably stormed back to take an earlyish lead. Pats are tearing up the Viking D and now it will be up to the Pat D to hold another lead. The Pats blew the Vikes away for a nice win. Not surprising considering the circumstances but a good win none the less.

7. San Diego Chargers (18) – San Diego’s O is off to a good start against the LOB. San Diego O is making the Hawk D look bad in the first half. The Chargers are blowing away the Seahawks and that is pretty amazing to watch. About the best 1st half they could have hoped for. Do they have 30 more good minutes? The nitwit color man of CBS tried to say how rugged Ryan Matthews is as an RB, not 10 min later he is carted off the field like the crystal chandelier injury prone guy he is. SD is trying to eat clock. Can their D stop the Seahawks from coming all the way back? It did, great D play and solid O and the Bolts are now nicely in the win column.

8. Carolina Panthers (21) – No surprise Carolina is scoreless early. Hapless Panther O led by the immobile Cam isn’t threatening the Lions very much. Amazingly the Panthers have somehow turned on the O with Cam leading the way to take a solid lead late in the 4th. Wow. A surprisingly solid win. Well done.

9. Buffalo Bills (26) – Buffalo may regret having a great shot at a TD and getting only 3. If I was Miami I would cover Sammy Watkins. Special Teams is a key part of the game and Buffalo is dominating in it today. Buffalo has to respond to the Fin TD or face a strong challenge. The Bills won on all phases of the game and are a good 2-0.

seahawks SB 48 champs

10. Seattle Seahawks (1) – Going to be interesting to see Seattle deal with a team that, on the surface, isn’t intimidated to face them. The Seahawk D is being pushed around on the road and looks pedestrian. Seattle must have a change of attitude in the 2nd half if they hope to come out on top. The Seahawks don’t seem into the game into the 4th quarter. The big question is, can they drive for the lead in the 4th quarter? The answer is no. The O looked flat the whole game, the D couldn’t stop the Chargers and they lose ugly and by my definition they are no longer the best team in the NFL.

11. Houston Texans (23) – I know Houston lacks receiving weapons but calling on JJ Watt to catch tds is odd to watch. Houston looks like a team of all stars. People will be hyping this team but wait til they face a team that can play mediocre O and D…Houston continues to take great advantage of golden Raider turnovers. A solid road win but the level of opposition really has to balance how much you take from this win.

12. Green Bay Packers (15) – Rodgers has to figure out how to work with little time. It appears the issues with the O line make it very hard for GB to put up any offense. Giving the Pack credit they aren’t giving up but they have a long road to go to come back and their D must stop the Jets. The D is doing better and the O is starting to roll late. The Pack are all the way back in a superb come back. Terrific comeback, a great win for the Packers and now we see how they do in a key early season divisional matchup next week.

13. Indianapolis Colts (7) – The Colts came out fast for once and played a heck of a decent 1st half. Amazing to actually see Richardson running for long gains and looking like an NFL running back again. Andrew Luck had it going and did just about enough to win. Unfortunately in the second half the Colts D once more let the team down and they lost a close one and now are staring up out of an 0-2 hole.

14. Miami Dolphins (9) – Injuries and inconsistency on O and mistakes on Special teams have the Dolphins in trouble early. The Dolphin offense seems as flat this first half as it did last week. Wallace’s great catch shows the Dolphins are not going away and will keep this game tight. A tough division loss that reduces the glory from the week 1 win.

15. Detroit Lions (14) – – A little surprised the Lions held scoreless into 2nd quarter. Lions finally got a TD and now need to see if they can build on it in the second half. Losing badly with little offense against Carolina is at least unexpected and at most embarrassing. Now Stafford must find 2 TDs in under 8 minutes against a tough D. The Lions managed 3 points and an ugly loss. Not impressive at all.

16. Baltimore Ravens (20) – The Ravens rallied in the face of public protest and while being surrounded by a very ugly and disgusting incident and they got a great division win. Flacco isn’t the greatest QB in the world but if he is not pressured at all he can pick a D apart. The Raven D seems to play a touch dirty but they do have a pass rush. I question their ability to stop a good Offense but they should be able to beat up Pittsburgh and Cleveland when they face them. A middling team but they played well.

injury report

17. San Francisco 49ers (4) – The 49ers got off to a fast start and looked in control in their home opener. The D then collapsed in the second half and the O lost their ability and Kaepernick showed again that he still has maturity issues. His multiple turnovers (which are gold) and his tantrum led to a bad loss.

18. Tennessee Titans (10) – What the heck happened to the Tennessee O and D line? They are at home for goodness sake!!! Jake Locker’s early line is 3/10 with a pick. hmmm. The Titans just looked flat at home and got whipped and now I wonder if the Titans are any good so I need to see further evidence.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16) – Moved the ball early for a score and then allowed one. Is this going to be a barnburner? The Lightning delay turned this into a low scoring struggle but the cagey vet McCown is doing just about all he can to keep the Bucs in the lead. The Buc D and special teams couldn’t seal the deal and down they went. And now it’s a short week against a desperate division opponent. Good luck.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (17) – The Steelers, upon detailed and close inspection, do not appear to be any good. They seem to have no significant weapons in the receiving game except for Brown and he gets doubled a lot. The O line has great trouble protecting Ben, Ben is more statue like now and can’t seem to move around in the pocket. The D, despite adding youth, still seems old. They can’t stop the run, they have no pass rush and they have trouble covering. LeVeon Bell is the lone highlight of this team. Outscored 50-9 in the last 6 quarters of 2 division games, this team needs to get something worked out before facing the Panther D in another night game or it will be very ugly.

21. St. Louis Rams (24) – Supposed to be all D but the early scoring looks otherwise. Austin Davis is managing the game as best as he can. Turnovers may be gold as a key fumble has put them behind Tampa. Amazingly the never quit Rams managed to come from behind and grab a road win. What could they do with a QB? To be fair, Austin Davis was pretty solid!

22. Dallas Cowboys (27) – Murray proves early turnovers are gold but Dallas can’t bench Murray, they have no other legit RB. Only Dallas can take a first and 10 on the 10 and make it 4th and 30 on the 30. Way to make a shot at 7 = 3. If gimpy Romo can get the ball to Dez Bryant he will be successful. The Cowboys are showing a lot of heart on the road. A very good win by the Boys, so let’s see them do this again.

23. Washington Redskins (28) – A total game changer is RGIII going out hurt. Cousins is the QB who can win for Washington and now the Skins have hope. 2 Terrific drives have the Cousins led Skins out ahead early. Cousins is creating what may be the ugliest QB controversy since Montana/Young. The Skins look great under Cousins and look like a horrible team with RGIII. hmmm. Watching Cousins reminds me of young Brady. He just has it. Either Washington IRs RGIII or finds a trading partner. They have a franchise QB and it’s Kirk Cousins. An amazing win that shows a poor D can be excited by an effective O with a great QB performance.

24. New Orleans Saints (8) – What is up with these Saints?? Can anyone actually say they saw the Saints being shut out for most of the first half by the Browns? Graham is just too big to cover in the redzone and he is the difference in the Saints comeback in the third quarter. The Saints have managed to somehow get a slim one point lead and then their D just choked and got ran over for a long drive and they suck and they lose.

25. Atlanta Falcons (19) – The Falcons O sleeping through another first half. The Falcon D was bend not break until they broke and trail at the half. Note to Atlanta’s D, if you bring all out pressure you better get to the QB or you end up with a WR jogging alone into the endzone like Sanu did. Redzone turnovers are gold made of .99999 pure and Matt Ryan just killed the Falcons hopes in the 3rd quarter. Ryan being brutalized by the Bengal D. Turnovers, poor D, no O. What a sad sack team of old players.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (22) – Amazing to see an NFL QB run three yards past the Line of scrimmage and still toss a pass for a penalty lol. Solid Chief O early which is a bit of a surprise. The Chief O has been able to move 20 to 20 but are having issues putting up points. The Chiefs have been able to use a gutsy running game to bring the game into a one possession game. Can they come all the way back, it remains to be seen. Heck of a try but they just couldn’t do it but I give them credit for giving their all.

27. Cleveland Browns (31) – Excellent D early, Browns look surprisingly like an NFL team early. Browns seem to have lost the momentum and need to recapture it or this game is going to be over fast in the second half. Never thought Cleveland would be in the game in the 4th so win or lose they have done well to do so. The Browns gave their all but in the end Hoyer led the team to a game winning drive. Superbly done.

28. New York Jets (25) – Blazing Jet D has then ahead early. Geno Smith throws a nice deep ball. The Jets are off to a big lead and on the road in GB it is impressive. Solid Jet D, it looks really good. The Jet D seemed to go back onto their back-feet and that let the Packers role back into a close game. The Jets now trail and their D is losing control and having a key D lineman tossed out isn’t going to help. Smith throws a nice deep ball it just appears his WRs suck. Trailing by a TD inside the last 2 minutes the Jets appear desperate and they lose ugly a game they had in control. Ugly.

29. Minnesota Vikings (26) – The Vikings came out early and got a quick score on a nice drive. Cassel turnovers are golden and not like Golden Gopher ish. Cassel is trying to knit a sweater with golden turnover wool and the Vikes have little hope beating the Pats if they played disciplined, perfect ball. Matt Khalil is supposed to be the franchise LT and today he looks like a tackling dummy. The Vikings just got schooled and now must try to retool their team in a dire situation. If they go forward without AP for any length of time, this team is in more trouble than they were with him.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (29) – The Jags D continues to lack the fire it had in the first half of week 1. To be unable to score against the Redskins’ laughable D almost certainly means it’s Bortles time in Jacksonville. Still think the inabiliity of Jacksonville’s O to score on Washington indicts the entire scheme run by Henne. This is a bad O. They haven’t played well since the first 2 quarters of week 1 and are a team that looks like it needs a boost. Bortles! Bortles, BORTLES!

31. New York Giants (30) – Eli still knows how to toss picks early. Called a franchise QB early, he WAS a franchise QB, he isn’t anymore. Giants putting together a decent late first half drive. And it ended in a TD, so they can score one every now and then! Self defeating Giants have dug themselves a late hole with key turnovers and penalties and now must battle to try to win a game. Brutal clock management and a questionable 4th down try means the G-men are dead. Mistakes from top to bottom. They had a shot and self destructed.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – The Raider D looks terrible still. The complete lack of O is startling. This could be a long day for Oakland. Derek Carr tossed his first (but not his last) pick and it is the rookie mistake for a QB that isn’t surprising. As I said about Minnesota…Oakland isn’t good enough to beat teams when playing perfect, turnover free football. Turning it over multiple times just leads to very ugly losses. This was a very ugly loss. There were 2 positives…Carr continues to look like the right choice at QB and RunDmC is looking like a solid RB again. Otherwise this was an ugly loss.

There you have it! As always I love to have any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements…just enjoy my NFL ramblings please and let me know if you disagree or agree! And I would happily take money, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N, the BEARS Fan


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